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  • Luthertidings January 2011

    Out of a

    broken and


    world, all

    people are


    into the

    body of

    Jesus Christ

    at Holy





    Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Raleigh, North Carolina A Reconciling in Christ congregation

    A Reconciling in Christ congregation



    place on Thursday, January 6,

    2011, at 7pm. In addition to the

    special music and candlelight

    of this worship that reminds us

    of the visit of the magi to the Christ

    Child, we will have as our special guest

    preacher, The Rev. David Amidon,

    Senior Pastor of St. Philip Lutheran

    Church, Raleigh. Come and take part in

    this liturgical observance which dates

    back to the 4th century. Among the

    themes of Epiphany and the season it

    inaugurates are missions, outreach, light

    (i.e. the Star), and Holy Baptism. Be sure

    to bring your friends and neighbors to

    this beautiful and moving worship!


    to share fellowship than

    through worship and a

    meal with your sisters

    and brothers in Christ! You can do just

    that on Wednesday, January 12, 2011.

    A delicious home-cooked meal will be

    served. Reservations are required.

    Please call the church office to sign up

    and be prepared to donate $6 per person

    for the cost of the meal. All events

    will be in the fellowship hall. Feel free

    to participate in any of the evenings

    happenings that you are able to attend.

    The schedule is as follows:

    5:30pm – Holden Evening Prayer

    6:00pm – Meal and fellowship

    6:45 – 7:30pm – Program on the trip to

    Nicaragua presented by Sue Woodling. These Wednesday night gatherings will

    occur monthly with the hopes of them

    becoming a permanent weekly event.

    Suggestions for future programs are

    welcome. Contact Judy Keyes.



    is scheduled for Friday and Saturday,

    January 21-22, at Camp Agapé.

    The Friday night session begins at

    7pm. The Saturday morning session

    begins at 9am. There is a cost for this

    gathering (being born by the council

    members and chairs). Everyone has

    had the registration form mailed to

    them. Be sure to respond to President

    Sam Mozley as soon as possible.

    Those needing a ride to

    Camp Agapé on Friday

    night can speak to the



    sponsored by our Children‘s

    Ministry is set for the Sunday

    of our Annual Congregational

    Meeting on January 30 at 12:30pm

    (immediately following the second

    service). Come and enjoy the glorious

    cuisine that wintertime chili brings to

    the hearts of all Lutherans. You will

    also have an opportunity to vote on

    the best chili of the day. If you‘d like

    to bring some, make a pot full and

    bring it along!



    has been set for Sunday, January 30,

    at 2:30pm in the sanctuary. Items

    of business include the receiving of

    annual reports for the congregation

    and the adoption of a Mission Plan for

    2011. All confirmed members of the

    congregation are considered voting

    members for this meeting and are

    urged to attend. A nursery will be

    provided for young children.

  • Epiphany has been a part of the life of the

    Christian Church and its faith for a long time.

    The first reference to its celebration as a

    ―festival‖ occurred in the fourth century —

    some sixteen hundred years ago! Essentially,

    Epiphany centers around the visit by the magi to

    the Christ Child. Of course in more recent years,

    this text from Matthew‘s gospel (Matthew

    2:1-12) has come under scrutiny, not so much

    for its historicity as for its details and the things

    we have always assumed about it. For example,

    how many magi were there? We don‘t know.

    The general assumption has always been three

    (―We Three Kings of Orient Are‖) because of

    the three gifts — gold, frankincense and myrrh.

    But, in truth, there is no reference to a specific

    number. Further, according to Matthew‘s

    language, they visit the child in a house in

    Bethlehem (Matthew 2:11). When exactly this

    is in terms of timing is uncertain. The word for

    child in Greek could actually refer to a toddler

    up to the age of two. In other words, this

    could have been quite a while since Luke‘s

    chronology of the announcement by the angelic

    host and the visit by the shepherds on the night

    of Jesus‘ birth. Those are some of the details.

    Overall, however, Epiphany (meaning

    ―to reveal‖ or ―to manifest‖) has to do with God

    revealing the Son to the world. It is a kind of

    world stage debut for the Christ, and the church

    has always remembered and honored that.

    Interestingly, the debut comes not only to

    insiders like the Jews (i.e. shepherds and such),

    but also to gentiles (i.e. magi and such) who

    were willing to listen and follow not just

    rationally, but with their sense of being led by

    something higher and greater (i.e. like a star).

    I believe it was Robert Frost whose poem,

    ―O Star‖ put the dynamic of the journey to

    faith so eloquently. So, Epiphany has to do with

    revealing Christ to the world. That‘s why our

    Epiphany season each year sees all those flags

    of the nations decorating our sanctuary. It is

    an amazing and transforming scene and it opens

    2 Luthertidings, January, 2011

    LET EPIPHANY SHINE IN YOU! up our perspective that this Jesus came for


    Baptism is also a theme for Epiphany. On

    the second Sunday of January, which is also the

    first Sunday of the Epiphany Season, we will

    celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord and

    remember Jesus‘ baptism in the Jordan River by

    John. It‘s a reminder that this child, this Son of

    God, has been sent not just to the world, but

    to be a part of us who are in the world. Jesus

    belongs to us! That purpose makes this a good

    time to remind our parents of young children

    that their baptized children are offered the

    opportunity to receive Holy Communion at a

    much earlier age than in the past. Our Lutheran

    Church has made this possible for the past

    decade or so, and I wish to remind everyone of

    it! The process is relatively simple. The pastors

    have materials to give to both parents and

    children. Once they have gone through this

    booklet together, they are invited to meet with

    one of the pastors for a brief session and a first

    communion is scheduled. On the Sunday

    (usually) of that first communion, a white rose

    is placed on the altar in honor of the child‘s

    latest steps in his/her faith journey.

    So, the season of Epiphany shines for us

    all in a variety of ways—through God‘s Word

    and the biblical story of this Child‘s amazing

    meaning; through the emphasis on all the

    outsiders Christ came to reach and bring

    salvation to; and the gifts of baptism which we

    all enjoy (namely the promises of forgiveness

    and eternal life). Therefore, I encourage all of

    us to let Christ‘s Epiphany shine in us:

    (1) Think about your baptism and what gifts it

    has placed in your life; (2) Recall what you

    did to deserve your baptism (i.e. absolutely

    nothing!); (3) Share the joy of your baptized life

    by inviting those whom you know to visit your

    church and share (reveal?), as it is natural for

    you to do, the faith the Holy Spirit has given

    you. That‘s pretty much it, really!

    In Christ,

  • Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church


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