mahila kisan sashakthikaran pariyojana annual report .mahila kisan sashakthikaran pariyojana annual

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  • Mahila Kisan SaShakthikaran

    Pariyojana Annual Report 2013




    GREEN Foundation, Bangalore

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    Introduction _______________________________________________________________________ 6

    I. Base line Survey for 5000 Families ___________________________________________________ 9

    Orientation and training in Ramanagara and Chitradurga Districts __________________________ 9

    II. Sustainable Agriculture ___________________________________________________________ 12

    III. Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) ______________________________________________ 13

    Field Appraisal __________________________________________________________________ 13

    PGS Convenors training camp, Chitradurga ___________________________________________ 14

    IV. Improving nutrient /soil / land management ___________________________________________ 15

    Training camp on Nutrient management & pests, diseases control measures, Chitradurga ______ 16

    Training in nutrient and disease management at Chitradurga _____________________________ 17

    Training on Growth promoters and pest management , Ramanagara ______________________ 18

    Distribution of knapsack sprayers for reducing drudgery in agriculture ______________________ 18

    V. Nursery for Bio- Mass ____________________________________________________________ 20

    Orientation on Biomass at Ramanagara District ________________________________________ 20

    Horticulture training camp, Chitradurga _______________________________________________ 22

    Horticulture training at Ramanagara _________________________________________________ 23

    VI. Kitchen Garden Monitoring and follow-up ____________________________________________ 24

    Nutrition from Our Backyards ______________________________________________________ 24

    VII. Rare Variety Demonstrations at Ramanagara ________________________________________ 25

    Rare Variety Demonstrations at Ramanagara _________________________________________ 25

    Rare Variety Demonstration at Chitradurga District _____________________________________ 28

    VIII. Training on Live Stock __________________________________________________________ 29

    Azolla training at Ramanagara _____________________________________________________ 29

    Azolla training at Chithradurga _____________________________________________________ 31

    IX. Smokeless Chulah - Construction- Drudgery Reduction Tool _____________________________ 33

    Social Benefits _______________________________________________________________ 33

    Economic Benefits ____________________________________________________________ 33

    Environmental Benefits ________________________________________________________ 33

    Health Benefits _______________________________________________________________ 33

    X. Training and formation of producer groups and products _________________________________ 34

    Formation of Producer groups ______________________________________________________ 34

    Training and motivation to form producer group (MKSP) in Chitradurga and Ramanagara _______ 37

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    XI. Health Awareness Trainings ______________________________________________________ 38

    Health Awareness Training for CRPs' and Staffs' and Mahila Sathees, Chitradurga ____________ 38

    Health Awareness training programme _______________________________________________ 38

    Community Health and Hygiene Awareness Programme at Ramanagara District ______________ 40

    Health and awareness trainings as Panchayath levels ___________________________________ 41

    XII. Community Level Review & Planning Meeting ________________________________________ 43

    Community consultative committee annual meeting in Kanakpura- _________________________ 43

    XIII. Community Resource Person Training _____________________________________________ 45

    CRP TRAINING Module 3 at Chitradurga District _______________________________________ 45

    Demonstration Plot Monitoring Training for CRPs and Mahila Sathi, Ramanagara _____________ 47

    Demonstration Plot Monitoring Training for CRPs and Mahila Sathi, Chitradurga ______________ 49

    Introduction ____________________________________________________________________ 49

    Community Resource Persons (CRPs) 2nd Batch training _______________________________ 50

    Motivation camp for Community Resource Persons, Chitradurga __________________________ 53

    Livetstock management training for Community Resource Persons, Chitradurga ______________ 55

    XIV. Demonstration plots ____________________________________________________________ 58

    Demonstration Plots- platform to restore crop diversity, combat climate change and encourage

    small farms. ____________________________________________________________________ 58

    Training and demonstration on Farm Yard Manure _____________________________________ 60

    The Thippe habba at Maralwadi at Ramanagara District ______________________________ 60

    Thippe Pooja at Chitradurga _______________________________________________________ 62

    Demo plot orientation training at Kulumedhoddi. _______________________________________ 63

    Soil Sample Collection Training for Demoplots _________________________________________ 64

    XV. Exposure visit for innovative and CRP women farmers _________________________________ 65

    Visit to Suttur on an agricultural exhibition ____________________________________________ 65

    Walkathon Agricultural Bio Diversity and Food Security (ABD & FS)-with relevance to small

    millets _________________________________________________________________________ 66

    Exposure Visit by CRPS-Ramanagara _______________________________________________ 67

    Exposure Visit by CRPS-Chitradurga ________________________________________________ 68

    Rashi pooja or Harvest Festival ____________________________________________________ 70

    Field Day at Mannekote. __________________________________________________________ 70

    Demo plot field visit report at Ramanagara Districts _____________________________________ 72

    XVI. Mahila Samvada ______________________________________________________________ 73

    A platform for Women Empowerment in Agriculture _____________________________________ 73

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    XVII. Establishment of Community Seed Bank ___________________________________________ 74

    Community seed bank formation ____________________________________________________ 74

    XVIII. Inhouse Capacity Building and Training ___________________________________________ 75

    Report of the Out Bound Training for the Field Managers of Green Foundation _______________ 75

    Beyond organic agriculture - Nat eco science __________________________________________ 76

    Looking Ahead ___________________________________________________________________ 79

    Trainings and Capacity building for MKSP Beneficiaries 2012-2014 ________________________ 80

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    GREEN FOUNDATION began implementation of Mahila SaShakthikaran Pariyojana

    in the year 2012 and has treaded a long way in holistic approach towards rural

    women empowerment. Women empowerment encompasses a whole lot of niche

    areas which needs to be given priorities. At the beginning of the programme the

    proposal looked into inclusion of women in areas like marketing of agricultural

    goods, building their capacities as small scale rural entrepreneurs, involvement of

    women from seed to seed, reducing their everyday drudgery, active participation in

    convergence programmes and building their skills and capacities in land rights,

    health, and literacy.

    The year 2012 focussed on trainings in various spheres of agriculture bringing in

    awareness among the women on sustainable agricultural practices, backyard

    kitchen gardens, livestock management, access to government programmes and


    In 2013 GREEN Foundation left its footprints under MKSP by initiating various

    producer groups for value added production and marketing, Drudgery reduction

    tools like knapsack sprayers, smokeless chulah have received tremendous

    response from the beneficiaries. Activities like Demonstration plot initiated for

    900 farmers have once again proved that the sustainable agricultural practices are

    beneficial for land, economy, sustainability.

    Community Resource persons trained in first year were put on to test through

    monitoring of demonstration plots and initiation of permaculture kitchen garden

    plots. In the second year of the programme reached a higher platform towards

    development of rural women through initiations to producer groups which are

    small village level livelihood groups which will produce and sell their projects.

    Second year of the programme focussed on programmes which will lead to long

    term economic viability and sustainability. The programmes were designed in

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    Action plan of action from Jan13 to Dec2013


    1 Base line Survey of 5000 target families 5000

    2 Documentation of traditional and conventional agricultural practices

    3 Kitchen garden Kit distribution 2700

    3a Seed distribution/monitoring 2300


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