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Taking Photographs For My Music Magazine

Taking My Photos

For My Magazine, I will take photos of a boy band. I will meet them at the venue they are performing at to take photos of them for my magazine. I will take my digital SLR camera to make sure my photos are professional.

The photos I take will be of the band performing live on stage. This will be used in my double page spread. I also hope to get a photo of the band all together as a group to use for my front cover.

This photo is a photo I have used for my main article on my front cover. I have chosen to use this image because the background is plain so the main focus is on the group. Also the group look very together which makes them look closer and more like they are a group. This photo also looks professional and clear as it was taken with a professional SLR camera. I only got one take of this image as the group did not have much time as it was taken at one of their gigs.

This photo is a photo I have used for my contents page and also in my double page spread. I did not use this for my front cover as it is quite low lighting and not as clear as the one I have used on my front cover. Also this photo was not taken with a professional camera which makes it look less clear and not as sharp. I decided to take this photo in front of the stage so it links the band with music and their profession. I also asked them to stand together to make them look like more of a group. Unfortunately, the battery in my professional SLR camera died which is why this photo is not taken with a professional camera.

This the photo I have used for my main photo on my double page spread. I have used this because it is the clearest photo I captured of the band performing. I cropped the photo so only the stage is in the photo and it doesnt look like the photo has been taken from a distance. This photo will appeal to my target audience because it is the band performing which is what the audience like them for. The audience below me are visible in this photo however I will crop this photo down when I use I in my magazine. I did not use this image for my magazine because it is not as clear as the others that I have taken. It is too bright and also there is blur on some of the group. Also the heads of the audience below me are in the way which makes the photo look unprofessional and unsuitable to use in my magazine.

I did not use this photo because there are peoples heads in the way which would look unprofessional in a magazine. Also the lighting is too intense and overexposed on the stage.