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  1. 1. SPERRY AND HUTCKINSON 51ZN VALUE 1 2/3 MILLS DISCOUNT FOR CASH Thank you! R EWARD PROGRA MT RAVELANDMO RE REWARDS FOR FLYER MILES, SELECT AIRLINES AND FLIGHTS. AD LoyaltyTHEN AND NOW Over the last three hundred years, marketers have worked hard to develop strong relationships with their most loyal customers. From tokens of appreciation to loyalty cards to frequent yer miles, whether grocery, travel or retail, learn about the most successful programs that have paved the way for today's digital loyalty campaigns. THE EVOLUTION OF CUSTOMER LOYALTY STRATEGIES OVER TIME TOKENS OF APPRECIATION The rst loyalty program started in the late 18th century when American merchants offered copper tokens alongside purchases, which could then be redeemed for other items in store. LOCAL MERCHANTS S&H GREEN STAMPS By the late 1800s, retailers began the transition from coins to less expensive options for rewards. S&H Green Stamps redeemable at various markets, stores and gas stations were introduced as early as 1896. By 1964, S&H printed three times as many stamps as the U.S. post office! THE SPERRY AND HUTCHINSON COMPANY BETTY CROCKER REWARDS Betty Crocker points that were accrued from the baking mix's box top marked the start of brand-specic loyalty programs honored at the cash register of various retailers. BETTY CROCKER AADVANTAGE FREQUENT FLYER PROGRAM By using computerized databases, American Airlines began rewarding customers as a means to encourage them to y exclusively with AA thus pioneering the rst frequent yer program in history. AMERICAN AIRLINES GUEST REWARDS PROGRAM Holiday Inn was the rst hotel to launch a rewards program, which was later discontinued for a brief period, giving Marriott the claim as the oldest continuously operating program within the hotel sector. HOLIDAY INN LOYALTY CARDS UK supermarket Tesco launched its Club Card, spearheading the card-based loyalty program, using technology to document customer behavior, and making it possible to reach and reward customers at an individual level. TESCO https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/belly%2Fef1963cc- 817f-4cae- 87ee-42364e55a35a_belly-historyooyalty- decupdatenal-01.png http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loyalty_marketing http://www.thewisemarketer.com/features/read.asp?id=59 http://bridg.com/blog/history-of- loyalty-programs- infographic http://www.hotelnewsnow.com/Article/11029/The-history- and-evolution- of-hotel- loyalty4 https://www.sweettoothrewards.com/blog/a-history- of-loyalty- programs http://business.time.com/2010/04/06/the-history- of-coupons/ http://www.zazachat.com/kb/crm/articles/crm_history.aspx SOURCES: Sociomantic Labs, a dunnhumby company, provides personalized display advertising solutions to reach audiences online, mobile web and in-app. The companys proprietary platform enables the worlds leading digital advertisers to harness the value of CRM and other rst-party data assets to deliver individually personalized, dynamic ads for the full customer journey. This results in broader reach, more new customers and increased loyalty of existing customers. Want to drive customer loyalty online with Programmatic Streaming CRM? Contact info@sociomantic.com to learn more. LOYALTY APPS An alternative to card-based programs, loyalty apps offer easy access to loyalty program rewards, without having to dig out a card. MARKETING AUTOMATION New automation technologies increase customers' loyalty through email and website personalization. Marketing automation systems integrated with CRM enable: Identication and monitoring of customers' behaviors on the website. Appropriate customer segmentation based on interest and purchase data. Dynamic content creation on the web, mobile and social media. Dynamic content forms on websites. Dynamic frame product on websites. Automation selection of communication channels. PROGRAMMATIC STREAMING CRM Combining CRM with programmatic technologies enables advertisers to identify loyal customers regardless of their involvement in loyalty programs in order to execute: Specialized retargeting of customers. Offers of relevant products and special offers. Segmentation according to potential lifetime value (CLV). Customized messaging and investment strategies per customer segment. INSIDER POINTS, HEART REWARDS & LIKES E-tailers today often reward customer loyalty based on their engagement on the website sharing products and purchases on social media, customer referrals, email signups or number of visits. DIGITAL ERA