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Mammalian Adaptations. MONOTREMES “Egg laying”. Duckbilled Platypus Anteater Echidna. MARSUPIALS Premature babies develop in pouch. Found in Austrailia/ New Guinea Kangaroo Wallaby. MARSUPIALS. Only North American Marsupial Oppossum. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Mammalian Adaptations

  • MONOTREMESEgg layingDuckbilled PlatypusAnteaterEchidna

  • MARSUPIALSPremature babies develop in pouch

    Found in Austrailia/ New GuineaKangarooWallaby

  • MARSUPIALSOnly North American MarsupialOppossum

  • PLACENTALEmbryos nourished inside mother by placenta95% of all mammals are placental

    At least 18 orders


    Incisors- Chisel like teeth for cuttingCanines- Pointed teeth for puncturing/tearingPremolars- Shred and grindMolars- Flat teeth for grinding, crushing

  • Specialized teeth vary with diet

  • Grass eaters have different teeth than carnivores

  • SALIVARY GLANDSDIGESTION starts in the MOUTH Image from:

  • BALEENThin keratin plates that hang from the roof of the mouth and screen food from waterImage from:

  • ECHOLOCATIONBats can fly without eyes, but NOT without earsBats emit high frequency sound waves that bounce off objects

    Can determine size, distance, direction, speed

  • RUMENIn cud chewers like cows, sheep, goats, giraffes

    First chamber of stomach containing bacteria to digest plantsImage from:

  • CECUMIn non cud chewers like horses, rabbits, rodents, elephants

    Small pouch off small intestine containing bacteria to digest plants

  • Human appendix is vestigial cecum

  • PRIMATESLarger BrainGrasping hand with fingernails instead of claws2 forward facing eyesIncludes:GorillasMonkeysLemurs

  • PRIMATESHumans are primates too!

  • PINNIPEDSCarnivorous streamlined body flipper limbedSeals WalrusesSea lions

  • UNGULATESMammals with Hooves

  • CETACEANSIncludes: whales, dolphins, porpoises

  • CHIROPTERABATSOnly mammals that can fly