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<ul><li><p>BRCC Catalog 2018-19</p><p>First Semester Hrs. Second Semester Hrs.</p><p>ENGL 1013 English Composition I1 3 ENGL 1023 English Composition II 3</p><p>General Education Mathematics1 3 General Education Mathematics/Analytical Reasoning 3</p><p>General Education Social Science 3 General Education Social Science (2000 level) 3</p><p>General Education Fine Arts 3 General Education Humanities 3</p><p>General Education Natural Science, first in sequence 3 General Education Natural Science, second in sequence 3</p><p>Total Credit Hours 15 Total Credit Hours 15</p><p>Third Semester Hrs. Fourth Semester Hrs.</p><p>General Education Literature 3 Any humanities course2 3</p><p>General Education Humanities 3 Any humanities course2 3</p><p>Any humanities course2 3 Any humanities course</p><p>2 3</p><p>Any humanities course2 3 Any humanities or social science course 3</p><p>General Education Natural Science, opposite from sequence 3 Any humanities or social science course 3</p><p>Total Credit Hours 15 Total Credit Hours 15</p><p>2English (ENGL), Film (FILM), French (FREN), History (HIST), Humanities (HUMN), Philosophy (PHIL except PHIL 2113, </p><p>Spanish (SPAN), Speech (SPCH). Students should choose classes related to their expected major. </p><p>Louisiana Transfer-Humanities Associate of Arts</p><p>Students must earn a C or better in all courses for this degree</p><p>1If you have tested into two or more developmental courses you should enroll in CSSK 1023 and contact the Division of Liberal Arts at 225-</p><p>216-8165 in order to schedule an appointment with a Liberal Arts Advisor. </p></li><li><p>Approved General Education Courses</p><p>English Composition (ENGL) 1013 English Composition I </p><p>1023 English Composition II</p><p>Mathematics (MATH)/Analytical Reasoning) MATH 1113 College Algebra (5-hour format)</p><p>MATH 1213 College Algebra</p><p>MATH 1223 Plate Trigonometry</p><p>MATH 1235 College Algebra &amp; Trigonometry</p><p>MATH 1103 Introduction to Contemporary Math </p><p>MATH 2103 Calculus for Non-Science Majors</p><p>MATH 2303 Basic Statistics I</p><p>MATH 2313 Basic Statistics II</p><p>MATH 1303 Elementary Statistics </p><p>MATH 2084 Introduction to Statistical Analysis</p><p>MATH 2115 Calculus I</p><p>MATH 2125 Calculus II</p><p>MATH 2134 Multidimensional Calculus</p><p>PHIL 2113 Introduction to Logic</p><p>Social SciencesAnthropology (ANTH)</p><p>1013 Intro. to Physical Anthropology &amp; Pre-History</p><p>2013 Intro. to Cultural &amp; Social Anthropology</p><p>Criminal Justice (CJUS)</p><p>1013 Introduction to Criminal Justice</p><p>Economics (ECON)</p><p>2213 Principles of Macroeconomics</p><p>2223 Principles of Microeconomics</p><p>2113 Economic Principles</p><p>2133 Agricultural Economics</p><p>Geography (GEOG)</p><p>2013 Introduction to Geography</p><p>2113 Cultural Geography </p><p>Political Science (POLI)</p><p>2023 International Relations</p><p>2113 Constitutional Law</p><p>2013 American Government</p><p>2213 Intro. to Comparative Politics</p><p>2603 Intro. to Political Theory</p><p>Psychology (PSYC)</p><p>2013 Introduction to Psychology</p><p>2113 Psychology of Development</p><p>Sociology (SOCL)</p><p>2013 Introduction to Sociology</p><p>2413 Race Relations</p><p>Natural SciencesBiological Sciences (BIOL)</p><p>1013 General Biology I</p><p>1023 General