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Do you want to learn how to start making money from home?I will show you...


<ul><li> 1. Hidden Millionaire Tactics To MakeMoney $500/DAY in 1 Week </li> <li> 2. You Can Give Away This Ebook for FreeYou Have Full Master Resell Rights To This ProductYou MAY Resell This Product and Give Master Resale Rights To YourCustomersYou Can Sell Resell Or Master Resell RightsYou MAY Offer This Product As a Bonus, Package It With Another EbookYoure Already Selling, Or Distributing for FreeYou MAY Include This Product On a Free or Paid Membership SiteYou Can Sell This EbookYou Can Distribute This Ebook Only In pdf FormatYou Can NOT Add, Edit Or Remove Content Or Edit This EbookYou Can NOT Sell Private Label Rights </li> <li> 3. Disclaimer And Legal NoticeThe information presented herein represents the views of the author as of thedate of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, theauthor reserves the right to alter and update their opinions based on the newconditions.This report is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept anyresponsibility for any liability resulting from the use of this information. While everyattempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author andtheir resellers and affiliates cannot assume any responsibility for errors,inaccuracies, or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations areunintentional. Visit: If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: </li> <li> 4. WARNING!If you are serious about making moneyonline that e-book can change your life.In this e-book youll learn EXACTLY how to start makingmoney in a week.You can make more than $500/day.Here Im going to teach you how to start step by step.READ THIS BOOK 2 or 3 times and go.REMEMBER !!! TAKE ACTION THIS IS THE MOSTIMPORTANT THING, TAKE ACTION NOW !!!Now lets get started.Are you ready? </li> <li> 5. Complete Surveys and Get PaidBasic skills - NOInvestment - NOWhen can I start - TODAYWhat is paid surveys?Around the world, companies spend over $1 billiondollars a year for researching their markets.Beforelaunching a new product, service or site companies arewilling to pay money for surveys.That will help them toimprove their products.Your opinion is veryimportant.And that is a great opportunity for you tostart serious home based business.You can work onlywhen you want.WARNING! There are survey companies that arescams.So you need to join to legitimate surveycompany.Click here to visit one of the most trusted surveycompanies:http://Surveys.HiddenTactics.comSo dont waste your time, join now and start making </li> <li> 6. money now !!!Most companies pay with Paypal.Click here to create aPaypal account:http://Payment.HiddenTactics.comIf you want to learn how to avoid scams, please watchthis video: </li> <li> 7. Forum postingBasic skills - YESInvestment - NOWhen can I start - TODAY, but you can expect your first payment in 1or several weeks.How it works?Do you know that people will pay you if you help themto promote their sites on forums.All you have to do isto chat with people and to sell your links.1.Choose a topic.That has to be something that you arefamiliar with.For example animals, sports, TV, nomatter what.2.Find several forums about that topic and start to chatwith people.Just post something that is useful orinteresting.Its easy, believe me.3.When create more than 100 posts start to sell your </li> <li> 8. links from your signature.Webmasters that will buyyour links.How to find on-topic forums.You can go to http://Big-Boards.comThis is one of the largest forum directory.Youll find aton of forums there.You also can also searchgoogle.Just type "your topic + forum"How much can you make?Most of the forums allow 3 links in your signature.Youcan sell 1st for $20/month for example, 2nd for $10and 3rd for $7.If you have more posts you can increasethe price.But that is per one forum.If you join 10 andmore you can make good cash.And all you have to dois to chat.How to sell links?First of all you have to make sure that the forum allowlinks.Go to your signature and post this :"Your link for$10 here", and there will be many people that willcontact you and pay you for that.WARNING! This will works only on big forums.My rule </li> <li> 9. is there have to me more than 30,000 forum members.Actually there are many forums with more than 30,000there are places even with more than 1,000,000members.Accept payment withPaypal.http://Payment.HiddenTactics.comAutosurf ProgramsIf you dont know what is autosurf, go to wikipedia andread more about that. how to make money with autosurf programs?Just join to as many autosurf programs as youcan.Actually at first I would recommend you tojoin 10 if you do that at first.Start earning credits andsell these credits.Webmasters will buy these creditsfrom you.How to sell credits?Go to , and type : Ineternet marketingforum" or "make money forum" or something like that.Youll find a ton of forums about making money.Nowcreate account in each of them and make several posts. </li> <li> 10. Youll see that most of these forums has sectionbuy/sell.Go there and post an ad, that you sell traffic.Accept payment with Paypal.Now go here: http://Autosurf.HiddenTactics.comFreelance WorkBasic skills - YESInvestment - NOWhan can I start - TODAYThat is the fastest way to start making money online, ifyou are desperate and really need fast cash - that is youyou.A freelance sites are places where people post ads forjobs and people bid on getting those projects.There aremany different types of projects.I said not skills.Actually some of the projects requireskills, like programming, web design ... etc.But thereare a lot of projects that are easy so you can startwithout any skills. </li> <li> 11. What kind of work can you find?As I said before there are many types of projects.Hereare examples.