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How can big and small companies innovate better together? That is the focus of my upcoming book and this presentation. In my talk, I get into topics such as:- what open innovation is- the differences between big and small companies- why big companies need small companies- why things go wrong-


<ul><li> 1. Making Open Innovation Work<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. INGENUITY<br />Dont just get a leg up on the competition, get em both up.<br /> 3. 4. Directed<br />Instructions<br />Directive, invitational<br />Directive, participative<br />None<br />Suggestive, invitational<br />Suggestive, participative<br />Invitations<br />Relatively few<br />Everyone<br />Credit: OVO Innovation<br /> 5. 6. Its just innovation!<br /> 7. #1 Faster development cycles and market launch<br />#2 More diversity, more opportunities<br />#3 Sharing of market and technology uncertainties<br /> 8. Questions?<br /> 9. Big versus small the differences<br /> 10. #1 Culture of innovation<br />#2 Allocation of resources<br />#3 Speed of decision-making<br /> 11. Why big companies need small companies<br /> 12. #1 They live on the cutting edge!<br />#2 They break the rules and take more risks!<br />#3 They are closer to markets!<br />Big companies bring scale and access to markets!<br /> 13. Why things go wrong<br /> 14. #1 Trust is not established!<br />#2 They dont do the homework!<br />#3 More focus on own gains rather than win-win!<br /> 15. Create simple letter of understanding that outlines working principles for partnership<br /> 16. Set expectations upfront to avoid the false positives mode<br /> 17. Dont end up negotiating with a closed innovation mindset<br /> 18. Interaction and involvement are key elements for open innovation as well as social media. <br />Companies need to build strong capabilities on this intersection if they want to out-innovate their competitors.<br /> 19. 15,000 users, 60,000 monthly visitors<br />High stickyness<br />Unexpected opportunities<br /> 20. Direction, training and time<br /> 21. Lets stay in touch! <br /><br />15inno by Stefan Lindegaard at LinkedIn Groups<br /><br />Twitter: @lindegaard<br />Google+: Stefan Lindegaard<br /></p>