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1. MALCOLMS LASTWORDS Mr. Falls 2. WHY DOES THE PLAYCONTINUE? Macbeths death has to be announced. All the action occurred off-stage. Order must be returned to Scotland. 3. WHO RESTORES ORDER? Malcolm restores order to the land. 4. HOW DOES HE DO THIS? First, he thanks people. He creates a new category of royalty calledThanes to thank the people that were loyal to him. This contrasts withMacbeths iron-fisted rule. Second, he calls home those who have fled. As calling home ourexiled friends abroad That fled the snares of watchful tyranny (V. ix. 38-40) Third, he ensures that Justice is delivered to Macbeths followers. Whatdo you think will happen to them? 5. HOW DOES HE DO THIS? Fourth, he announces that Lady Macbeths death was a suicide.Before this, it was a loose-end. The proper order of kingship called for the prince of cumberlandto take the throne; he is the prince of cumberland 6. DISEASE This scene also removes the disease. What was the disease andwhat was if affecting? Name other things in the play that were diseased Therefore, it brings the motif of disease to a full circle, as thedisease is removed.