- writing an articles- Forum posting- Creating accounts in different sites and many moreOK, so how to start?First youll need to create an account.Here are the linksto one of the most trusted freelance sites.http://Freelance.HiddenTactics.comAfter that create profile.This step is important, becausepeople that will pay you will visit your profile and willread more about you.Just write something that you cando.Also if you put a picture that will be better.Now find a project and start to bid.If you are new andhavent any rating you should place bids that are a bit </li> <li> 12. cheaper than youd normally be willingto go.Dontworry if you are serious youll have many positivefeedbacks soon, and youll start to make more money.When you place your bid also send a message.http://Freelance.HiddenTactics.comIf you want to learn more about freelance work clickhere: </li> <li> 13. Affiliate programs - THAT IS SERIOUSBasic skills - YESInvestment - YESWhen can I start - In several weeksSo if you dont know what is affiliate visit: you can find a list of the best affiliate networks.Here youll find top affiliate networks:http://Affiliate.HiddenTactics.comNow how to make money with affiliate programs.Firstof all that is not easy, but if you are serious about thatyou can become rich.Yes that is truth. </li> <li> 14. There are a ton of ways to make money with affiliateprograms.In this book Im going to show you some ofthem.SEO or Search Engine Optimization.SEO means to optimize your site to rank first positionon Google, Yahoo and MSN.So youll create a website,and youll promote your affiliate program on it, and ifsomeone buy stuff, youll get commission.How to create a website?First of all youll have to buy a domain and hosting.Click here to buy cheap hosting and domain:http://CheapHosting.HiddenTactics.comClick here for more resources about websites. </li> <li> 15. Imagine if you have a site that is number 1 for keywordthat has 30,000 searches/day.Lets say only 1,000people buy a product and your commission is $10.Thatmean you can make $3,000/day.And that is possible.If you want to learn SEO, you have to know howactually Google algorithm works.There are two types of SEO - on-page optimization, andoff-page optimization.On-page optimization - That is everything that is on thesite, title, keywords, site structure, ectOff-page optimization is how many external links yourhas site.SEO IS SERIOUS, BUT IT IS NOT EASY !!!If you are serious to learn SEO, click here:http://SEO.HiddenTactics.comGoogle AdwordsTo learn more about Google Adwords, visit: </li> <li> 16. http://www.Adwords.Google.comIs it easy to make money with Google Adwords.Actuallyno, because these is a competition, and yourcompetition will pay high price per click.So you have tounderstand how Adwords works, or you will losemoney.If you are serious to make money with GoogleAdwords, please visit:http://PPC.HiddenTactics.comMore trafficOK, I have many ideas and I update themconstantly.And I can teach you for free.If you are interested to learn more ways, visit: </li> <li> 17. EbayBasic skills - YESInvestment - YESWhan can I start - TODAY, but you can expect your first payment in 1or several weeks.Have you ever purchased anything from Ebay?Do youknow that you can make cash on Ebay?If you areinterested in making money on Ebay, please visit:http://Selling.HiddenTactics.comIf you are serious about selling on ebay, I wouldrecommend you to get this list with ebay sellers.It will </li> <li> 18. help you to start your business immediately:http://SellingResources.HiddenTactics.comMake Your Own Affiliate ProgramBasic skills - YESInvestment - YESWhan can I start - 1 monthIf you want you can make your own product and to sellit.How to create a product?Actually the easiest way is to go on any freelancer site,and to post an ad.There will be many response frompeople that will make it for you.Create a site.I would recommend you to acceptpayment via Paypal on your site.Click Here: </li> <li> 19. http://Payment.HiddenTactics.comHow to drive traffic to your product.Now here is themost important part.If you just create a new site, whowill visit it???If you start to promote your site, that is possible, but itis not so easy.You need time.But if you create anaffiliate program you can there will be many peoplethat will start to promote your site for you.You can create an affiliate program in any affiliatenetworks.Here you can find top affiliate networks.http://Affiliate.HiddenTactics.comIMPORTANT.Pay them high commissions, and they willwork for you.Believe it or not there are people that make millionsfrom that kind of work. </li> <li> 20. If you want to learn more visit:http://Product.HiddenTactics.comNOW THE MOST IMPORTANT THING !People buy many money making systems but theydont make money.Actually only small % of themmake money.Why??? BECAUSE THEY DONT TAKEACTION !!!Just focus on one thing no matter surveys or building awebsite, or ... just start, start today.Feel Absolutely Free To Contact Me At:support@hiddentactics.com </li> <li> 21. NOW THE MOST IMPORTANTEXERCISE !!!REPEAR 3 THIMES:I CAN DO ITI CAN DO IT NOWI WILL DO IT NOWI KNOW I HAVE TO TAKEACTION NOW </li> <li> 22. I WILL TAKE ACTION NOWI WILL START TODAYI WILL CHANGE MY LIFE NOW </li> </ul>


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