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Finding out what is important to people


  • 1. Making Connections identity /mnt/temp/unoconv/20140408123200/makingconnectionswithgiftsoftheheart-140408073200-phpapp02.doc Connect in the North 0113 270 3233 1 What creates enthusiasm, enjoyment and fulfilment? People Places Activities What creates boredom, frustration anxiety and misery? 2 What could the person do? (see overleaf) What could get in the way? Overcoming the blocks 4 Ideas (Brainstorming) Where would your gifts be welcome? 3 Action Plan What Who When 5

2. Top Tips for Making Connections Keeping going to the same place at the same time on the same day. Find a role within the activity Find a way of contributing Think beyond the limits of the formal activity o What happens just before or after? o Could you invite an individual person to do something else? o Could you suggest something else that a group might do together? Look for formal and informal associations /mnt/temp/unoconv/20140408123200/makingconnectionswithgiftsoftheheart-140408073200-phpapp02.doc Connect in the North 0113 270 3233


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