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<p>LUCAS HU3083 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, California, 94306Phone: 858-227-4815, Email: USC (Major: Computer Science/Business Administration) Expected graduation: 2020 W.V.T. Rusch Engineering Honors Program student</p> <p>CS-RELATED PROJECTS Completed Stanfords Machine Learning course on Coursera (grade: 98.8%) Spring 2016 Implemented neural networks, SVMs, and clustering algorithms in MATLAB to filter email spam, read images of handwritten digits, generate movie recommendations, etc. Wrote web service protocols in Pipeline Pilot to enable chemists to automatically predict chemical properties, aid in drug discovery (see Work Experience) Summer 2015 Compiled public data to train built-in prediction algorithm Used regression analysis to verify prediction accuracy Created Facebook Messenger analyzer in Java Spring 2015 Used radix trees and other data structures to parse, analyze, and visualize message history from .htm file Developed soundboard app for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Summer 2013 Designed a simple user interface to allow for playback of pre-recorded sounds</p> <p>BUSINESS-RELATED PROJECTS Worked with ThinkTank Learning in Palo Alto to identify current problems and develop 30-page proposal on how to improve employee engagement Spring 2016 Title Page, Table of Contents, Full Paper, Presentation Slides Overall Finalist at California DECA state competition Presented 20-minute mock sales pitch on using Fitbit trackers to improve employee wellness Spring 2015 3rd Place at International DECA competition in Orlando, Florida UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Youth Summer Academy, Entrepreneurship Session Summer 2014 Developed and presented startup plan to Haas faculty and other audience members</p> <p>WORK EXPERIENCE USC Viterbi School of Engineering Merit Research Starting October 2016 Project: Using AI/machine learning and computer vision in drones to combat poaching in Africa 3V Biosciences - Paid Internship Summer 2015 Worked with consultant to implement various computer technologies Created web service protocols in Pipeline Pilot to be accessed from Symyx Draw, enabled program to automatically calculate predicted chemical properties Re-categorized, rescanned full chemical inventory using Accelrys Logistics (~2000 containers) Used SQL Developer to create Oracle view of selectivity panel data</p> <p>AWARDS/LEADERSHIP/EXTRA-CURRICULARS USC Viterbi Undergraduate Fellow Fall 2016 USC Trustee Scholar Fall 2016 Summer Intern, Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP) Summer 2016 National AP Scholar Spring 2016 Co-President, Gunn High School DECA (Distributed Education Clubs of America) 2015-2016 Eagle Scout Troop 66 of Palo Alto August 2015 Summer Camp Counselor - Christian Musical Theater, Palo Alto, CA 2011 - 2014</p> <p>SKILLS Programming Languages: Java, SQL, MATLAB, and basic Python, C++, Javascript/HTML/CSS Computer skills: Eclipse IDE, MATLAB, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, MS Office suite Marketing and business management knowledge Proficient in Spanish and Mandarin conversation</p>