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    Shanaaz Mutaliph - 640182

  • Type: Profile and SectionThe object of study is quite intricate and requires a lot of attention to detail. The difficulty of measur-ing such an object lied in the fact that it was spherical and line rules would not be an appropriate measuring tool. Along with the fact that it is spherical, the texture and strength of the material used is not starch enough to measure universally across the pattern repeated throughout the design.

    The Honeycomb Lantern

  • As a result of not being to measure the dimen-sions exactly, the issue was resolved by having the lantern folded in half which also allowed for an observation of the sectioning.

    After having found out the dimensions of the lantern folded in half, it became easier to find measurements for when it would be fully opened. There appeared to be 25 gaps in between the lantern skirting pieces.

    Top Plan of Lantern

  • Mobile Photostage

  • Conceptualising the Honeycomb

    The design of the honeycomb while in-tricate, is very repetitive. Brainstorming an idea for a second skin that also con-sider the concept of personal space somehow seems to be selx explanatory from such an object however, it is the design and repetitiveness that must be replicated in the final product to exem-plify a full understanding of the Profile and Section category of objects.

  • The lantern design can be applied to the human body however, extra folds and additional methods of joining lay-ers will have to be considered

    Lantern pattern upon a shoulder, acting as a shoulder pad

  • A second skin appearing on hands is a no-tion worth taking note of because the skin on our hand is usually the most prone to be-ing removed as opposed to the other parts

  • Incorporating the design onto the rest of the body is dif-ficult because wthout having a physical model, it is hard to test the durability of such a product and functionality.

    These initial designs will require more work to consider dimensions and appropriate methods for going about such work.