Low-Dose Atenolol/Chlorthalidone is an Effective Antihypertensive

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<ul><li><p>Low-Dose Atenoloi/Chlorthalidone is an Effective Antihypertensive A large postmarketing survey reveals that efficacy is independent of age, sex and race </p><p>A postmarketing survey evaluated the efficacy of atenolol 50mgjchlorthalidone 25mg once daily in the treatment of patients with hypertension (diastolic BP &gt; 95mm Hg). 28,585 patients received combination therapy for 28 days. </p><p>Overall (n = 26,892 evaluable patients), mean seated BP was reduced by 21/13mm Hg with similar reductions in all age, sex and race subgroups. BP fell by 18/10, 29/20 and 40/30mm Hg in mild, moderate and severe hypertensives, respectively, and by 27f17mm Hg in previously untreated patients and 19/12mm Hg in previously treated patients. BP was markedly reduced compared with BP achieved on previous antihypertensive medication in all classes of previously treated patients (n = 20,346) and fell by ~ 19/12mm Hg in subgroups of black (n = 2775) and elderly (7270) patients previously treated with diuretics or .8-blockers. 63% of patients felt better and 32% felt the same as when on previous medication and the physicians determined that 86% of patients had 'satisfactorily controlled' BP. 3.1% of patients withdrew from the study because of adverse effects. Dizziness (in 1.47% of patients) was the most frequent adverse effect. </p><p>Thus, atenolol 50mgjchlorthalidone 25mg administered once daily ' ... provides added blood pressure control and convenience regardless of age, race, sex, or prior antihypertensive therapy ... '. Maxwell MH, Garrett BN, Saunders E, Schnaper H. Clinical Therapeutics 9: 380389, No.4, 1987 </p><p>8 INPHARMA"' 12 March 1988 0156-2703/88/0312-0008/0$01.00/0 ADIS Press </p></li></ul>