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  • 1. Manage Your Business Reputation through Social Media It is possible for businesses to experience ups and downs. Even after a big unexpected turn of events, a business can still bounce back. It really depends on how one handles his business. Chances are, the bigger the company is, the more public uproars it gets. The good thing is there is a good chance to fight negative offenses against your company. That is learning how to protect and manage your reputation online against unfair and unexpected attacks. For starters, the social media can be of big help. It is, first of all, almost free. Almost because you need to have your own gadgets and connection to get things going. This is a good place to start growing your business. It may be a cheaper approach as compared to the conventional marketing strategies, but it reaches a whole lot of people than you think. Lets not forget that social media is about community and sharing, which happen to be foundations of building strong customer relationships. Start Social Media Now! If youre starting out fresh and you dont know what to do, you may simply start with the social media tool you are most familiar with. FaceBook and Twitter, for example, are two of the most popular social media tools. You may start signing up for an account and think of approaches on how to get your business known. You can also start with the most appropriate one. If, for example, you are the type of company that offers services, Linkedln is a good tool for you. After learning all the ropes in Linkdln, you may start expanding your horizons. Here is a list of a few social media tools (aside from FaceBook. Twitter, YouTube, and Google+) that you should consider for your small business: Google Analytics - a must-have if you have a website or blog. Buffer - this is a social media tool that allows you to share or post to all your social media networks. Do Share - while Buffer helps you share in FaceBook, Twitter, appnet, and Linkedln, Do Share allows you to share on Google+. Feedly - this lists in an easy, readable way the RSS feeds of the blogs and websites you like to follow. Remember, social media is not about you. its about sharing other peoples content as well. LastPass - This can help you from hacked accounts. And keep in mind that you are not supposed to use the same passwords for all your accounts.
  • 2. When you make Tweets, updates, or even blogs, keep in mind the goal that you must have: building relationships with others. When you build relationships, you will encourage more and more people to like and share your content, which is good for you. This is not just about you and you. Listening to the customers concern and responding to them are two of the few responsibilities that you have. Build a Strong Community When you have built a strong relationship with people and communities, you will have a strong battle force to combat attacks against your company. Establishing trust from people requires a lot of work, but it has its perks as well- really good ones. For example, if someone talks bad about your company or business, your community will be able to defend you by writing or posting good things about you- things that they experienced when you started gaining their trust. TV ads do not compare to this. When loyal customers come to the rescue, you wont have to worry at all. Be Interesting, Entertaining, and Valuable One thing to remember to keep people interested: always have a good set of content. Your content must be entertaining and informative. In other words, it has to be valuable. It has to be very helpful. Apart from that, you must also take time to share your expertise. If, for example, your business has something to do with cooking and recipes, one of the best things that you can do for your customers is provide them with cooking secrets and tips. A tutorial video can be very much appreciated. It doesnt have to be a video thats expensive to make. As long as it is clear, understandable, and pleasant, youre good to go. Have a Mission Be socially responsible. How? Take this example. Lets just say you own a pet store, and you are trying to promote that online. Aside from establishing your company through social media, what is another thing that you can do to gain trust from people? How about engaging in some community events that protect homeless animals? This will tell people that you dont only sell puppies, kitties, etc; that you also have the heart for them. If you own a pet store, that is more likely the case, but you need to show this to people. You can then post these photos on your social media tool for people to see. It may seem difficult at the beginning, but once you get the sense of it, everything else will just be fun. It is, indeed, important to protect yourself from attacks. Theres a lot of competition online. You need to have a strong foundation, so you wont crumble down to pieces.