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BY NICHOLAS AZZARA, INFORMATION OUTREACH “I like people. I like helping people,” Mark says. “It makes you feel good, even though it can be hard and stressful.” You probably know Mark best as one of the United Way’s biggest champions. In years past he spearheaded Public Works’ UW Campaign, reeling in thousands of dollars for charities by organizing golf tournaments, skeet shoots and barbecue cookouts. It’s been a fitting career for a man with a heart as big as a brontosaurus.


  • ManateE-zineFor Employees by Employees January 2011

    Mark Fransen: Employee of the YearBY NICHOLAS AZZARA, INFORMATION OUTREACHAsk our Manatee County Govern-ment 2010 Employee of the Year about his career path with the Coun-ty and hell regale you with a mean-dering tale that dates back to his days as a highway maintenance technician back in 82. Over the years Mark Fransen has toiled on county roads, rights of ways, intersections and driveways, all in an effort to keep the community -- you, me, our friends and our families -- safe.

    Its been a fitting career for a man with a heart as big as a brontosaurus.

    You probably know Mark best as one of the United Ways biggest champions. In years past he spearheaded Public Works UW Campaign, reeling in thousands of dollars for charities by organizing golf tournaments, skeet shoots and barbecue cookouts.

    Mark is an outstanding individual whos involved in everything, says Public Works Director Ron Schulhofer. He did an outstanding job running United Way last year. Were very pleased to have him as a member of the Public Works family.

    Mark had become such an outstanding fundraiser that the County Administrator personally asked Mark to head up the countywide effort in 2010, a role Mark happily inherited until it became too much to balance with his everyday workload.

    I like people. I like helping people, Mark says. It makes you feel good, even though it can be hard and stressful.

    Since 2007 Mark has been issuing Right of Way permits for applicants wanting to do work in County rights of way. Hes also in charge of designing, reviewing and approving traffic control signs and notifications. Its that part of his job that gives him the most gratification.

    I enjoy the traffic notification process, Mark says. It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that Im letting the public and especially emergency responders know the best detour when roadwork is being done. That enables them to respond faster.

    He was flattered and honored to learn hed been named Employee of the Month in January,

  • 2New Year, New ProjectsBY BRENDA DILLARD, BUILDING DEPARTMENTThe Building Department is looking forward to a productive and successful New Year with the projects planned by our Director and the senior staff.

    John Barnott, our Building Department Direc-tor, is expecting a gradual rebound in the econo-my. He will continue to expand the business plan to utilize public/private partnerships and the success of our department and those of our customers. Currently our department is hold-ings its own or on an upward trend.

    C J Dupre, our Building Official, will meet with other Building Officials in the area to create consistency between jurisdictions. He will develop class and training opportunities with Tom Cook for Continuing Education Units (CEU) for the staff and other jurisdictions. CJ is going for the Green Building Certification.

    Tom Cook, our Construction Review/Inspec-tions Manager, will work with C J Dupre on Continued Education Units (CEU), working with Cindi Blake on outreach programs, regulating permitting and on-line permitting with the staff.

    Cindi Blake, our Permitting Services Division Manager, will work with Tom Cook on outreach programs with Homeowner Associations and Mobile Home Park Communities. Currently she is working with on-line permitting for roofing and door/window permits with hopes of contin-ued expansion. She also encourages the permit-ting staff to complete the Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM) Certification as well as con-tinuing to work with the staff on cross training and keep the level of customer service high between the staff and customers.

    Tammy Boggs, our Customer Service Support Manager, is working with her staff on the next two year budget as well as producing a depart-ment informational video and brochure. They will be working with the Manatee County School Board, the Future Builders of America, and the Home Builders Association to bring a field trip to the Administration Building for students to see the process involved in bringing a subdivi-sion or new business to completion. Tam-my is completing the Certified Public Managers program and getting the Toastmasters Competent Communi-cator Certification.

    Teamwork is an important part of how our department func-tions. I have a sign on my bulletin board that states

    2010. But when he found out hed been named Employee of

    the Year he was downright humbled.

    He ranks the distinction among the top two proudest moments of his

    career with Manatee County.

