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Making your blog count in one of the most popular blogs categories can be a big achievement. Let's learn how to make your blog and you famous.


<ul><li><p>September 9th, 2012 Published by: mervszine</p><p>1</p><p>Make Your Blog CountAs One of the MostPopular Blogs</p><p>Making your blog count in one of the most popular blogscategories can be a big achievement. Let's learn how tomake your blog and you famous.</p><p>Make Your Blog Count As Oneof the Most Popular BlogsBy Merv Stevens on September 9th, 2012</p><p>Making your blog count in one of the most popularblogs categories can be a big achievement. Lets learnhow to make your blog and you famous.</p><p>Most popular blogs how are they made?</p><p>First of all, you have got to understand the art andscience behind the popularity of your blog. Yousee many most popular blogs out there and youshould realize how they work and operate so as tounderstand the tricks of making your blog as one ofthe most popular blogs as well.Popular blogs do not gain popularity as soon asthey start. They build their reputation over time andattract audience which makes them popular. You</p><p>should adopt the same techniques as these popularblogs so yours can be one of them.So lets begin on the techniques of making your blogone of the most popular blogs on the internet.</p><p>SEO your blog to make itone of most popular blogs</p><p>SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This isthe first and foremost step in popularizing your blogfrom obscurity to heights of popularity. The viewingof your blog starts with search engines.Your blog should be visible to search engines sothat if a person on internet searches for a term orkeyword, which is relevant to the content of yourblog, it shows immediately on the top of searchresults. Unless your blog is SEO properly, forgetabout gaining any audience for your blog.SEO is a field of Computer Science itself and youwill have to become a techie geek if you want toSEO your blog. If you think you cannot, then thereare numerous services out there which are ready todo it for you. Hire those services and get your blogoptimized or do it yourself. But it is essential that youdo it somehow.</p></li><li><p>September 9th, 2012 Published by: mervszine</p><p>2</p><p>Make it one of the mostpopular blogs by marketing it</p><p>Like with advertisements, you need to let peopleknow about your blog. You shouldnt think thatputting up a post on a blog will attract audience ofits own. You will need to announce on the internetabout it.Use Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler or other socialnetworks to attract likely minded people to check outyour blog. If they like your posts (if they are qualityposts), then there is a mighty chance that they willrecommend it to their social circle, thus starting achain reaction of the popularity of your blog.</p><p>Arrange guest-posts to make yourblog one of the most popular blogs</p><p>Guest posts are something in which you askanother person (your friend or colleague) to posta piece on your blog. This also reflects a good-will gesture and also attracts more audience asthe guest blogger promotes YOUR blog to his/herfriends so that they can read the piece of writingor contribution. This is what you want to happen:automatic promotion of your blog.The more famous your blog is, the more chancesthere are that it will become one of themost popularblogs and so it also increases your chances ofincome and earnings a hundred fold more.</p><p>Learn how weve helped thousands of average people</p><p>finally make money online</p><p>(with a brand new no selling approach) </p><p>CLICK HERE to Earn 100% Commissions</p><p>Merv Stevens works in internet and network marketingand is based in London, England. He is of the opinionthat marketing online provides the potential for peopleto create a substantial income and a life filled withfreedom and flexibility and believes if you providequality products and services with integrity and ethicallythen you will achieve success in your business and allareas of life. Its these values and practices that hebrings to his internet marketing business. To learn moreabout what Merv Stevens has to offer visit his</p><p>IntroductionMake Your Blog Count As One of the Most Popular Blogs</p></li></ul>