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Classroom presentation that covers the basics of resumes and personal branding via social media.


  • 1. Managing Your 210.999.8321

2. Managing Your Career byMARKETING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND 3. Marketing: the provision of goods or services to meet customer or consumer needs ( Branding: is a promise, a pledge of quality. It is the essence of a product, including why it is great, and how it is better than all competing products. It is an image. ( 4. Marketing Tools Rsum ePortfolio Blogs Personal website Twitter LinkedIn 5. Rsum A marketing tool to promote your Degree Experience Skills Community involvement Projects Honors, etc. 6. Rsum Reflect your key competencies Leadership Organization Facilitation Creative problem solving Conflict Resolution Cultural Adaptability Professionalism Tech Savvy 7. Using Your Rsum Applications Employment Education Honors & Awards 8. Using Your Rsum Career Management Gaps in experience or skills Summary of qualifications Career patterns/trajectory Identify leads to attaining career goals 9. Using Your Rsum Networking 60 Second Elevator Speech / Online Resources 10. Managing Your Career by...EXPLOITING SOCIAL MEDIA 11. ePortfolio Electronic resume Links to samples of work Snapshot of experiences Communicate philosophy and career interest Examples: 12. ePortfolio Apojigo sites 13. LinkedIn as Foundation For basic setup instructions, see Use LinkedIn as the foundation to your professional online strategy using Words Photos Videos Links 14. Key Words Paint a Picture Summary section Skills and expertise section 15. Key Word Selection Tip 16. Review Results 17. LinkedIn Documentation Education section Summary section Project section Contact information section Twitter Three additional links 18. Shelve Your Study Materials Books http://www.shelfari.comArticles 19. Slide Into Home Base PowerPoint Documents (.pdf, .doc) Video (.mp4, .wmv, .mpeg, .mov, .avi) 20. Open Facebook. Just A Little. About Work Education Books Status updates School/work achievements Follow and engage employers 21. Blog Your work. Work Your blog. Promote values Promote level and area(s) of expertise Demonstrate communication style Examples: Lin Chen: Career Services: 22. Blog Sites Tumblr Blogger Wordpress Blogspot Twitter 23. Follow the Tweeter (Tips) Follow Career Services on Twitter Review our Twitter lists Create your own Twitter lists Follow and engage employers 24. Recycle Blog Posts Letter to the editor School paper Hometown paper San Antonio and other metropolitan papers 25. Move Them With Imagery YouTube Animoto 26. After Supersizing LinkedIn Connect and network Post status updates Articles School/work achievements Conferences Follow employers Leverage alumni connections 27. Manage Your Footprints e.g. and more! 28. WARNING! Protect Your Online Image Google Alert: Dogpile: Facebook check out different views in your privacy settings 29. Protect Your Online Image Avoid & un-tag risqu pictures Avoid controversial statements that are not part of your package Thoughtfully consider what you tweet, post, like, follow, join, etc. Delete unused accounts 30. Online Image is a two-way street Google Alert: 31. Remember Footprints lead to an actual person. A certain level of person-to-person communication occurs offline. Are You Ready? 32. Final Words Manage your career Set and work to achieve career goals Develop effective marketing tools Establish and maintain personal career network 33. Questions? Contact CAREER SERVICES: 210.999.8321