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    Macquarie University Quarantine Standard Operating Procedures Last edited 25/10/11 by Elsa Mardones

    Imported Goods Pathway of Quarantine Materials at Macquarie University.

    Quarantine Approved Facility

    (QAP QC2)



    -Antarctic Division

    -Interstate and Overseas


    - Others

    -Permit to import (AQIS) Couriers used:

    World Courier



    Samples received,

    checked and stored by

    Quarantine manager

    Processing of

    samples by AQIS

    certified personnel


    Waste Disposal

    After treatment

    Released samples

    with AQIS approval

    after appropriate


    Co-locations: E5A052 &

    034(Store), E7B345 &


    QAP QC1

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    Contents Page #

    1. Dealing with Quarantine Materials at Macquarie University 2 2. Introduction 3 3. Procedures to follow 4-5 4. Clean up in event of spills 6 5. Pest control 7 6. Maintenance of equipment 7 7. Personal protective equipment & personal disinfection 8 8. Transfer procedure to co-located facilities 8 9. Waste disposals, solids and liquids 8 10. Flood risk procedures 8 11. Safe working procedures Organic Geochemistry lab. E7B340/344 9-11 12. Safe working procedures Luminescent lab E7B345 12-14 13. Checklist for Quarantine Lab. QC2 15-18

    Attachment 1 Broad spectrum disinfectants for treatment where

    prescribed under Class 5 Quarantine Approved Premises Criteria

    Attachment 2 Quarantine pesticide application logbook

    Attachment 3 Sample Information logbook

    Attachment 4 Map of campus indicated Co-located facility and

    nearest available parking.

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    1. - How to deal with Quarantine Materials at Macquarie University

    1.1 Before import, determine quarantine status. If your material is not subject to quarantine, do not import

    under quarantine permit. Check with AQIS to establish if the proposed importation requires a Permit to Import

    Biological Materials. (

    1.2 If a Permit to import is required, inform the Universitys Quarantine Manager of your plans, and remember

    to provide copies of all related documentation.

    1.3 Go to then:

    Importing to Australia

    Application to import Quarantine Material

    Guide to submitting your Application

    Download Application form Apply online fees apply

    1.4 Once a permit has been obtained from AQIS, a copy must be provided to the Universities AQIS Manager.

    1.4.1 A copy of the permit, delivery instructions, address and Quarantine Material labelling needs to

    be passed on to the sender.

    1.4.2 Copies of the permit and Quarantine entry must be attached to all boxes delivered to the


    1.4.3 Couriers should be advised by the sender about the contents.

    1.4.4 An information sheet with the required details can be obtained from the University AQIS

    Manager or Research Office website under the quarantine material section. An example of such information

    is shown in this document.

    1.5 With AQIS permit on hand organise your material, addressed to our Quarantine Approved Facility E8A

    109, attention to Elsa Mardones

    1.6 As soon as parcel arrived, it will be place in E8A109 in Fridge, Freezer or at room T in an AQIS

    approved facility, E8A109.

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    2. Introduction

    All materials entering to Macquarie University under a quarantine permit are subject to stringent regulations; you

    need to be aware of the following requirements before importing materials.

    All applications to import quarantine materials must be signed off by the Universitys Quarantine Officer. This is

    currently held by Ms Elsa Mardones. This must be done prior to the application to AQIS, with copies made for

    record keeping purposes. The reason for this is so the University knows what you are planning to bring on to the site,

    where you intend to store it and what it will be used for. You must understand that if your actions regarding

    importation or storage of samples contravene AQIS guidelines, and this is found on one of their bi-annual

    inspections, you will be responsible for the shutdown of AQIS QAP (Quarantine Approved Premises) on Campus.

    Quarantined materials can only be stored and worked upon within a QAP (Quarantine Approved Premises).

    Currently, two laboratories constitutes QAP approved by AQIS, these are located in E8A 109 , E5A052 and

    E034(only store).Quarantined material stored and worked on anywhere else within Macquarie University is in

    contravention of the Quarantine Act.

    Furthermore, quarantined material can only be worked on by an Accredited Person (who has done an AQIS

    approved on-line training course or someone directly under the supervision of an accredited

    person. Anyone else who is processing quarantined material is in breach of the Quarantine Act.

    Access to QAPs is therefore strictly controlled and the University Quarantine Officer Ms Elsa Mardones should be

    contacted if key is required ext. # 8233 and Mr Russell Field ext # 8341 in her absence.

    AQIS regulations place stringent responsibilities on supervisors of QAP to account for and control all quarantine

    material within them.

    To ensure we are working within AQIS regulations, and to minimise the laborious record-keeping required by AQIS,

    it is to our advantage to ensure only materials which specifically need to be quarantined are imported under a

    quarantine permit.

    Determine the status of materials before import. If a material is not necessary to be quarantined ensure it is not

    imported on a quarantine permit. Then it can be freely processed by anyone. For example, only waters, soils and

    living materials from outside Australia and Antarctica need to be quarantined. Bare rock, mineral separates, drill core

    probably do not need to be imported under a quarantine permit, and only AQIS can confirm it.

    Paper or electronic records must be kept of the location and processing of all quarantined material (including

    derivatives such as milled powders or diluted solutions etc) and is available for the inspection of AQIS inspectors.

    Accredited persons cannot be expected to control materials which third parties have imported and intend to process

    outside of QAP. Furthermore any processing must ensure that other materials are not contaminated with the

    quarantined material, i.e. quarantined material must be kept separated from other materials.

    Be aware that there are treatment processes which render quarantined material suitable for issue of a clearance

    notice. Seek AQIS for clearance; do not assume treatment renders material safe.

    Steritech Pty Ltd is an approved company by AQIS who does treatments to released materials from Quarantine, but

    before the material is sent to them, you must contact AQIS, they provide you with an AQIS approved authority to

    treat goods form, it is the only way you can removed your samples from QAP to Steritech.

    If you need to transfer samples from QAP to another QAP it is necessary to inform AQIS, they will provide you with

    the Application for transfer of quarantine material form, unless is specified in the import permit.

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    3. Procedures to follow

    1. Before import determine quarantine status. If your material is not subject to quarantine, do not import under

    quarantine permit. Check with AQIS to establish if the proposed importation requires a Permit to Import Biological

    Materials. (

    2. If your material is subject to quarantine, then import under quarantine permit, but ensure appropriate description

    of material and appropriate permit conditions. If a permit is required then please see Elsa Mardones, who is the

    Quarantine Officer for the Faculty of Science, she can give you a copy of the permit and give advice on importation

    issues. Please read the permit carefully and comply with all permit conditions. This is most important to facilitate the

    movement or clearance of the consignment. If you are unsure then please check with Elsa for advice.

    A copy of the permit must accompany the consignment. If you do not want the consignment opened then arrange for

    the permit to be placed in an envelope and stuck on the outside of the consignment. If the permit indicates that the

    consignment requires an inspection address then consignment to:

    Elsa Mardones Quarantine Officer

    Biology Store, Building E8A Faculty of Science Store,

    Eastern Rd

    Macquarie University, NSW 2109

    It is most important for the consignment to have the end users name so that the carrier can charge you the fees for

    service. It also identifies the end user so that quarantine and your department can make contact with you.

    A quarantine entry will be created and inspection fees will be applied. It is not possible to define the fees, as they are

    different for each particular service.

    If you carry your consignment through one of the international airports of Australia declare it to quarantine and

    present a copy of the permit to facilitate the process.

    The consignment may be Ordered into Quarantine. This could mean that the consignment is taken from you and

    sent under bond to the AQI


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