maintaining a healthy weight & losing weight the healthy way obj: i will identify ways to maintain a...

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  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight & Losing Weight the Healthy Way OBJ: I will identify ways to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight the healthy way.
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  • Bellwork This is my dad. He has spent the majority of his life overweight and is now obese. With a partner, discuss ways healthy ways to lose weight. On your paper, write a paragraph describing at least 8 ways that Dave can begin to lose weight the healthy way. note: each person write their own bellwork
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  • What is a healthy weight? Body Mass Index (BMI): it measures height vs. weight it tells someone what weight range they fall in What is your body type? Is it easy for you to maintain a healthy weight?
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  • Calories Calories in = Calories burned then person stays same weight Eat more calories than you burn= weight gain Burn more calories than you eat = weight loss An extra 3,500 calories = 1 lb. gained Healthy weight loss would be 1% of body mass per week Ex. 200 lb. womans goal would be 2 lbs. per week
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  • YOUR TURN! Joe gained 8 lbs in 65 days. How many calories per day is Joe overeating? How should he begin to lose the 8 lbs?
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  • A Healthy Diet Program A Healthy Diet Program will accomplish 3 goals: Maintain or Improve Body Composition Improve Health Improve Performance
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  • Choose foods low in calories Look at food labels to determine what foods are low in calories. VS
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  • Eat 5 small meals instead of 3 large meals VS. Increases metabolism Balances blood sugar levels Encourages smaller stomach size
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  • Eat breakfast everyday provides energy and increases metabolism
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  • Eat lots of fruits and Vegetables Low in calories High in vitamins and minerals
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  • Grill and Bake Meats. Dont fry! Choose lean meats (chicken, fish) instead of fatty meats (sausage, red meat) VS.
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  • Limit the amount of sugar in your diet High sugar foods are not filling calories
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  • Dont drink your calories Drink water! If necessary, drink low calorie drinks such as skim milk or G2 VS.
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  • Eat whole grains instead of refined grains More filling VS.
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  • Encourage your parents to buy healthy food If it is not in the house, you wont eat it. VS.
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  • Plan ahead and prepare meals/snacks in advance Keep cut up veggies and fruit in the fridge. Cook more so that there are leftovers for a snack the next day. Pack a lunch the night before. Pack an extra snack.
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  • Eat at home instead of restaurants At home, you can control the calories in your food. At restaurants, you lose control over what goes in your food. Restaurant food is typically large portions and high in calories. VS.
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  • Slow down when you eat It takes 20 minutes for your brain to process that you are eating Dont eat in front of TV! Often people eat faster and more calories. VS.
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  • Keep a record of food intake and exercise People who keep a record are less likely to mindlessly eat and more likely to stick to a workout program.
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  • Be more physically active
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  • Exercise daily Increases metabolism Goal: at least 30 minutes Choose an activity that you will enjoy. Get a workout partner.
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  • Lift weights Increases metabolism Builds muscle tissue (less fat mass) Increases self-esteem
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  • Individual assignment Read: A Change for Healthy Living Re-write Johnnys day to include at least six changes or additions to his day that would foster weight loss? Underline the changes and additions you made that would foster weight loss.
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  • Partner assignment Exchange stories with a partner. Read their story and discuss the healthy changes/additions to the day. Make sure both are correct and turn assignment in.
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  • Class discussion on Johnnys Day What changes would you make in his day?
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  • Homework Write down 8 ways to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight the healthy way Teach 5 adults and 3 teenagers. Ask them to sign your paper after you taught them. see board for example