Managing Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

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From a presentation to business owners through the Wyoming Small Business Development Centers. About social media marketing, social media engagement, and communicating effectively in social networks. Also, a framework for saving time and being more efficient using social media.


  • 1.ManagingYour Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day Aliza Sherman @alizasherman

2. Ultra-connected @alizasherman 3. Marketing Tools @alizasherman 4. Foursquare! Instagram! Flickr! Website/Blog! Twitter! YouTube! Facebook! Pinterest! Tumblr! Google+! LinkedIn! Vine! Marketing Outlets @alizasherman 5. Attention Span @alizasherman 6. Is ThisYou? @alizasherman 7. ?@alizasherman What should you do? 8. Its not about technology. Its about people. - @alizasherman 9. 3principles 10. Craft effective content 1 11. @alizasherman Human 12. @alizasherman Visual 13. @alizasherman Action Oriented 14. Post Thoughtfully 2 15. @alizasherman Frequency Depends on your platform, your community,& your goals. 1x daily 5-7x daily 1x daily 20-30x daily 16. Dont be formulaic. Dont overschedule. - @alizasherman 17. @alizasherman Editorial CalendarCompany events Current events Promotions Themes Holidays 18. @alizasherman The Tools Monitor your community. Manage conversations. Track interactions. 19. @alizasherman Beware of the scheduling #fail 20. Engage your community 3 21. Attraction Reaction Interaction Actions 22. @alizasherman Be Magnetic 23. @alizasherman Dont broadcast 24. @alizasherman Be Conversational 25. @alizasherman Beshareworthy 26. 30minutes 27. @alizasherman 5 minutes: Read 28. @alizasherman 5 minutes: Respond 29. @alizasherman 5 minutes: Reshare 30. @alizasherman Repeat 31. Be in the moment. Be real. - @alizasherman 32. Success! 33. @alizasherman Aliza Sherman