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  • Making a Good CS Resume Terence Parr & Chris Brooks USF
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  • Resume Goal Have a simple one-page summary people can discuss Gets you an interview only so dont dump everything you know/have done on there. That is what the interview is for
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  • What to include Education Related work experience Interesting course projects Open source projects Publications, presentations Unusual experience
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  • What not to include unrelated jobs; dont list your babysitting jobs some of your entry level positions if resume > 1 page No personal stuff; no one cares if you skydive and can burp the national anthem
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  • Length One page! (Or, short as possible) The more impressive your experience, the shorter it can be The president can have a one-line resume
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  • Skills No laundry lists! Dont just list technology. Any idiot can cut/paste that list from a job site Incorporate your skills into your project descriptions
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  • Writing style Punchy sentences starting with action verbs: Developed 8000 line mail server in Java that stored email in mysql db. Saved company $2.3M in 2006 by creating email tech support robot Be terse Be specific What was your role? Anybody can be a valued member of a team
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  • Objectives are meaningless; dont waste the space Everyone knows you want a job Unless you are a very high level and want a very specific job such as CEO of a small manufacturing firm in the midwest
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  • Cover letters Important in some cases Shows you can write (or not) Tailor to each company
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  • Tailor resume You can package yourself in different ways Present yourself appropriately for the company you are applying to Emphasize your AI course work if you are applying to an image recognition company, for example
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  • Dont lie Dont exaggerate Youll get busted, then fired Ive seen uninvolved people claim to be the project leader! Fundamentally, you should be about truth anyway
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  • Appearance sparse as possible dont use gaudy borders, fonts etc..
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  • Details matter Speling ;) English Dont use these email addresses: