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  • Bridges Not Walls A pastoral letter by Bp. Robert A. Rimbo

    I n s i d e t h i s i s s u e :

    Pasta Dinner & Movie


    Music & Worship


    Grace Guild 4

    2017 Pag- eant Photos


    Within the Family


    January calendar


    L u t h e r a n C h u r c h o f O u r S a v i o r

    Voice of Our Savior J a n u a r y 2 0 1 8 V o l u m e 4 4 , I s s u e 1

    S p e c i a l p o i n t s o f i n t e r e s t :

    • 102 adults and children are planning to see “Seasons of the Light” at the Vander- bilt Museum on Saturday, January 6th.

    • Ash Wednes- day is Valen- tine’s Day, February 14.

    • Winter Cho- ral Concert is Sunday, March 4 at 2pm.

    • Meal Packing at Lu-Hi is April 15-17th. Registrations will be taken soon.

  • P a g e 3



    showed their




    with a



    Music & Worship Committee by Doris Whittemore

    Fun$raising News by Murphy & Rice

    Kids Klub News by Barbara Ferro

    Hi everyone, we started

    the second part of our

    Kids Klub session on

    Tuesday, Jan. 2nd.

    Elaine Ajello, Jean Vo-

    geley, and Irene Wood

    did a great job of holding

    down the fort while Mrs.

    Urick was unable make

    the session. As those of

    you who were able to be at

    our pageant on December

    17, you already know what

    a success it was. What is

    even more important

    though is what our children

    are taking away from their

    Kids Klub experiences.

    During our Tuesday chil-

    dren's time with Pastor

    Charley, one of the chil-

    dren expressed how much

    he loved the pageant At

    craft time when Mrs.

    Ajello asked the children

    to make up their New

    Year’s resolutions the re-

    sponses were amazing.

    “Help my parents”; “Be

    kind to others”; "Pray for

    those who are poor and

    needy". The lessons are

    really sinking in, and I

    couldn't be prouder of our

    staff. Parents, it means so

    much to have the children

    attend Kids Klub on a

    Tuesday or Sunday. The

    life lessons they are learn-

    ing are invaluable. Par-

    ents, thank you so much

    for you continued help and

    support. Let's make the

    rest of our year a great

    one. Sincerely, Barbara

    f i l m m a k e r C a m e r o n

    Crowe tells the adventures

    of a single dad who decides

    his family needs a fresh start

    and moves his two children

    to the most unlikely of plac-

    es: a zoo! This amazing, heart

    -warming story and fun-filled

    night out is only $10 per

    adult, $5 per child, with un-

    der 5 years old free. There

    Please join us on Satur-

    day, January 20th at

    5:30pm in the Church gym

    for a Pasta Dinner and

    Movie Night. An early din-

    ner will be served followed

    by popcorn and the PG-rated

    movie, We Bought a Zoo,

    starring Matt Damon and

    Scarlett Johansson. Based

    on a true story, acclaimed

    is a cash bar plus raffles for

    $1 each or 6/$5. You'll pay

    at the door, but please sign

    up in the Narthex so the

    committee may plan accord-

    ingly. For additional infor-

    mation please give us a call:

    Donna 458-8991 or Linda


    hance the message of the com-

    ing of Jesus's birth. We would

    like to perform this again next

    year with instruments and

    piano. Of course, a thank you

    goes to Federico for his won-

    derful playing at the piano.

    We are happy to say that

    Giuliano Varsi has joined us

    in singing and we always wel- come anyone who would like

    to sing with us as well. We

    enjoy our music ministry to

    the glory of God.

    On Christmas Eve, the

    Choir sang the shepherds

    carol which is a beautiful tradi-

    tional piece by Hector Berlioz.

    The Music and Worship


    Doris Whittemore,

    Eleanor Gilder,

    Pia Haselbach and

    Diana Truss

    The choir performed a beautiful cantata, "The

    Christmas Light" on De-

    cember 10th, 2017. Even

    though the weather was

    snowy we had a good turnout

    and the congregation showed

    their enjoyment and apprecia-

    tion with a standing ovation.