    County Commissioners and super-visors alike had high price for Mark during his Employee of the Year proclamation in December.

    You can give Mark any job and you know hes going to do the job well, says Marks supervi-sor Andy Fischer, the Infrastructure Inspec-tions Division Manager.

    (Mark is) one of those dedicated employees who Ive really seen grow professionally, said Commissioner Joe McClash. Its great to see someone from this community step up to the plate. I want to congratulate him personally for a job well done.

    For the past 11 years Mark has been married to his wife Susan, a Clerk of the Circuit Court employee. He has three step-daughters ages 24, 19 and 17. Since 2007 hes also been taking care of his live-in 82-year-old mother whos had a number of health problems.

    Hes also got a soft spot for a new Vizsla puppy named Alice.

    Oh, and the other crowning achievement of Marks career? It was a day in 1996 when he received a letter of appreciation from County Attorney Tedd Williams for going over and above the call of duty. In the middle of the night Mark had gone to inspect an intersec-tion where a fatal accident had occurred. He wanted to make sure the same accident didnt happen again.

    I hate to see traffic accidents where our facilities were involved in some way, Mark says. I tried to pay special attention to mak-ing sure people werent hurt on my watch. If I heard about something, I wanted to be sure it didnt happen again.

    Stop. Think. Connect. campaign


    Dont forget to fill out the online surveys:These surveys will

    help shape the content of the Security

    Awareness web page and the design of

    future training for incoming employees.

    YourChoice Biggest Loser Competition:

    begins January-Registration and

    Weigh-In between Jan. 17 and Jan. 21

    -Competition BEGINS Jan. 24th!

    More details to follow, refer to the iNet and www.ManateeYour-

    Your Benefits websiteDont forget to access www.ManateeYour- for the monthly calendar.

    Each month a new calendar is posted with

    all the programs and services being offered that monthsuch as,

    Group Fitness Schedule, Qualifying

    Questions of the Week, Diabetes Workshops,

    Tobacco Courses, Nutri-tion and Weight Loss

    Classes, Special Programs and more.

  • 3Teamwork is surrounding yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. Our teammates do that by pitching in and helping each other out and that makes all of our jobs easier. We can come to work and be miserable or we can enjoy our jobs, the amount of work we do is the same. We spend a lot of time with our teammates so we need to get along, enjoy our jobs, and do a great job in the process.

    HR CornerFour Generations, One WorkplacePart 1- Traditionalists (1930-1950)

    BY SIMONE PETERSON, NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICESTraditionalists. Baby Boomers. Generation X. Generation Y.

    For the first time in history there are four generations in the workforce. Naturally, this brings forth col-

    laboration and innovation. However, it is not without its share of conflicts. Have you said these things about your co-workers or have they been directed to you:

    She is not committed to her jobHe has a poor work ethicHe does not follow directionI cant believe the way he/she dresses.

    Or better yet

    Youre right, but Im the boss!Just do your job!I remember when The kid wants a promotion after 6 months on the job!

    These are just some of the phrases that plague Americas diverse workforce due to the Generation Gap.

    According to, the term Generation Gap was used mostly to describe conflicts between parents and chil-dren. Today, the Gap has more of a presence in the workplace, where employees from different generations are finding it difficult to work side by side because their experiences, goals and expectations are different. [4]

    More than one-third of workers have encoun-tered some sort of conflict over the perceived difference in attitude and work ethic of co-workers or generation gap. [1] Another third of the workforce have often been offended by someone from another generation. [2]

    24% of Traditionalists, 30% of Baby Boomers and over 60% of Generation Xers said they feel their generation is viewed negatively. [3]

    In an attempt to clear up these misunderstand-ings, ManateE-zine staff is partnering with Human Resources to feature each of the generations: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Generation Yers. We will take a broad view of the components that define a generation, such as: values, traits, world events, economics, government, techno-logical advances and pop culture.

    Every single person will not fit neatly into the generation profiles. These are merely overviews from the experts in generational studies in the workforce and some things may not be true for all individuals. It is not the intention of the ManateE-zine staff or Human Resources to criticize or promote any generation above the other, but to simply recognize and even take pride in generational differences while learning to play diplomatically in the prov