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a final final project required to us by our Instructor Mr. Enrique S. Guevarra, as our reactions or what we've learned about all of his subjects. A 20 slides contained about the history of the GIT as well as their mission and visions, the importance of education, a qualities of GITIANS teachers, our learning, also the list and pictorials of all school activities, and etc.


  • 1. By: Raziel B. Lucagbo ACT-1

2. Started from 1991 a certain vocational in Gingoog City named MN Institute of Technology. By 1994, MN Institute of Technology was formally changed into Guevarra Institute of Technology. Duly registered with Securities and Exchange Commission and Technical Education Skills and Development Authority Offered vocational courses such as; Electricity Electronics Automotive Mechanics General Radio Comm. Operator A year after they offered computer courses under the recognition of Commission on Higher Education Computer Secretarial Associate in Computer Technology The succeeding year of comp. courses, GIT dared to operate Preschool Education, till this time the schoolhas acquired Government Recognition from Dep. Ed. For Complete Elementary Course.By Gods faithfulness, the school is now operating first to fourth year high school courses. 3. GIT is a globally competitive institution of learningcommitted to provide Quality Education Making the individual skilled God fearing Service-oriented 4. DemonstratingCaring and Kindness The effective teachers willingly shared emotions and feelings as well as a sincere interest andcare about their students. Sharing ResponsibilityIt is important to allow students both responsibility and freedom within the classroom community. Comments were also shared that both the teachers and students need to contribute to the learning environment for a relationship of closeness and acceptance to develop. Sensitively Accepting DiversityThis attitude deals with empathy and the importance of understanding your students. Theteacher candidates identified sensitivity, acceptance, and encouragement as critical whenapproaching the issues associated with the diversity of the children. Fostering Individualized InstructionThis attitude discusses the ability to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all students. The teacher candidates appreciated teachers who helped them succeed with their learning experiences. 5. Education is a self- enlightening process. It is animportant component of life. Gives us the knowledge of the world around us. Develops a perspective look in life. Helps build opinions and have points of view on things in life. Makes us capable of interpreting things rightly. 6. I learned how to set up power point presentation. I learned the importance and uses of power point features. Learned how to explore power point windows Learned to use slide share How to save the presentation to wikispaces 7. x2 - 2x + 1x2 + 4x + 3I hate x +1x-1 = (x - 1) 2(x + 3)(x +1)Mathematicsx+1x1 = (x - 1)(x + 3)but I really domy best to lovethis subject. 8. Word Fundamentals of Processing problem solving I struggle with Fundamentals ofEnglish I learned more in grammar I learned the proper Problem Solving, where Flowchartsand how to use the verbprocedures to create and Algorithm are mostly encountered.documents, also discovered properly.the underlyingfunctionality of Office 2007to help us becomeproductive. NSTPComputerIt is a mandated Act1963 that has beenFundamensigned into law bytalsFilipinPres. GMA in responseto the public clamor I learned differentP. E.for reforms in thelessons such as oROTC Programprocessing, history andclassification of learned thecomputers, capabilitiesimportance of And with myand limitations,exercise to our Filipino subject, I computer systemhealthdiscovered that I couldhardware and softwaredeal people effectively and number my own way. 9. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Acquaintance Party Nutrition Month Buwan ng Wika Intramurals Victory party and Teachers day celebration. 10. Guevarra Institute of Technology acquaintance party was held last July11, 2011 at Badiangon Training Center. Gathering of students from allyear levels so they could get toknow each other better. Dance contest Induction of Officer/Oath Taking Classroom Officers SBO PTA Officers 11. National Nutrition Month is a special health awareness campaign, this event is dedicated to bringing attention to various aspects of nutrition. This includes the importance of making informed food choices as well as developing and maintaining good eating habits. Activities/Computations: Search for Mr. & Ms. Nutrition Poster making & Essay writing Nutri jingle Booth making contest Appetizer (cucumber) Fruit salad making Fruit juice Bamboo rice cooking Main dish 12. ACT-I & II got some awards during the Nutrition month celebration. 1st runner up for Ms.Nutrition 1st place for the Bamboo ricecooking contest 2nd place for the Appetizersmaking 2nd place for the fruit saladmaking 13. Buwan ng Wika 2011 theme : The Filipino language is Universal, Light and Power to theStraight Path The country observes the whole month of August as Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa ingrateful celebration of having a common language that unites the whole nation.Guevarra Institute of Technology was celebrating the Buwan ng Wika at the Badiangon Training Center last August 31, 2011. 14. Divided into three teams: Team Trojans Team titans Cyber team 15. Gingoog Institute of Technology held the Victory Ball and Teachers DayCelebration at Dinah Beach Resort on October 5, 2011. 16. (G I T)GOOD INTELLECTUAL TRAINING GIT enhanced the whole aspect of a person physically, mentally and spiritually. GIT trained their student how to become a responsible person not only inside theclass, but also how to apply what they have learned, to the community where theybelong. GIT teachers willingly shared emotions and feelings as well as a sincere interestand care about their students. GIT had friendly and approachable teachers. 17. Education makes us capable of interpreting things rightly. It is not just about lessons in textbooks; it is about the lessons of life.My first semester here at GIT, is what I called a. Itis just the beginning of the milestone in my life, I wantto extend another semester here, so that my good willbecome better, and my better will become best, and my bestwill finally become extra ordinary.