malmesbury cofe primary school .malmesbury cofe primary school headteacher: ... cooking...

Malmesbury CofE Primary School .Malmesbury CofE Primary School Headteacher: ... cooking demonstration
Malmesbury CofE Primary School .Malmesbury CofE Primary School Headteacher: ... cooking demonstration
Malmesbury CofE Primary School .Malmesbury CofE Primary School Headteacher: ... cooking demonstration
Malmesbury CofE Primary School .Malmesbury CofE Primary School Headteacher: ... cooking demonstration
Malmesbury CofE Primary School .Malmesbury CofE Primary School Headteacher: ... cooking demonstration
Download Malmesbury CofE Primary School .Malmesbury CofE Primary School Headteacher: ... cooking demonstration

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  • The weekly newsletter of

    Malmesbury CofE Primary School Headteacher: Steve Heal BSc, PGCE, NPQH

    Tetbury Hill



    SN16 9JR

    01666 823514

    Thursday 11th February 2016 Primary Post 156

    The first six weeks of the year have passed in a flash. Suddenly the days are longer and spring is

    in the air. Lent begins today and Easter will be here before we know it.

    Chinese New Year was on Monday, so Gong Xi Fa Cai and welcome to the year of the monkey. If

    we show the monkeys energy, playfulness and inquisitiveness then well have a great year in school. It was a

    pleasure to be involved with the celebrations: Mr Oakes and I have been cooking stir-fry. (You dont have to

    be mad to wok here, but it helps.) Id like to thank the staff, who go to such lengths to prepare memorable

    learning experiences for the children.

    There was plenty of further evidence of this on Egyptian day in Milepost 2, where I also had the pleasure of

    being embalmed. After a lengthy search, my brain was located, extracted and stored in a jar in case I ever

    need it again.

    As we approach the holiday, King for a Day day will keep us busy right to the end, but also give us a chance to

    be thankful for everything Mrs King has done for the children of this school over so many years. She is a

    dedicated, inspirational teacher and a lovely person. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to her, but

    we wish her happiness in her retirement.

    A really nasty flu-like bug has been going through staff and children alike. Hopefully the holiday will stop this

    in its tracks and let those who have suffered recover properly. A big thank you to staff who have covered for

    others to keep the school running smoothly. Illnesses like this emphasise the importance of keeping children

    off school until they are properly well again, rather than patching them up and sending them back only to pass

    it on to others.

    Below is some guidance on what medication we can and cannot administer in school. I hope you appreciate that

    we have to follow legal and health guidance very carefully, since we are not medical professionals and the

    consequences of a mistake in this area could be enormous.


    We cannot administer or allow in school any medicines other than those prescribed by a

    doctor. Non-prescription medicines of any kind should not be in school. This includes sore

    throat sprays, painkillers such as Calpol, cough sweets, decongestants and (in the summer)

    non-prescription antihistamines. If a parent or carer wishes, they can come into school at

    midday to administer these medicines to their child, bringing the medicine with them.

    To administer prescribed medication, we must have written consent from the parent and evidence that the

    medicine has been prescribed for the child (eg name and dosage on the bottle). This is only done where

    administration during the school day is essential, eg insulin, long term medication for

    ADHD, inhalers and antibiotics where the dose is 4 times a day. If emollients are

    needed for eczema then this should also be confirmed by a doctor - there is a form

    available which parents can take to their doctor and have signed if the doctor has

    advised them to buy the medication over the counter.


  • ATTENDANCE FIGURES - Our target for the year 15/16 is 96.5%+

    Winning Class for Week:

    w/c 4.1.16 - 100% for RBDO & PG

    w/c 11.1.16 - 100% for RBDO, AB & PP

    w/c 18.1.16 - No 100%

    w/c 25.1.16 - No 100%

    w/c 1.2.16 - No 100%

    Whole School Attendance for:

    Term 1:

    Term 2:

    Term 3:

    Term 4:

    Term 5:

    Term 6:









    14/15 15/16


    Friday 12th Feb - Wear a crown to school day - donations to Myeloma UK

    Friday 12th Feb - Last day of term 3

    Monday 22nd Feb - Swimming - Y5 - AB class

    Thurs 25th Feb - Y1 dress up day - pirates

    Monday 29th Feb - Swimming - Y3 - RS class

    Wednesday 2nd March - Class photographs

    Thursday 3rd March - Book Day

    Friday 4th March - Mothers Day gift shop - Friends

    Monday 7th March - Swimming - Y3 - RS class

    Thursday 10th March - Reports to parents Y2-Y5

    Thursday 17th March - Parent consultations - EYFS-Y5 - 5pm-7.30pm

    Friday 18th March - Friends quiz night

    Tuesday 22nd March - Parent consultations - EYFS-Y5 - 4pm-6pm

    Thursday 24th March - Last day of term 4

    ESSENTIAL SKILLS COACHING will be running their usual half-term club Monday 15th Feb to Thursday 18th Feb, 9am-3pm - during half term at school.

    Please contact Matt for more information on 07859 794621. Leaflets are now available in school.

    The children in the EYFS have been

    enjoying learning about Chinese New

    Year celebrations and have made a wide

    variety of colourful lanterns, puppets

    and enjoyed making a large scale dragon

    for a class dragon dance.

    Mr Heal helped us with a Chinese

    cooking demonstration and we enjoyed

    learning all about the delicious

    ingredients and aromas from the

    cooking. Mrs Driver's class enjoyed

    sharing a Chinese song and Miss Chu's

    class entertained us with a creative

    Dragon Dance.

    We look forward to completing the term

    with a parade of our beautiful lanterns.

    We wish you all a very happy Chinese

    New Year.



    On Wednesday Year 2 and Year 3 had a

    fantastic Egyptian day wearing amazing


    The day started with a Year 2 assembly to

    families, showing artefacts, mummification

    and a sing song! There were open classrooms

    where children proudly shared their hard

    work this term to families and other children.

    During the day Year 3 wrote with hieroglyphs,

    did Egyptian maths and enjoyed a very

    interesting talk about Egypt and looked at

    beautiful artefacts, ending the day tasting

    some Egyptian fruits.

    Well done everyone and thank you to parents/

    carers for the wonderful costumes.

  • On the 9th February 2016, Milepost 3 started their exit point for the holiday show. Firstly we had to

    manoeuvre into six different classes and go into teams, we then switched our heads on to holiday mode

    because we were going to become travel agents.

    At first we were blind as mice but quickly we got into action researching about our chosen countries,

    immediately we started typing like mad, keynotes coming out of our ears. Quickly the day ran out and we had

    to pack our bags but the next day was coming fast.

    The next day, 10th February, was a heads down day as this was the last time we had until the parents came.

    Suddenly out of nowhere, a big hurdle came, we had to make an advert! Now with that thrown at us we were

    worrying our socks off but it all turned out alright! All of a sudden we had half an hour and it became rush


    On Thursday, we arrived back at school for the final day of the exit point! Our teacher and us, quickly did the

    register and we hopped back into our continents ready for our customers. They came in like a tsunami, there

    were so many. However, we succeeded in communicating to parents our knowledge of the chosen holiday

    destinations. It was the best exit point EVER! We are looking forward to finding out which were the winning

    teams in assembly tomorrow!

    by Freddie and Leonie (class RBDO)

    As a staff we would like to say a huge thank you to

    over 60 parents, grandparents and carers who visited

    our travel agency today. There is nothing like a real

    purpose to fuel a childs enthusiasm when

    investigating a question. We are really proud of the

    commitment your children showed over a sustained

    period of time, to generate well informed holidays,

    packed full of information. In addition, watching the

    children go the extra mile this morning; arriving to

    school armed with cowboy hats, flags and even

    canaps of crispy duck! The collaborative groups

    crossed the year groups fostering great

    relationships and developing role models within our

    ever-engaging, creative and diligent pupils. What a

    super morning! Thank you.


  • Calling all ladies - starting Wednesday 24th February at 9am from at rear of

    Co-op by Malmesbury Football Club. Mayhem outdoor fitness session. All

    abilities very welcome, whole body approach with a different take on fitness.

    Limited spaces available. For more information get in contact with Stacie on:

    Tel: 07900034308


    Thank you to all who kindly donated coats for the Country Coats 2 Syria campaign. The local team have collected

    nearly 3,000 coats for the CC2S campaign. The first batch were shipped in mid January and have hopefully already

    been distributed to the schools and camps in Syria.


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