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Kevin O'Keefe shares his take on Machine Learning and how Google is adapting to the marketplace and starting to recognize the influence of lawyers through their online behavior and characteristics.


  • 1. Machine learning andgrowing your influence as a lawyer Kevin

2. influenceNoun: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior ofsomeone or something, or theeffect itself. Verb: Have an influence on. 3. What do they look like? 4. To have clout -- to be able toshape the world andthe way it works. What is an influential lawyer? Legal results, media presence, credibility in the business community, and thought leadership 5. Network Image courtesy of Lolololori 6. Be social Image courtesy of Artjpm 7. Machine learningImage courtesy of Eggroll 8. Bass 9. Trout 10. Influence:trustexperience credibilitythought leadershipArent theseinvaluable? 11. Thank You@kevinokeefe


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