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To increase awareness to a highly unrecognized disease, we created a full custom public relations campaign to assist a local nonprofit.


  • Light On LupusA Public Relations Campaign for

    Lupus International

    Brittne Halseide, Elizabeth Thomas, Steven Lieb, Kaitly Bracken, Alex Casini, Aubre Swift

  • Table of Contents

    IntroductionFact SheetExecutive SummaryBackgroundSituation AnalysisPart I. Campaign PlanGoals and ObjectivesKey PublicsCampaign ThemeStrategies and TacticsCommunication Confirmation TableCalendarBudgetEvaluation & Criteria Tactics

    Part II. Communication TacticsNews ReleaseFeature ArticleSocial MediaSpecial Event Media AlertMedia Email Pitch AdvertisementDirect Mail PieceNewsletterPoster/FlyerRadio SpotPress Kit

    Part III. AppendixOriginal Research: InterviewsOriginal Research: Survey & ResultsPreliminary Identification of PublicsResearch Bibliography


  • 2IntroductionLupus International is a non-profit organization devoted to alleviating suffering and improving prognosis for children, women and men afflicted with lupus. Since 1983, the organization has provided information, support, doctor and patient exchanges/dialogues, training for pediatric fellows and funding for research of novel treatment and a cure for lupus. Funds are raised through major annual events, memberships, corporate sponsorships, grants and generous donations to provide bridge funding for lupus research and pediatric rheumatology fellowships at major United States teaching hospitals and leading research centers.

    One of the organizations biggest struggles is the fact that this chronic illness has no curea trending issue for every lupus charity across the world. However, in 2011, a new prescription, Benlysta, was approved for treatmentthe first new treatment for lupus in more than half a century (Forgione). Lupus International was able to support b-cell studies that contributed to the creation of the drug, setting a milestone in the history of lupus treatments. There are less than 125 pediatric rheumatologists in the U.S., and Lupus International has successfully contributed to these doctors through its fellowships with UCLA, USC and other universities. Though a cure hasnt been found to end the chronic, life-altering disease, Lupus International remains optimistic and continues to fight for the millions who suffer, constantly reinforcing dedication and hope.

    Lupus International strives to spread awareness through education and support, and in April 2010, California Senator Tony Strickland wished his best to the foundation and supported its wishes to declare October as Lupus Awareness Month (Calif. Secretary of the Senate). This was huge success for the foundation, however it still needs work to match the glamorous and fun appeal set be other competing lupus organizations.

    On the organizations website, it emphasizes its successful delivery of information to its market through the Internet and social networking platforms. However, though the official website offers a plethora of information and advocacy, one of Lupus Internationals biggest struggles seems to be fully utilizing the use of social networks. In the past year, the organization has posted on Twitter less than ten times and hasnt posted on Facebook since it joined in 2009.

    In order to increase awareness, the organization should capitalize on the public of Caring Othersthose who have a loved one who suffers from lupusby implementing a series of tactics including a Lupus Luncheon, followed up with a seasonal newsletter to keep the public in the loop. In addition, the site would do well to incorporate an interactive online forum where caring others can share their stories and struggles. Other events such as Healthy Habits, Study Sundays and Monthly Madness will also attempt to keep all publics (patients, donors, volunteers) active in the ongoing battle against this life-altering disease.


  • 3Fact Sheet

    Mission: The purpose of Lupus International is to alleviate suffering and improve prognosis for children, women and men afflicted with lupus by providing information, support, doctor/patient exchanges and dialogues, and by training pediatric Fellows and funding research for novel treatment and a cure for this chronic life threatening disease.

    Organization: A board of directors oversees Lupus International. It is small but a mighty group of individuals who are dedicated to serving those families affected by lupus. The board consists of 8 members. There are also six members on the medical advisory board.

    Facility: Lupus International is located in the Sky Park Circle plaza in the city of Irvine, California, close to the 55South freeway and Red Hill Avenue.

