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How can big and small companies innovate better together? That is the focus of my upcoming book and this presentation. In my talk, I get into topics such as:- what open innovation is- the differences between big and small companies- why big companies need small companies- why things go wrong-


  • 1. Making Open Innovation Work

Dont just get a leg up on the competition, get em both up.
3. 4. Directed
Directive, invitational
Directive, participative
Suggestive, invitational
Suggestive, participative
Relatively few
Credit: OVO Innovation
5. 6. Its just innovation!
7. #1 Faster development cycles and market launch
#2 More diversity, more opportunities
#3 Sharing of market and technology uncertainties
8. Questions?
9. Big versus small the differences
10. #1 Culture of innovation
#2 Allocation of resources
#3 Speed of decision-making
11. Why big companies need small companies
12. #1 They live on the cutting edge!
#2 They break the rules and take more risks!
#3 They are closer to markets!
Big companies bring scale and access to markets!
13. Why things go wrong
14. #1 Trust is not established!
#2 They dont do the homework!
#3 More focus on own gains rather than win-win!
15. Create simple letter of understanding that outlines working principles for partnership
16. Set expectations upfront to avoid the false positives mode
17. Dont end up negotiating with a closed innovation mindset
18. Interaction and involvement are key elements for open innovation as well as social media.
Companies need to build strong capabilities on this intersection if they want to out-innovate their competitors.
19. 15,000 users, 60,000 monthly visitors
High stickyness
Unexpected opportunities
20. Direction, training and time
21. Lets stay in touch!
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Twitter: @lindegaard
Google+: Stefan Lindegaard


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