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  • 1. Photo Analysis and ResearchMusic Photography
  • 2. Magazine Photography Billboard Magazine The colours used are bright. The Adeles hair colour photograph of contrasts with the Adele is in thebackground of black. This centre. It is a mid makes the image stand shot which out and catch the shows that the readers attention. magazine wants to focus on her and only her. The magazine front cover has a futuristic theme to it. This shows that the magazine is The make up which is used modern, fresh and on Adele is simple, yet new. elegant. It emphasizes her eyes and she is not shown as wearing too much make up. This makes the image simple, yet effective. It stands out but it is not in your face. This is an effective image as it tells the readers who the main article will be about, it also makes the magazine stand out compared to others. The image is bright, colourful and also playful- not serious.
  • 3. Magazine Photography Q Magazine The make up used on this imageThis was a controversial is dark, sexy and smoky. Thisfront cover for Q. Many makes the image very dark. people did not like this Cheryl Cole is trying to look likeimage as Cheryl Cole is a rock star who are the people not the sort of usually focused on in the celebrity/artist who magazine. would usually be on Q magazine. The body language of This image is very provocative. Cheryl Cole how she is It would appeal to people who licking her finger also like Cheryl Cole, especially emphasizes how the men. However, it would not magazine is using this appeal to people who read image to portray Cheryl the magazine for the music Cole as sexy and not the good looking artists. provocative which would appeal to some of their audience.
  • 4. Magazine Photography Trace Magazine This image is new andmodern. It does not have the This image has not clich photos of been seen anywhere females/males which are else, this would usually found on the front appeal to the cover of a magazine. audience and would stand out on the shelf of other magazines.The artist has covered half her face in white with extravagant eyelashes. Shedoes not have a bright lipstick on, it is a natural colour. This The image catches makes the image different the readers eye. It is and unique. bright, unique and it also tells the reader that the magazine will be like the image. The image is a mid shot of the artist. There is also a very small amount of writing around it which makes the image the centre of attention. For the magazine, this means that the image has to be creative and stand out from other magazines. This image has done that by being different, using simple colours but still making them effective.
  • 5. Magazine Photography Clash MagazineThe focus of the image is the The image is very effectivemodels bright, neon blue hair. as it catches the readers This sets the background eye through the colourscolour for the front cover and and the simplicity of the stands out to the readers. photo. It also shows that the magazine is different to others. The image is a close up of the models face. She has purple lipstick on to contrast with the bright blue hair. This relates to The model also is wearing the strap line of the headphones which show that it magazine The future of is a music based magazine music? as the bright colours and alien-like look are very futuristic The magazines name is Clash this image is effective in representing that through the clash of coulours of bright blue and purple lipstick.
  • 6. Magazine Photography Spin MagazineThe image reflects the The image is of the artist who artist of fun and looks like she is jumping colourful which is like around or at a party. This her music. reflects the type of music the magazine includes which would appeal straight away to their target audience.The image is playful. Theartist has green hair and purple lipstick which is also the colours shown on her clothing. This is effective as it is not The image is veryboring or dull, it is bright effective as it reflects which appeals to the the type of magazine reader and would and uses a creative make them smile. spin on what a usual magazine front cover image would have.
  • 7. Magazine Photography Complex Magazine