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    YOLo IX , NO . 19 PASA DENA, C ALI FO R N IA NOY. 16, 1981

    How subtly Satan usedMAKEUP

    to start the Church off the track

    "Bu t by this maneuver of Satan, the people of God 's Church started offthe track. . . For watering down of God 's truth on healing, the Sabbath ,many more vital doctrines followed in its wake. "

    How Satan began injecting liberalisminto God's Church

    By Herbert W. Armstrong

    FOR THREE YEARS theliving C hrist has beenworki ng to put H is C hurchback on th e t rack! But howdid the people of th e livingGod get off the t rack?How did th e whole worldfirst ge t off t he track?

    Was mother Eve, the veryfirst woman - a direct cre-ation of God - insincerelyevil ? Did she have evi lmotives and intentions?

    No. Eve was DE CE IVED!Undoubted ly she thought shewas doing right. T he forbiddentree , afte r all , "was GOOD forfood," and it was " pleasan t to theeyes ," and, Satan had assuredher, she would really not die .God knew bett er than that -she was an "immortal soul."

    And besides, Satan had said ,it would make her a god intellec-tuall y - it appealed to her intel-lectual VANITY. S he couldn't seeanyt hing wrong with it. So "shetook of the fruit thereof, and d ideat, and gave also unto her hus-band with her; and he did eat. "

    T hu s the WHOL E W ORLD wasstarted off the track . An d Satanis st ill at it! " T he Devil, andSatan ... deceiveth the wholeworld " (Revelation 12:9) . Theapostle Pau l f eared " lest by anymeans, as the serpent beg uiledEve by his sub ti lty , so yourminds shou ld be corr upted " (IICorinthians 11:3).

    Do you think that same wilySa ta n could not deceive peoplein God's Church today ? Of allthe people on earth, WE are thevery ones he want s most todeceive . He has the rest of theworld deceiv ed alrea d y. Andremember a deceive d per sondoes not know he is deceived -else he would not BE decei ved!

    Yet Sat an did get to our wivestoday! The y certainly had no evilmotives. even as moth er Eve hadnone . Had they not repented andaccepted C hrist, and come intothe C hurc h? Th ere were no evilmot ives or intentions. The y, too,saw " no har m in it :' They,them sel ve s , wo u ld LOOKGOO D" to the world . Makeup onthe face would be "pl easant tothe eyes."

    And it was intellec tual to fol-low intellect ua l libe rals in themin istr y (NO LONGER) who rea-soned that thi s little detail andthat litt le point could be int er -preted to see " no harm in it" -and after a ll, iJ we don 't see anyharm in it. isn' t it all right to dowhat the world does?

    It was all done so SUBTLY!Th at is how Sat an works. Nowlet's under stand what DIDHAP-PEN!

    How far does God comp ro-mise wit h SIN? God had thePOWER to wink His eye at SINand forgive sin out rig ht, withouthaving to sac rifice H is onlybegotten So n. But God did notcompro mise one millionth of aninch with sin. Rather than thatHe "gave His only begotten So nthat whosoe ver be lieveth in Himshould not PERISH:'

    God 's Church, the now immi-nen t Bride of C brist. is not goingto rise to meet the ret urn ingChrist in the air with paintedfaces and plucked and repaintedeyebrows!

    How cleverly, without oursuspecting it, did Satan in-fluence leading ministers to de-rail the C hurch in many ways!

    I want , now, to take youbrethren through a histor y ofth is seemingly mino r question offemale makeup as it progressedd uring the '50s, '60s and '70s inthe Church. Bret hren , CAN W Eremove prejudice, vanity andself-wi ll from our minds andOPEN OUR EYES TO GOD' STRUTH? Weare not going to faceGod in "THE JUDGMENT" likethe wor ld . WE ARE FACI NG IT

    NOW! Judgment has begun atthe House of GOD! You and I arebein g jud ged NO W!

    Some of us have weakened .Some of us have been caught offguard. I am hum an like all ofyou , and I was caught off guardand without at the time reali zingit, ALLOWED this liberalism tocreep st ealthil y into God's flock!I now repent of that and the liv-ing C hris t leads me to do whatHe inspires me to do to correct itand get th is holy Body of C hristBACK COMPLETELY ON TilETRACK. For we have not bee nfully back on the track even yet!

    Thi s may be somewhat of aminor quest ion , yet it was usedby Sat an to help der ail theC hurc h! It is only one of a num-ber of points that led us offtr ack .

    Thi s quest ion was raised in

    the Chu rch in the mid '50s. Inthe July , 195 5, Good New s. thefo llo wi ng u nde r my by- linebegan on page I und er the head -line , "What the Ch urc h Ruledon Ma keup."

    "T he quest ion of lipst ick andot her forms of makeup had to besettled . Some in the Churchheld very definitely that 'make-up is wro ng; it's worldly.' Therewas in some cases an att it ude ofprej udice and accusation againstthose who wore it. "

    So act ually the qu estion wasfirst raised by wome n who feltface-changing was wr ong, not byministers . The n- t parag raphconti nued, " But ot hers insisted,., can't see any harm in wearingmakeup.' ..

