Managing frontend libs in your Symfony project

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A brief list of possible solutions for the dependency hell problem with your frontend libs. Lighting talk at SymfonyCon Madrid 2014


  • 1. Managing frontend libsin your Symfony projectMassimiliano ArioneSymfonyCon lighting talksMadrid, 2014

2. about meCTO at bee-lab.netPHP dev since ~2000fell in love with Symfony ~2007president of PUG Roma 3. problemYou need to manage some frontend librariesExamples: jquery bootstrap font awesome you name it 4. solution #1ask your frontend colleaguePROSsuper simpleCONShe/she can do a messtheres no frontend colleague 5. solution #2Put them in your repoPROScomplete control over sourcesCONSyou have to maintain vendors 6. solution #3Use CDNsPROSsuper fastCONSdoes not work when offlinenot everything is on a CDN 7. solution #4Use ComposerPROSyou are already using it (are you?)CONSbackend and frontend mixedduplicated code 8. solution #5Use BowerPROSjust declare vendors in your repoCONSyou need node.js 9. solution #6Use BowerPHPPROSjust declare vendors in your repoCONS... 10. thanks 11. references