Biology II</p><p>1033 Biology I for Science Majors</p><p>1043 Biology II for Science Majors</p><p>2104 General Microbiology2113</p><p>Physical Sciences </p><p>ASTR 1103 Intro. to Astronomy</p><p>CHEM 1003 Intro. to Chemistry</p><p>CHEM 1133 Chemistry II for Science Majors</p><p>GEOL 1103 Physical Geology</p><p>PHSC 1023 Physical Science I</p><p>PHSC 1033 Physical Science II</p><p>PHYS 1103 Intro. to Physics</p><p>PHYS 1013 Intro. to Concepts in Physics</p><p>PHYS 2113 General Physics I</p><p>PHYS 2123 General Physics II</p><p>PHYS 2133 Engineering Physics I</p><p>PHYS 2143 Engineering Physics II</p><p>Either Biological or Physical Science</p><p>ENSC 1103 Environmental Science </p><p>BIOL 2413 Intro. to Oceanography</p><p>RNRE 1103 Natural Recourse Conservation</p><p>RNRE 2103 Ecology</p><p>Fine Arts Arts (ARTS)</p><p>1023 Introduction to Fine Arts</p><p>1003 Non-Western Art</p><p>2103 Art History I</p><p>2113 Art History II</p><p>Film (FILM)</p><p>2003 Introduction to Cinema Studies</p><p>2023 Introduction to Cinema History </p><p>Music (MUSC)</p><p>1013 Music Appreciation</p><p>1023 History of Jazz</p><p>Theatre (THTR)</p><p>1013 Introduction to Theatre</p><p>HumanitiesEnglish/Literature (ENGL)</p><p>2133 Literature &amp; Ethnicity</p><p>2303 Introduction to Fiction</p><p>2313 Introduction to Poetry &amp; Drama</p><p>2123 Major British Writers</p><p>2173 Major American Writers</p><p>2223 Major World Writers</p><p>2403 Intro. to African-American Literature</p><p>2323 Introduction to Literature</p><p>2503 Introduction to Folklore</p><p>2483 Shakespeare: The More Popular Plays</p><p>French (FREN)</p><p>1013 Elementary French I</p><p>1023 Elementary French II</p><p>2013 Intermediate French I</p><p>2023 Intermediate French II</p><p>History (HIST)</p><p>1113 History or World Civilization I</p><p>1123 History of World Civilization II</p><p>2003 History of Roman Republic &amp; Empire</p><p>2013 American History Colonial to 1865</p><p>2023 American History 1865 to Present</p><p>2213 Modern Europe 1500-1848</p><p>2223 Modern Europe 1848-present</p><p>Humanities (HUMN)</p><p>2103 World Mythology</p><p>2013 Africa and the Middle East</p><p>2553 Asia and the Americas</p><p>2753 The Heroic Journey: From Classical to </p><p>Contemporary</p><p>Philosophy (PHIL)</p><p>1013 Introduction to Philosophy</p><p>2013 Introduction to Ethics</p><p>2283 Philosophy of Religion</p><p>Spanish (SPAN)</p><p>1013 Elementary Spanish I</p><p>1023 Elementary Spanish II</p><p>2013 Intermediate Spanish I</p><p>Speech (SPCH)</p><p>1013 Fundamentals of Speech</p><p>2013 Techniques of Speech</p><p>2213 Interpersonal Communication </p><p>2313 Communication for Business Professionals</p><p>2403 Performance of Literature</p><p>Notes:1)All students must earn a grade of "C" or </p><p>better in ENGL 1013 which includes the </p><p>written proficiency examination) &amp; </p><p>ENGL 1023, or the equivalent</p><p>2)Credit will not be awarded for the </p><p>following course combinations:</p><p>MATH 1113 &amp; MATH 1213</p><p>MATH 1235 &amp; MATH 1113</p><p>MATH 1235 &amp; MATH 1213</p><p>MATH 1235 &amp; MATH 1223</p><p>MATH 2303 &amp; MATH 1303</p><p>MATH 2313 &amp; MATH 1303</p><p>ECON 2213 &amp; ECON 2113</p><p>ECON 2223 &amp; ECON 2113</p><p>BIOL 1013 &amp; BIOL 1033</p><p>BIOL 1011 &amp; BIOL 1031</p><p>BIOL 1023 &amp; BIOL 1041</p><p>BIOL 1021 &amp; BIOL 1041</p></li></ul>