    Many articles followed on thequestion . These articles coveredmany specific points and specif-ic script ures . The re was an effortto get to every detailed point orquest ion even in "the grayareas ."

    But we need to learn thatGod 's law is a PRINCIPLE to beapplied . It has to do first of allwit h an ATTITUDE OFMIND.

    T he Ch urch RULED AGAINSTTHE USE OF MAKEUP based pri-mari ly on specific " do" and"don't " scriptu res, rather thanthe application of the PRINCIPLE

    of God's Law.We did make the mist ake of

    applying God 's spiritua l Law asthe world applies man 's laws.The average policem an todayhas to enforce six times as man yspecific laws as he is capable ofremembering. I am reminded ofa comic strip "T here Ought toBe a Law." Every day someo nethought up a reason for making anew specific law to cover somenew minor infract ion. It de-picted the ridicul ous system ofman's laws.

    Actually, God 's spiritual Lawis expressed in ju st one simplefour -letter word - LO VE. Weapply that law to given ci rcum-stances.

    Je sus, for examp le, "m agni-fied the Law and made it honor-able. " A t M t. ..... mai He, asYHWrJ., exp anded it into 10

    points - the first fou r definingthe PRINCIPLE of love towardGod, the last six love towa rdneig hbor. From the re it expandsin principle to cover any andevery quest ion that may arise.

    But when and how did thisthi ng of SIN beg in? It all beganwith the super archange l, thecherub Lucifer. He was "perfectin his ways" from the day Godcreated him. Then iniquity (law-lessness) was found in him. Hisheart was "lifted up" in VANITYbecause of his beauty (Ezekiel28:15- 17). The wisdom of hismind was lifted up in VANITY.T his violated l.OVEin th e form ofobed ience and su bmission toGod .

    A spirit of compe titio nen tered his mind . He said: "Iwill asce nd into heaven [God 'sthroneJ. I will exalt my thro neabove the stars [angelsJof God."SELF-exa ltation. vanity, jeal-ousy , envy , rebe llion agai nstauthority, competition, desi re to"GET" and TAKE" seized hisperverted mind.

    Si n, spiritual ly, is self-ce n-teredness, self -exalta tion, desireto be beauti ful , vanity , coveting,desire to GETand TAKE, to exaltthe sel f, jealousy and envy, com-peti tion, oft-res ulting violenceand war, resent ment and rebel -

    lion against aut hori ty.These are the PRINCIPLES of

    spiri tua l SIN. There is also thematt er of physical sin - trans-gress ion of physical laws. Oftenphysical sickness and disea seresult from this transgression.Wh ile Jesus paid the death pen-alty for our spirit ual sins by Hisshed blood, He also paid the pen-alty of physical transgress ion oflaws that opera te in our bodie sand mind s " by His st ripes."Man y do not seem to underst andthat healin g is " forgiveness ofsin" - thi s ph ysical sin -because Jesus paid that penalt yin our stead " by His st ripes: '

    But the C hurch in the ill GROWING in knowledge aswell as in numbers, ruled onmakeup based on specific scrip-tu ral " do's and don 't s" - as wethen interp reted them . Actually

    we came to the same right rul-ing. A very few women argued abit , but I remember specificallyof none who rebelled and left theChurch. As near as I co uldobserve our women were happyto leave the ir faces as the Mas terDesigner made them .

    The C hurc h was bei ngblessed and growing - up toabout 1968. For 35 years Godhad caused it to grow at the phe-nome nal and unmatc hed rate of30 perce nt average increase peryea r. Then, beginn ing 1968 ,C hrist the living Head of theC hurc h, began to send me tocapitals of nations all over theworld . I was unable to give day -to-day management at head-quarters. Si n entered Pasadenaleadership. The Ch urch stop pedits pheno menal gro wth . I had todeal with sins near the top in1971 and 1972. In the spring of1974 a ministerial rebellion, ledto a considerable extent by twotop- ranki ng ministers at Pasa -dena, resulted in some 30 ormore mi nisters leavi ng tbeCh urch .

    In early fall of 1974, my sonca ught me on the run as I wasleaving for Tokyo and Manil a,where I held a big cam paign. Itwas a time when certain "schol-ars" amo ng our leaders wereengaged in "doctrinal research."I had not rea lized until later thatmos t of them were actua llyresear ch ing to try to proveChu rch teac hings were in erro r,rather than to discover truth. Iadmit now and repent of the factth at , no t re a lizi ng the rea lmotive, I approved this doct rinalresearch team .

    My son said thi s team hadfound we had the wrong mean-ing on four suc h de tailed specificscr iptures, and the use of make-upwasOK .

    Th ose who know me bestknow I have a single track mind .Th at is, I can concentrate deepl yon one subject at a time , butwhen my mind is on one subject,I often do not really " get" some-th ing said to me. I was handed ashort statement regarding thosefour spe