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Presentations from the International Workshop on Energy Storage Technologies and Applications, April 2013, ADB Headquarters, Manila


<p>Maldives experience on energy storage for an Island</p> <p>OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION National profile Energy sector Government Policies RE Resources &amp; Potential Technologies SREP, Investment Plan Case study, island of Adh. Mandhoo, Maldives Barriers and challenges1</p> <p>National Profile: Maldives consists of 1,190 islands</p> <p> 199 Inhabited islands Total land mass of the country is about 300km2 Size of the islands range b/w (0.2 5km2) Total population of Maldives is 330,000 plus Main economic activities are Tourism &amp; Fishing</p> <p> No proven non renewable energy sources2</p> <p>Energy sector Entirely depend on imported fossil fuel in meeting energy demand. Fuel import bill is 16% of GDP equivalent to US$ 0.24 billion (2010) Total primary energy consumption,2009 340,311 toe</p> <p> 24% Male, 42% 100 Resorts , 21% 200 Islands and 13% Transport. Total GHG emissions in 2009 was 1,030,157 tons of CO2 equivalent Large amount of imported diesel is used for electricity generation and transportation Almost 42% of the diesel oil is used for electricity production at tourist resorts3</p> <p>Total Installed Capacity 240MW</p> <p>Greater Male 62 MW</p> <p>Resorts 120MW</p> <p>Other Islands 55MW</p> <p>4</p> <p>Government Policies Provide a continuous, reliable and affordable energy supply to all islands. Reduce fossil fuel and promote RE. Promote energy conservation &amp; efficiency without hindering the quality of the services provided. Promote energy efficiency in electricity production,</p> <p>distribution and usage. Conduct a public awareness campaign to promote energy efficient products and practices.5</p> <p>Government Policies, Cont Enhance national energy security by promoting renewable &amp; environmentally sound sources of energy. Introduce and demonstrate sustainable solar and wind energy applications.</p> <p> Strengthen the institutional framework of</p> <p>the energy sector.</p> <p>6</p> <p>RE Sources &amp; Potential TechnologiesSolar Maldives is located in the Equator and receives abundant solar energy. Maldives Receives about 400 Million MW of Solar Energy Per Annum. Average Sunny Days Per Annum 280 300 Sunny Days Daily Average Global Irradiation in Maldives is</p> <p>4.56 kWh/m2/day</p> <p>7</p> <p>RE Sources &amp; Potential Technologies, ContExisting technology usage Solar PV Power generation (pilot systems, resorts) Telecommunications Navigation lights Solar Thermal Water heating (Resorts and hotels)</p> <p> Wind Power generation (pilot systems)8</p> <p>Installed &amp; Ongoing RE Projects</p> <p>In Male, The Capital Project for Clean Energy Promotion in Male (Ongoing) 775kWp Solar roof top PV , (10 sites) Grid connected feeding in Govt. owned, operated by STELCO</p> <p> Grant Aid ($11million) JapanIsland of Thinadhoo Clean Energy for Climate Mitigation (CECM) Project</p> <p> 300kWp Solar roof top PV (Grid connected feeding in) Govt. owned, operated by FENAKA Grant Aid, Multi-donor, Climate Change Trust Fund (MCCTF)9</p> <p>Installed &amp; Ongoing RE ProjectsIn 6 islands Male atoll. Project for 6 island RE promotion (Ongoing) 644kW Solar roof top PV Without storage Grid connected feeding in Installed by private company (REM) Power buys by STELCO under a power purchasing</p> <p>agreement</p> <p>10</p> <p>Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) IP30 different islands power project 15 islands Power system rehabilitation. Upgrade to reduce generation &amp; distribution losses. 15 power system healthy islands feed 30% RE 5MW (3MW Solar PV and 2MW wind) Without storage Grid connected feeding in</p> <p> Installed by private company(s) Power buys by FENAKA under a power purchasing agreement11</p> <p>Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) IP, Cont.10 small different islands power project 100% power by RE Approximately 2MW With storage Installed by private company(s) Power buys by FENAKA under a power purchasing agreement</p> <p>12</p> <p>Case study, Adh. Mandhoo, Maldives (Population 330) in 2004Storage technology. PV Capacity: With inverter Location. Adh Mandhoo, Maldives Electricity system type. 12kWp Battery capacity: 108kWh</p> <p> Diesel/Solar/ BatterySystem size. Diesel Generator: 22kW x 213</p> <p>Consumption &amp; Load pattern Daily peak load, 194kWh With 10% network loss, 68900kWh / year Operation Hybrid PV- Diesel system PV- Battery or Diesel generator with manual Change-over 07:00 to 17:30 Solar, battery start feeding through inverter Solar radiation increases PV gradually takes over load</p> <p>14</p> <p>Points to consider for investors. Maldives has abundance of sunshine throughout the year. Annual nation electricity growth demand 8% Solar (with storage) is competitive with current sources of electricity Minimizes CO2 considerably Latest bid for 15 islands Solar PV, 24 parties bought prequalification document and 14 parties submitted it, mostly international parties that proves existing investor confidence.</p> <p>Thank you15</p>