Mahara and Moodle Sitting in a Tree

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These slides were used to support my presentation at MoodleMoot Germany 2014. Fond out more via:


  • 1.Mahara and Moodle sitting in a tree Sam Taylor (@samwisefox)Southampton Solent University

2. Southampton Solent UniversityWe became a university in 2005 and have 2 campuses: East Park Terrace (3 city centre locations) Warsash Maritime Academy (1 coastal location) 3. Southampton Solent University Demographic: Large percentage of adult & local students Vocational learners merge of theory & practice Drivers: Student Employability Business Engagement Real-world experiences 3 Faculties: Faculty of Creative Industries Faculty of Business, Sport & Enterprise Faculty of Maritime & Technology 4. Our Learning Technology Learnwise VLE (2000) 1st Moodle (2006) Every course has a page (2010) Every unit has a page (2010) Minimum Content Requirements (2013) 2nd Moodle (2009) Professional Learner platform SOL Standard Mahara (2009) Turnitin (2010) Compulsory for ALL text-based assignments Adobe Connect Pro (2011) Lynda.Com (2014) 5. Our Mahara Journey 2008Project 1: Fostering Student PDP2009Project 2: Implementing Mahara2010Institution-wide roll-out2012Mobile App for Android (Catalyst) See more: Assessment Process deployed Re-theme of site Cord cut between Mahara & Moodle20132014Work-flow overhaul 6. What does my lecturer actually want me to do?Issues, examples and advice!ASSESSMENTS 7. 2013 Lessons learned 1. Lecturers must communicate with LT prior to start of term to discuss assignment briefs & support 2. Lecturers must be encouraged to explore the many uses and tools in Mahara its not just a CV! 3. More video tutorials the better!4. Activities to be drip-fed to students inductions are pointless! 5. Students if left to their own devices will leave everything to the last minute. 8. Assessments@Solent 9. What do you want your students to do? 10. Sample of courses: Business Foundation Year BA (Hons) PR & Communications BA (Hons) Mag Journalism & Feature Writing BA (Hons) Business Management BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology BSc (Hons) Shipping & Port Management BA (Hons) Social Work (2015) PGCert Teaching & Learning in HE MSc Shipping OperationsThats about 500 students that we know of! 11. Case studies: Introduction to Marketing (MKT431) myCourse Example portfolio 1 Fashion Recruitment and Development (FFM505) myCourse Example portfolio 1 Management in the Built Environment (ARC405) myCourse Example portfolio 1 Employability & Work Placement Skills (CCA507) myCourse Example portfolio 1 Please note: Our myCourse Moodle links will not work as they are links to live Moodle pages 12. Sharing stories I am looking for case studies on Employability-focussed assessments using Mahara: Mahara for the recording of personal development Mahara for career development planning Shop window websites using MaharaIm appealing to you to send me a Mahara page with your college/uni/WBL providers case study(s) Please email secret URL to Example: See more: 13. Community projectsWed love to get involved with you on any Moodle/Mahara project! 14. Contact me! Tweet me: @samwisefox Browse me: Mahara me: Research me: Facebook me: 15. Lots more to see! (Template for Maritime students) (PGCert LTHE) (AT Student) (Adam) (Domi) (Fashion research) (Jack) (Laura CV) (Radio CV)