    Programs: Lupus International is a 501c3 non-profit. All funds are raised through major annual events, memberships, corporate sponsorships, grants and generous donations to provide bridge funding for lupus research and for pediatric rheumatology fellowships at major United States teaching hospitals and leading research centers. The most all-encompassing resource it offers is its "Portraits of Success" book, which introduces you to people with lupus from all walks of life. Each section shows you their tricks to succeeding, how the featured

    people handle the ups and downs of lupus, and the importance of educating yourself on the disease as best you can. It also includes a useful medical section written by leading lupus specialists here in Los Angeles, California, USA. Lupus International also provides a scholarly funding program, "Pocket Relief," to support students with lupus.Services: Lupus International provides spot-on views of the latest lupus news, chats with others who have lupus, information about new treatments, as well as research in progress from medical professionals, practical how-to information to manage the illness and day-to day activities, family and care-giving issues, coping strategies, and special programs geared for tweens, teens and college students. Lupus International participates in community events to increase awareness and education, and hosts online chat forums with medical professionals and leading experts.

    Hours: Unknown

    Visitors: About 30 visitors to the online website a day; but over 1,500 monthly views.

    Volunteers: Lupus International is fortunate to have a many volunteers participate each year by bringing thousands of lupus patients together with their loved ones, and countless valued supporters to a wide variety of fund-raising, educational, and awareness-building events.

    Lupus International17985 Sky Park Circle

    Irvine, CA 92614Contact: Christina Kelly


  • 4Executive SummaryLupus International is a non-profit organization that provides support and hope to those with lupus through education and aid. It also supports the funding of research programs by encouraging donations and holding events to increase awareness.

    Campaign Goal:We want to develop a strong presence in Orange County by increasing involvement in the programs and events Lupus International offers, while increasing awareness of the illness, especially to young people in the community. Moreover, we want to increase the amount of donors and volunteers so we can expand Lupus Internationals capacity to assist those impacted by this illness.

    Key Publics:1. Lupus patients2. Caring Others3. Potential donors

    Main Objectives: Become more active on Facebook and Twitter, and carry out outgoing communications such as email blasts and quarterly newsletters to help create a community.

    Hold three fundraising events to raise money and awareness.

    Specifically involve young people through an internship program and educational seminars on campuses to shed light on lupus.

    Increase amount of interaction and activities among those with lupus by holding regularly planned activities.

    Strategies and Tactics:

    Actively reach out to caring others, creating an educational platform to develop a further understanding of lupus and how to best provide support.

    Create a community where men, women, and adolescents living with lupus have a safe place to come, connect, and build a positive support system within Lupus International.

    Motivate donors and volunteers to help Lupus International to be a catalyst for positive change in those affected by lupus in Orange County by informing them of the opportunities to help, educating them on the illness, and inspiring them to be the change.

    Budget: $15,294 (estimated)

    Campaign Tagline:

    Light on Lupus

  • 5BackgroundLupus is a complex, multi-faceted autoimmune disease that can currently be treated but not cured. It has been studied since the thirteenth century, when it was given the name lupus. Latin for wolf, due to the lesions it sometimes causes that resemble wolf-bites. In 1948, the LE cell, a positive indication of lupus, was discovered which led to a diagnostic test. This led to the treatment of lupus with cortisone steroids, which is still the main treatment used today (Hochberg). Researchers hope to develop a cure, or at least more effective treatments of the disease and seek to enhance understanding of the complexities of the disease.

    In the 1970s, lupus awareness began to spread with the development of the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA), the largest national non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to providing support, services, and hope to all affected by lupus. Currently, LFA has nearly 300 chapters nationwide (Statistics on Lupus).

    Lupus charities and foundations have worked to develop crucial support systems for patients. The programs promoting information on lupus have helped to connect lupus patients and improve their quality of life.

    Moreover, charities have helped to streamline and improve the me


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