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  1. 1. Make handmade jewelry- DIY string bracelets with words Your Jewelteria is where you locate with the purpose to make handmade jewelry-; in this place, you just pick whatever tutorial you are interested in and follow every step to make it yourself. Do you know where this snowflake pattern for our string bracelets with words tutorial comes from? Hatsune Miku! Materials and tools: 1mm dark green nylon thread 1mm lemon nylon thread Scissors Lighter Instructions: Step 1: prepare the top end of bracelet 1st , snip respectively 3 pieces of dark green threads and lemon threads; 2nd , fold them in half, leave a 2cm loop atop and tie an overhand knot below. 3rd , braid one lemon row and one dark green row with fw knots, and arrange threads as pic shows: This DIY string bracelet with words tutorial shows you a clear way about how to braid a snowflake pattern out of two colored strings; remember that patience makes handmade jewelry perfect!
  2. 2. Step 2: braid snowflake pattern 1st , braid 1st row of backward-forward knots with dark green threads; 2nd , 2nd row starts from skipping side threads, and consists of 1 green fw-bw knot, 3 lemon bw-fw knots and 1 green fw-bw knot; 3rd , 3rd row starts from side thread again, consists of 2 green knots, 2 lemon knots and 2 green knots; 4th , 4th row is composed of 3 lemon knots and 2 green knots alternately; 5th row have 2 green knots at sides and 4 lemon knots middle; 5th , 6th row is made up of 5 lemon knots, and 7th row is equal to 5th row; 6th , the last three rows are symmetrical to 2nd -4th rows; 7th , with green thread to braid another 2 green rows; Step 3: finish the bottom end Tada, the tutorial for this DIY string bracelet with words is done! A few days ago, I browsed a Hatsune Miku snowflake nendoroid figure on deviantart; and though that if I can apply this pretty snowflake pattern while making handmade jewelry next time, the result would prove to be perfect! Learn more dedicate friendship bracelet tutorials please click: 1st , repeat snowflake step to finish the proper length of bracelet; 2nd , braid extra 1 lemon row and 3 green rows and tie a final overhand knot. The finalized product is like this: