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  • Sally Campbell Textiles


  • Sally Campbell Textiles

  • Mood Indigo Is my constant travelling companion. Always exciting,full of surprises and never dull. From soothing, soft morning blues to magical shades of midnight, Im always riveted by indigo. Whether its a vintage Japanese piece of patched boro,African shibori cloth from Mali or mud resist block printing and hand weaves from India I am constantly inspired to adapt these ancient techniques into my ever changing textile collections. My total fantasy is one of the Blue Men of the Sahara will hurl me on to his camel and gallop off into the sunset.

  • ancient mariners

    Sally Campbell Textiles

  • Sally Campbell Textiles

  • ANCIENT MARINERS - And Hello Sailor! A world of bleached out sails, ever changing blues, sun drenched whites and champagne surf. These splendid sounds of the sea speak to me in heavenly hand weaves inspired by old patchwork sails, much mended fishing nets, frayed knitted rope and timeless sailor suits. Faded, worn, re-stitched and woven into timeless throws,pillows and quilts. A mermaids Tale.



  • Sally Campbell Textiles

  • Cloudburst - Walking On Sunshine bathed in a palette of powdery pinks and deep sea greens. Bring harmony into your home breathing new life into vintage fabrics. Patched collages, layer upon layer of running stitches and delicate embroideries on the softest hand woven cottons. Bolsters and throws to dye for. In hues of cool clear water aquas, rose magenta, pink cherry blossoms, shocking lotus ,blues of the sky, and tranquil turquoises. There are no rules.Celebrate the hand made.

  • Sally Campbell Textiles

    turkish delights

  • Sally Campbell Textiles

  • Turkish Delights - Discover the perfect harmony of Ottoman natural dyes richly textured reds,blues,creams. And begin a textile love affair with Istanbul. Spend steamy, hazy days soaking in an Istanbul Hammam, wrapped luxuriously in handwoven towels. Or sip Turkish coffee in the Grand Bazaar while reclining on Uzbek velvet bolsters like Matisses Odalesque. Arabian Nights should be spent with a Sultan in his Harem being seduced by his magical powers of the East promising an exquisite dowry of Suzani treasures.

  • Sally Campbell Textiles

    green with envy

  • Sally Campbell Textiles

  • Green With Envy - Tangoes with Tangerine Dream. Perfect dancing partners on a journey of colour and cloth into parched ochre deserts,torrential monsoons splashing wonderous watercolours and the ever-changing dynamic light of the steamy tropics. Letting nature be my teacher I love to indulge in delicious natural dyes, whether hand painted, hand block printed, hand spun and hand woven all creating their own originality and beauty. In chalky moss greens,sage and tarragon, dusky ochres,faded tangerines,cinnamon and terracotta. ALL Lovingly handmade by the unmatched skill of Indian craftsmen.