Magnification & Lab Drawing Rules 7 th Grade Life Science

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<ul><li><p>Magnification &amp; Lab Drawing Rules7th Grade Life Science</p></li><li><p>What does a convex lens do to light?</p></li><li><p>IMAGE NAME: SHARK SKIN</p><p>Each tooth is called a denticle, and they help a shark reduce drag while swimming. </p><p> Label one denticle on your drawing.</p><p>Eyepiece Magnification = 10X</p><p>Objective Lens Magnification = 15 XTOTAL MAGNIFICATION = 150X</p></li><li><p>IMAGE NAME: SEA WATER</p><p>Diatoms are microorganisms found in seawater. If you have ever swallowed seawater, you have eaten them! </p><p> Draw and label one diatom .</p><p>Eyepiece Magnification = 10X</p><p>Objective Lens Magnification = 100 XTOTAL MAGNIFICATION = 1000X</p></li><li><p>IMAGE NAME: TICK MOUTHPARTS</p><p>The part of a ticks mouth that is used to stab prey is called a hypostome.</p><p> Draw and label one hypostome.</p><p>Eyepiece Magnification = 10X</p><p>Objective Lens Magnification = 20 XTOTAL MAGNIFICATION = 200X</p></li><li><p>IMAGE NAME: SNOWFLAKE</p><p>No two snowflakes are exactly alike. Snowflakes may look the same but will not have the same number of water molecules or the exact amount of oxygen and hydrogen. Snowflakes are classified by their crystal shape.</p><p> Draw and label the double plates crystals.</p><p>Eyepiece Magnification = 10X</p><p>Objective Lens Magnification = 50 XTOTAL MAGNIFICATION = 500X</p></li><li><p>Making a Video with a MicroscopeA boy and his atom:</p><p>IBM created the worlds smallest movie by making a video using just 12 atoms</p><p>Check out the video and the behind the scenes research at:</p></li></ul>