    Readings went along with the music and the choir collective-

    ly put together a lit star, baby

    Jesus in a manger and gifts

    from the Wise men all to en-

    V o i c e o f O u r S a v i o r

  • Paper Pantry News by Clare Masi

    P a g e 4 V o l u m e 4 4 , I s s u e 1

    On Saturday, December 2nd,

    2017 the local Girl Scout troops

    conducted an Orange Bag Food

    Drive at Stop & Shop. We were

    able to collect 350 bags of food

    which were delivered to the Food

    Pantries at St. Peter’s and Our

    Lady of Fatima Churches. With

    money donated (totaling $1,350)

    we were able to purchase personal care items such as paper towels,

    dish soap, baby wipes, diaper

    cream, toothpaste, etc. for the

    Personal Care Pantry here at

    Our Saviors. Community resi-

    dents also donated Stop & Shop

    gift cards.

    Very special thanks to the Port

    Washington Girl Scouts, Leaders,

    and Families from Troops #411

    and #424 who helped throughout

    the day.

    Everyone did a great job!

    church friends and family a

    Healthy and Happy New Year!

    The Grace Guild has had a

    busy 2017 and would like to

    thank all who have supported

    our Food and Bake Sales for

    missions. Our next Food and

    Bake Sale will be on Super

    Bowl Sunday, February 4th


    Will Tom Brady and the

    Pats be there? Wishing all our celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord! Thank you, Decorators and Grace Guild!

    Thank you, Kids’ Klub staffers, children and parents! Thank you, Liz Carrington,

    Randi & Jan Rørnes for poinsettias and Altar care! Thank you, Marvin Mora & Mari-

    anne Reardon, for a multitude of advance preparations! (Marvin, above and beyond duty,

    showed up in between the later Christmas Eve service and Christmas morning to re-vacuum the

    church!) Thank you, Ushers and Candlelighters! Thank you, Choristers, Instrumen-

    talists, Federico Teti, our December assisting minister, Pia Haselbach. Thank you,

    Laura Boehm, for opening your inn to Federico! Christmas Eve alumna, Karen Davidowitz, a friend

    of Pia Haselbach, returned to play violin at both Christmas Eve services. Claudia Schaer, a profes-

    sional violinist and friend of Federico’s from Julliard, played several solo selections at the 10:30pm Christ-

    mas Eve Mass., including Partita No. 3 in E Major for Solo Violin BWV 1006 by J.S. Bach. The solo had

    6 distinct parts and Claudia played each one from memory.

    It Takes a Church Family...

    Grace Guild by Sue Marra

  • 2017 Christmas Pageant: The Friendly Beasts and the Peaceful Reign of God

    Based upon the prophet’s oracle in Isaiah 11, the pageant began with the order of creation marred by the Fall of human- kind. Then God’s vision for a restored creation: 6The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them. 7The cow and the bear shall graze, their young shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. 8The nursing child shall play over the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put its hand on the adder's den. 9They will not hurt or destroyon all my holy mountain; for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.10On that day the root of Jesse shall stand as a signal to the peoples; the nations shall inquire of him, and his dwelling shall be glorious. The children enjoy animals and understand the peace-filled animals gathered around Jesus in the stable means no bully- ing, backbiting, gossiping, or fighting. The Kids’ Klub staff — Barbara Ferro, Linda Urick, Elaine Ajello, Irene Wood & Denise DePalma thank all parents for their help in this special event. And, a big shout-out to Pia Hasel- bach for organizing costumes and accompanying the children with guitar and to 6th grader Eliza Harnden and her mom, Jess, co-narrators. Inspired by Elaine Ajello, Pr. Charley wrote the pageant.

  • Within the Family The church family’s sympathies are extended to Peter Bergen & his daughters upon the death of his wife, Kate, pictured at right, for whom a Memorial Service is at

    the Congregational Church in Manhasset on Friday, January 12th. Kate’s a Past

    President of the Community Chest of PW and is one of its “Citizen of the Year” hon-

    orees. She’s a charter member of the Landmark on Main Street Committee that re

    -purposed Main


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