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Leonor A. Barile-Fabris, MD, PhD Professor of Rheumatologo Chair, Rheumatology Department Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI Mexico City, Mexico


  • 1. The 10th International Congress on SLE Buenos Aires, ArgentinaNeuro-psychiatric SLE Leonor A. Barile-Fabris, MD, PhD Professor of Rheumatology Chair, Rheumatology Department Centro Mdico Nacional Siglo XXI Mexico City, Mexico

2. Key pointsNP manifestations have been increasingly recognized. Both attribution and diagnosis remain clinical challenges. Selection of optimum treatment is complex due to scarce and heterogeneous clinical data. 3. Key issues in SLE patients with neuropsychiatric manifestations EULAR Task force on SLE- Evidence and expert-based answers Who is at risk to develop NPSLE? Is NPSLE common? When to suspect NPSLE? How can I attribute a NP event to SLE? How do I treat NPSLE?Bertisas GK.Nat Rev Rheumatol.2010:6;1-10 4. Key points NP symptoms are present in approximately 20 to 50% of SLE patients, frequently within the first 2 years. These symptoms are primarily associated with a poor HRQoL and an increase in functional impairment, leading to unemployment in some cases. Mild manifestations are common and include headache, anxiety, depression, and cognitive deficit. These, however, are not normally related to the disease.Source: Bertisas GK. Nat Rev. Rheumatol. 2010:6;1-10. 5. EULAR Recommendations for the Management of Neuropsychiatric SLEeularNeuropsychiatric SLE General statements 1. When do they occur? -May precede, coincide, or follow the diagnosis of SLE but commonly (40-50%) occur within the first year after SLE diagnosis, -Usually (50-60%) in the presence of generalized disease activity (B). 2. Cumulative incidence of neuropsychiatric manifestations: - common (10-20%): cerebrovascular disease, seizures - relatively uncommon (3-10%): severe cognitive dysfunction, major depression, acute confusional state and peripheral nervous disorders- rare (