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Millennial-proofing your workplace is an important component to help your business thrive. Workplaces should be created in a way that attracts young talent. O.C. Tanner offers a few suggestions that will help attract Millennials to your workplace.



2. Presented by: 3. Millennial-proofing your workplaceis one of the most effectiveways to manage yourmultigenerational employees. 4. ACCORDING TO CHRISTIAN LANNG, CEOAND CO-FOUNDER OF TRADESHIFT,its an importantcomponent of helpingyour business to thrive.CLICK HERE to read the article by Lanng 5. Millennial-proofingessentially means creating aworkplace that attractsMillennials, the generation ofsharp and talented youngpeople who are just beginningto enter the workforce.HIRE ME! 6. Just recruiting Millennials throughcool perks isnt enough, though.Training them to becomeyour future managersand leaders is also key toengaging and retainingtheir talent. 7. Deloittes 2014 Global HumanCapital Trends report shows thatnearly two-thirds ofcompanies arent confidentthat they are helpingMillennial employees fullydevelop their potential. 8. This is where we come in. Attractingand retaining Millennials doesntneed to be a mystery.In fact, there are a fewsimple strategies that canreally kick-start yourMillennial management. 9. First, its crucial to understandthat Millennials dont operatewell under the command andcontrol corporate philosophyof the fifties and sixties.While employees used to stick around through it all,unaware of or indifferent to better employmentoptions elsewhere, this isnt the case any longer. 10. The Millennial generationquestions management practices,lives the company missionstatement, and is more willing toleave if they disagree with policies.Theyre knowledgeworkers who go wheretheir hearts take them. 11. THATS WHY THE FIRST POINTER FORMILLENNIAL-PROOFING IS CREATINGAN ENVIRONMENT WHEREproactive questions about currentcompany processes and commandsis allowed and even encouraged. 12. ONCE YOUVE GOT THAT DOWN,there are three more simplesteps to take to Millennial-proofyour workplace effectively. 13. 1. BE TRANSPARENTMillennials like to be in the know. Educate them on yourcompany mission and the steps you take to encourageleaders and employees alike to embody your values. Also,allow them to interact with senior leadership. Bothmanagement and Millennials will benefit, as you canscope out your brightest Millennial talent while theyenvision themselves in the drivers seat. 14. 2. BE MODERNA recent study done at UNCs Kenan-Flagler BusinessSchool found that a third of Millennials prioritizesocial-media freedom above salary when considering anemployment opportunity. To reflect that value, integratesocial media into company marketing and networkingprocesses. That way, you not only allow Millennials tointeract on platforms theyre comfortable with, but youupdate your processes so that youre ahead of the game. 15. 3. BE OPENMillennials like to know that theyre making a difference.This is hard for them to do if they only understand theirown role, so teach them about the organization as awhole and brief them on upcoming objectives to helpthem see the big picture. Also, take their perspectivesinto account. Millennial employees value communication,flexibility, and mutual respect. 16. If these tips werent quitewhat you were looking for,perhaps reading somemanagement advice straightfrom a Millennial may help.HERES A GREAT PLACE TO START FOR ADIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.CLICK HERE 17. So there it is, a good startto Millennial-proofingyour workplace.For more ideas on employee training orleadership development programs,CLICK HERE 18. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY 19. O.C. TANNER AND THE O.C. TANNER INSTITUTEO. C. Tanner helps the world inspire and appreciate great work.Through our innovative cloud-based software, tools, awards,education, and research, we provide thought leadership and strategicrecognition solutions for thousands of clients globally. Designed toengage talent, increase performance, and drive corporate goals, oursolutions create personalized recognition experiences deliveredthrough a smart technology platform.The O.C. Tanner Institute regularly commissions research and providesa global forum for exchanging ideas about recognition, engagement,leadership, culture, human values, and sound business principles.


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