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  1. 1. CEMENT INDUSTRY PRESENTED BY : Ch Balaji Reg. No : 14331E0015
  2. 2. In fact, China produces more cement than the REST OF THE WORLD Combined. Indeed, Indias bigger than the remaining 9 of these And Chinas four times India!
  4. 4. My Home Industries Pvt. Ltd, manufacturer of world-class MAHA cements. CHAIRMAN of MHIP
  5. 5. Key points: MAHA cement has various Brands under its Name & All the products Surpass the standards BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). MHIPL has a joint venture with CRH Plc Ireland. MHIPL has grown from an annual capacity of 0.2 million tonnes to a staggering 8.4 million tonnes within a short span of 15 years. Recently, the company has also forayed into international markets by supplying cement and clinker to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
  6. 6. VISION: To develop solutions that make living better, be it through Construction of World Class Living and Manufacturing products like quality Cement to build Dream Homes MAJOR COMPETITORS FOR MAHA CEMENT:
  7. 7. MAHA CEMENT COMPANY AWARDS: In recognition of its quality drive, MHIL has been awarded the ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001- 2004 and OHSAS 18001-2007 certifications. 14th Annual Greentech Environment Award 2013- Gold Category in Cement Sector for outstanding achievement in Environmental Management. MHIPL has been bestowed with prestigious national awards for initiatives taken up in the fields of quality, reliability, energy efficiency and alternative fuel. All these 3 Mines., were commended with numerous awards in various categories during the safety week celebration during the period 25th Nov13 to 30th Nov13.
  8. 8. SWOT ANALYSIS: STRENGTHS: Better quality and Goodwill in the Market. Timely available of products, less price and better packaging. WEAKNESS: Great need of strategic way for promotion and Advertisement for both dealer and customer. OPPURTUNITIES: Strong infrastructure requirement for the development of the country and the country is developing in the utter pace. Institutional market like corporate and government offices, school society complexes are growing in large scale, which will increase the requirement. THREATS: Other brands like Birla samrat and Birla Gold provide maximum profit to the both customare as well as to the retailers. It was found from my survey that ACC max. Market share is due to brand Loyality. Dealers expect more margin and gift to sell of the cement.
  9. 9. SUGGESTIONS: They Should Extend their Distribution Channel. Increase Production Capacity. Organise Meetings & Conferences with Contractors. Strong Advertisement.
  10. 10. Profit & Loss account of MAHA Cements:
  11. 11. Social Initiatives By MHIPL: o Community Development Impacting Over 1 Lakh People in 100+ Villages. o Towards Sustainable development, More than 100 villages around its operations through livelihood generation, rural infrastructure, literacy, womens empowerment EDUCATION & HEALTH: o Every year cash awards are given to the meritorious students of Govt. Schools in the nearby villages. o Supporting mid-day meal programmes. o Organizing Health Check-up camps for villagers & providing free of cost medicines. o Providing safe drinking water RO facilities. COMPANY SERVICES:
  12. 12. CONCLUSION: Customares are well Aware about the brand. The Most of the Market of Dist. VZM is BIRLA , ULTRATECH , AMBUJA , JK & MAHA. Mason , Contractor & Engineer play the major role in purchasing of Cement. Introduction of new attractive incentive schemes can bring new dealers & retailers for MAHA cement.