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  • 1. See The Sun Legacy of Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles page 4 How To Use the CSUN SRC page 7 Fight the Freshman Fifteen page 10 Dorm Room Relations page 11 Choosing a Major page 12 Keeping Focused page 13 Legalization of Marijuana page 14 Thanksgivukkah page 15

2. The Legacy Of Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles For the next one-hundred-years Kobe Bryant will be talked about as one of the greatest NBA players to ever play basketball. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I came out in the later half of 1995. My family has been a huge group of Laker fans since before the era of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul- Jabbar What Los Angeles didnt know, was that a brand new era was headed straight for Hollywood. Kobe Black Mamba Bryant was born August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the son of former Professional basketball player Joe Jelly Bean Bryant. Kobe has had a huge influence on many people around the world. As the first guard to ever be drafted straight from high school at seventeen years old, he gave hope to many young high school basketball players with dreams to go to the NBA. He was so young that his parents had to co-sign his contract to join the Charlotte Hornets in 1996. He was drafted in the first round with the number 13 pick. The Hornets decided to trade Bryant to the Los Angeles Lakers before he even got to play a game. If the Hornets had known what was to become of Kobe Bryant, they probably would not have traded him. Bryants first season in the league was what we could call, sub-par. Nobody was prepared for the storm that came after that. Through hard work and raw athleticism, Kobe Bryant became the youngest NBA starter in league history. His next two years showed great improvement in his game and transition into the league. His fourth season (1999-2000) was the turning point for the soon to be Black Mamba. With the addition of future Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson and the his famous Triangle offense, Kobe had everything he needed. Not to mention he had future hall-of-fame center Shaquille ONeal. The Los Angeles Lakers proceeded to win the NBA Finals for the next three years straight. They were so impressed and excited by the three championships that they trademarked the term Three- Peat. In the season following the 3- peat, Kobe Bryant put up absolutely astounding numbers. He averaged 25.2 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game. It was his first time playing eighty of the eighty-two games each team play every season. He shot a career high 46.9 percent and made the defensive and all first team as well as the Western All- Star Team. He even averaged over 40 points per game in the month of February. The Lakers ended up losing to the Sacramento Kings in the Western Finals. The next few years were huge disappointments for the Lakers. Phil Jackson called Kobe uncoachable and were not getting along for quite some time. Despite this and the leaving of Shaquille ONeal, Kobe still proceeded to set even more record breaking numbers, including scoring 81 points in a single game. This feat was the second greatest scoring performance in the History of the NBA. He also become the first to score over 45 points in more than four consecutive games. Fast forward to 2007-2008 NBA season, Kobe Bryant becomes the MVP of the league and leads the Lakers to the Finals without Shaquille ONeal, something every Kobe hater always talked about. Although they lost to their rival, the Boston Celtics, it sparked a flame inside Kobe Bryant to win. The next season, Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to a franchise record 17-2 winning record. The Lakers won the Finals the next two years with the help of the one and only Kobe. In 2010 Kobe became the youngest player ever to reach 26,000 career points. He also moved from 12th to 6th on the all time scorers list for the NBA. He also became the Laker leader for most recorded steals. Fast forward to today, Kobe is still sitting out with a torn Achilles and the whole world is anticipating his return. He is an international Icon and will remain one for the remainder of his life. Kobe is one of the most amazing players Ive ever seen in my entire life and he never ceases to amaze me. We can only wait and see what hell bring once hes back. 3. Test your NCAA Mascots Knowledge-Match the mascot to the team! Wisconsin Nevada Utah State Georgia State Temple CSU Fullerton Mississippi State Kansas State Central Florida DePaul West Virginia Pacific OleMiss Villanova Wright State Pitt Northeastern St. Joseph's UC Irvine Colorado StateWillie the Wildcat DIBS Bully Powercat Rowdy Raider The Mountaineer Roc the Panther Paws Big Blue Will D. Cat Alphie Tuffy Bucky Badger Cam the Ram Hooter the Owl Pounce The Hawk Rebel Black Bear Mamadou Ndiaye Knightro 4. How to use the Student Recreation Center The Cal State University Northridge Student Recreation Center (SRC). A big reason why I decided to come to CSUN was because of our three story sixty-three million dollar Student Recreation Center. The SRC as a whole rounds out to about 138,000 square feet, including the 20,000 square foot recreation pool. Upon entering the huge double glass doors you enter a world of athletes, meatheads, gym rats, and the occasional person who lifts weights or runs on the treadmill for hours on end. If you look towards the left you see the front desk filled with students telling you whats going on that day at the gym and a station filled with basketballs. You walk forward and enter in your student ID number and put your hand on a scanner to get past the gates. Once youre passed the gates the full affect really hits you. Theres a three story rock climbing mountain that looks random but extremely fun. There youll find men and women with tons of core strength and people who like to climb. You walk straight and are then faced with an ultimatum. Do I go left, right, or up the stairs? If your heart sends you to the left youll enter a world of weightlifting. There are more machines than anybody would know what to do with. Everything from upper shoulders, to foot strength you can find on the left side. If you proceed to walk past all the machines you find yourself at the entrance to the 20,000 square foot pool. Backtrack a little bit to where your heart made the decision to go left. This time, you turn to the right and emerge into an extremely similar space as the left side of the gym. The only major difference between this side and the other is there are a significant amount of treadmills and bicycle machines instead of bench presses and a studio in which dance classes are taught. Walk up the stairs to the second floor and youll find even more than youd ever expect. Make a right and youll see the Trophy Case full of awards CSUN has won as well as a ping- pong table and bathrooms. They also have an indoor soccer court used for indoor soccer intramurals. Go back towards the stairs and youll enter what I think is the most prized possession of the entire Student Recreation Center. Three official college sized basketball courts that have games of five-on-five going on at all times. Here you will find players from the men and womens basketball teams playing with each other as well as amateurs like myself. If you go to the south side of the second floor youll discover two racquetball courts, a studio used for practicing boxing and a fitness room with about fifty elliptical bikes in it. Last but not least the last part of the SRC is the third floor. Its not an entire floor, but rather a track surrounding the edges of the building looking down on the basketball players. On top of all this, the SRC is an extremely ecofriendly building. They strive for LEED Gold Status, which is the highest status you can achieve from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. According to the Student Recreation Center website, roughly 75% of the building is lit up by natural light and an extensive use of windows. The gym uses recycled products such as the carpet, hardwood floors, and the seating throughout the gym. With this fantastic building in our possession, how could we not use it? To the people who are afraid to go to the gym for fear of meatheads or basketball players who are better than you, just remember they werent always like that. Nobody is born with a six- pack (except maybe Spartans). Everybody starts somewhere. Use the resources you have. Not everyone has a sixty million dollar gym at their disposal like we do. 5. Fight the Freshman Fifteen Are you afraid of falling into the stereotype and gaining the notorious freshman "15?" For as long as there have been freshmen in college there have been horror stories about this dreaded fifteen or so pounds that these freshmen are supposedly going to gain. No need to panic, just because you're a freshman doesn't mean you have to gain this weight. The causes of this "Freshman 15" are pretty obvious, in general just laziness. Students eat junk food because its available within minutes and its affordable, where as healthy meals are normally more expensive and take time and effort to cook. With time consuming class schedules, group projects, loads of homework and many more time consuming things in the life of a college freshman they don't really find the time to eat healthy let alone make time to go exercise. Although it's understandable when students do, controlling whether or not you gain weight as a freshman is entirely up to you. Not only do students eat when they're stressed out and tired but they also eat for instant gratification. Finding the willpower to turn down these unhealthy foods that students have such easy access to is one of the hardest parts of keeping off this freshman fifteen. If one can maintain a healthy diet and a regular exercise schedule then you should have no problem not gaining any weight and beating the stereotypical freshmen fifteen. 6. Dorm Room Relations Communication is key when finding a common understand