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  • Kalarikad Jonah Thomas

    Associate Professor

    Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon,

    South Korea

  • Despite globalization, rapid transportation, and instant communication, we still live in a world of alarming scarcity.

    Petroleum - the lifeblood of modern civilization has peaked. The top soil is depleted, the air is polluted, and the oceans are dying. Millions of species are on the brink of extinction. The polar icecaps and glaciers are melting, the sea levels are rising, and the pace of global warming is accelerating. One of every two people now has a cell phone-a milestone in the history of communication -but that will not lower the mercury levels in the ocean or improve the quality of the air we breathe.

    Excerpt from Cool Fusion: A quantum approach to peak minerals, nuclear waste and future metals shock, by Edward Esko and Alex Jack, Amber Waves, PO Box 487 Becket, MA 01223, Email:shenwa@bcn.net

  • As a species we are at the crossroads. Either we find a new, sustainable way to live together on our wired, incredibly interconnected planet, or the age-old human conversation will end!! The dilemma is largely of our own making. Broadly, it involves re misuse or abuse of technology. As the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan show, nuclear energy is inherently dangerous and not a viable alternative.

  • just, harmonious world order, we have employed our advanced intellect and social skills to:

    Building bigger and more destructive weapons.

    Creating a consumer society that functions on planned obsolescence.

    Establishing a stratified economic order in which billions of people work in unhealthy environments for large, impersonal corporations that have no stake in the well being of local communities or even individual nations or states.

  • The dazzling splendor and affluence of modern civilization - as exhibited by Olympic extravaganzas, world expos and space shuttle launches - is deceiving. Underlying. the, interrelated food, health, energy, and environmental crises is a deeper, more basic predicament. In the media it has been termed the materials crisis! We are running out of minerals - key elements or building blocks on which human culture and civilization have been constructed for tens of thousands of years.

  • There are currently 118 elements as depicted in the Periodic Table

    According to modern science, these unique forms of matter are fixed and unchanging except under extraordinarily high pressures and temperatures such as the primal Big Bang and nuclear reactions

    Except for these special circumstances, the standard model governing today in chemistry, physics, and biology holds that elements cannot be transmuted into one another

  • A burial tomb dated to 297 A.D. found 20 ornamental metal belt fasteners made with an alloy of 5% manganese, 10% copper, and 85% aluminum

  • This 5th century iron column in India remains immune to rust

    It is nearly 8 meters tall and weighs over 5000 kilos

    Scientific analysis in 1 911 established that it

    was 99.72 percent iron with trace amounts of

    phosphorus, carbon, silicon, nitrogen,

    copper, and other elements.

    The pillar appears to have a extremely

    thin protective layer of blue -black oxide on

    its surface that, even when scraped away,

    reforms within several days.


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