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    Managing Your Tomorrow

    vOrigin of PHP in open source community

    vIntroduction of PHP 5.5, vIntroduction of Web Application

    vIntroduction of Software Architecture

    vWhat is PHP?, vWhat can PHP do?, vPHP strengths

    vPHP Tags, vPHP delimiters, vCreating user defined variables, vReference variable

    vAssigning values to scalar variables, vData types

    vOperators and precedence

    vControl structure with if, else and switch

    vIteration using while, do-while and for loops, vComments

    Introduction of PHP 5.5

    vType casting, vType testing, vConstants,vUse of break, continue and goto

    vIntroduction of HTML, vUse of HTML

    vHTML scripts and form elements

    vEmbedding PHP code into HTML

    vHow data sent from forms to PHP scripts

    PHP with HTML 5.0

    vNavigation web pages

    vAdding dynamic content to web page

    vUse of super global variables

    vInteracting with server with GUI

    vIntroduction of array, vArray structurevManipulation of arrayvSingle dimensional or index based arrayvAssociative array, vMultidimensional arrayvUse and advantages of foreach()


    vWorking with Inbuilt array functions, vArray operator

    vUsage and advantages of file systemsvCreating files and directoriesvRemoving files and directoriesvSaving and retrieving data using filesvOpening a file using modesvOther useful file functions

    Interacting with File Systems

    vProject with file systems

  • vIntroduction of database concept and technologyvIntroduction of MySQL, vDatabase ArchitecturevCreating a MySQL database, vCreating tablesvUse of Insert, Select, Update, Alter, Create, Rename, Delete, Truncate, etc., vBasic queries of MySQL, vConstraints, vUse of primary, foreign, unique and index keyvDropping tables and databases, vConnectivity with PHPvInbuilt MySQL functions, vProject with MySQL

    vSetting users and privileges, vStorage enginesvSub query, vJoining tables using JOINvUse of order by and group by


    vIntroducing function, vDefining function, vAdvantages of functionvUser defined functions, vSystem defined (Inbuilt) functionsvFunction arguments, vReturning values, vVariable scopesvLocal , global and static variables, vArgument passing


    vCall by value ,vcall by reference, vReusing codes

    vUser defined and pre defined constructorvParametrized constructor, vAcess modifiers or visibilityvUse of public, private and protected, vClass method invocationvStatic method, vFinal keyword, vUse of $thisvAbstract class, vinterfaces, vObject cloning, vSingleton Pattern

    Object Oriented ProgrammingvIntroducing OOPS, vObject oriented conceptsvClass, object and operations, vClass properties and methodsvEncapsulation, vData abstraction, vInheritancevPolymorphism, vConstructor, vDestructor, vUse of parent, self, -> and ::

    vSession, vCookies, vDestroying session and cookies

    vUnderstanding session functionalityvSetting cookies with PHP, vHTTP management

    State Management

    String ManipulationvFormatting string, vComparing stringvJoining and splitting stringvMatching and replacing stringvOther various string functions

    vIntroducing R/E vMatching and replacing strings with R/EvSplitting string with R/E, vCharacters sets and classesvBranching with R/E

    Regular Expression

    vEmail with PHP, vPHP configuration filevError tracking and debugging, vSecurity

    Advance PHP TechniquesvFile upload and download

    vIntoduction of javascript, vUses and advantages of javscriptvExternal, internal and inline javascript, vJs variablesvForm validations with Js, vJs Events, vJs window & history object


    vJs data types and operators, vDialog boxes vLoops and control structure in Js, vJs Document Object ModelvJs page printing & page redirection,

    CSS 3.0vIntroducing CSS, vCSS syntax, vCSS Id & ClassvCSS page layouts, vImplementing CSS

  • vIntroducing jquery, vJquery syntaxvJquery selectors, vJquery events, vJquery animatevJquery effects using hide,show,toogle,fade,slide


    vIntroduction of Cake PHPvInstallation & configuration of Cake PHPvUnderstanding MVC architecturevNaming conventions of Cake, vControllersvUnderstanding Controller, vThe App ControllervRequest Parameters, vController MethodsvController attributes, vCreating controller classvViews, vView templates, vView layoutsvCrating view class, vModels, vHelpersvForm Helper, HTML helper & JS helpervScaffold & Pagination, vRouting

    Cake PHP 2.7

    vApplication Development with Cake PHP

    vContent management system overviewvIntroduction of JoomlavJoomla features and advantagesvInstallation of joomla, vSetting up Joomla sitevJoomla administrationvCreating and publishing an articlevManaging menus, vManaging user groups and privilegesvTemplage manager, vExtension Manager, vMedia ManagervCategory Manager, vGlobal configurations

    Joomla 3.1

    vWorking on modules, vCustome template developmentvCustom component developmentvLogo and site slogan, vWebsite Development With Joomla

    vMagento Installation, vTheme IntegrationvExtension Integration, vManage Category, vManage Products

    Magento 1.9.2vMagento Overview

    vDrupal Installation, vCreateing new users setting Privileges

    Drupal 7

    vCodeigniter Overview

    vIntroduction of Wordpress, vWodpress features and advantagesvInstallation of wordpress, vWordpress AdministratorvCreating Posts and Pages, vUser roles, vContent visibilityvWordpress widgets, vWordpress plugins, vWorking with templatesvCustom plugin Development, vDesigining headers and headingsvCustomize web application with admin panelvChanging site URL, vUsing permalinks

    Wordpress 4.3.1

    AJAXvIntroduction to AJAX, vXMLHttpRequest ObjectvApplication Development With AJAX, vManaging server statusvXMLHttpRequest methods

    vDrupal Overview vCodeigniter 2.2.0 vCreate PagesvCreate Blogs vCodeigniter Setup, vNaming ConventionvContoller, vModel, vView, vLibraries FunctionvIntegrate HTML CSS Templates, vCodeigniter With Ajax


    v2 Mini Live projectsv1 Live running / Major project

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