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1. www.success-all.com 2007 SUCCESS ALLIANCE Pty Ltd. All rights reserved Page 1 of 33 You can find Financial Freedom New Ways To Succeed What does Freedom mean to you? By Dale Gerke 2. www.success-all.com 2007 SUCCESS ALLIANCE Pty Ltd. All rights reserved Page 2 of 33 NEW WAYS TO SUCCEED You Can Find Financial Freedom What does Freedom mean to you? By Dale Gerke Summary Imagine making more MONEY than you ever thought possible, but with the TIME to enjoy it and the SECURITY of knowing that even if you were sick, injured or retired, you would still get an income. You can have all this, if you develop a PASSIVE INCOME. Dr Dale Gerke has five tertiary degrees and originally thought he could have money, time and security by establishing a professional career. However, he found he was wrong. So he diversified into other traditional businesses, but they only generated active income. So they did not achieve the results he wanted either. Then he discovered NEW WAYS TO SUCCEED. After five years, he and his family achieved financial freedom. This book explains how you can obtain the financial SUCCESS you want. 3. www.success-all.com 2007 SUCCESS ALLIANCE Pty Ltd. All rights reserved Page 3 of 33 Dedication This book is dedicated to the readers who want to make a change in their lives, but have never had the chance. May you enjoy the success you deserve. New Ways to Succeed You Can Find Financial Freedom By Dale Gerke 2007, Success Alliance Pty Ltd Contact: dale@dalegerke.com All rights are reserved under international copyright convention. Written permission must be obtained from the author to use or reproduce any part of this book except for brief quotations of no more than one paragraph in length. First printed in 1998 Reprinted 1999 New edition 2001 Fourth edition, 2006 e-book edition 2007 For additional copies contact: Success Alliance Pty Ltd 60 Seventh Ave, St Peters. South Australia, 5069 Fax +61 8 8362 1842 (International) Fax 08 8362 1842 (Australia) Email: sales@success-all.com 4. www.success-all.com 2007 SUCCESS ALLIANCE Pty Ltd. All rights reserved Page 4 of 33 Introduction The information in this book could change your life on both a personal level and from a business point of view. The questions you need to ask yourself revolve around three primary issues. Money Time Security Ask yourself these questions... Do you have all the money you want, to enable you to have the lifestyle you desire? Do you have enough time to enjoy yourself? Do you have any real security with either your job or for your retirement? What does freedom mean to you? Freedom The word freedom will generate different images for different people. What does freedom mean to you? Does it mean freedom from financial pressures because you have developed a large income? Does it mean that you are free to do what you desire because you have an abundance of time? Does it mean freedom to choose what you want to do in your retirement? Does it mean that you are free from worries about short-term security and the problems that may engulf you if you became ill, or lost your job, or had an accident? Does it mean being healthy so that you can enjoy life to the full? Imagine For YOURSELF... What Does Freedom Mean To You? What if this book could change your life? Because it can! But will you read it, because many will not? BUT when you do read this book, you may need to change some of your preconceived ideas. 5. www.success-all.com 2007 SUCCESS ALLIANCE Pty Ltd. All rights reserved Page 5 of 33 For example: What if you could earn an income from your very own business? What if that business was easy to establish, and even allowed you to continue working in your present job? What if that business gave you control of your life? What if that business cost very little to start up, but still allowed you to be your own boss? What if it was a business that had the flexibility to let you work full-time or part-time, and allowed you to learn as you went? What if that business provided you with an income while you were learning? What if it was a business where you could earn what you thought you were really worth? What if it involved very low overheads and had a proven marketing and training system? What if that business initially enabled people to make good incomes but could later generate wealth beyond their dreams? There is a way for you to do all this! This book will explain how. Remember If you want to make a change in your life, then you have to make a change in your life. After all, what will change in your life, if you do not make a change? Why and How So why would you be interested in looking at a business for yourself? Think about this Five years ago, what was your life like? How much money did you have? How much money did your family have? How much time did you have for yourself and your family? How much short-term and long-term security did you have? 6. www.success-all.com 2007 SUCCESS ALLIANCE Pty Ltd. All rights reserved Page 6 of 33 Compare your life now (today) to five years ago. Has anything changed? No frightening isn't it! But what is more frightening is this: What will change in the next five years, if you do not make a change in your life today? Opportunity This book is about an opportunity for you to change your life, by offering you a way to change your life. Knowledge is power, and this book will give you the knowledge and therefore the power to make a change. Think about it. What do you want to change in your life? Would you like to make changes that would give you the choices and options to do the things that you would like to do? Ask yourself: Can you buy another house? Can you buy your present house? Can you buy another car? Can you buy whatever car you like? Can you go on a trip to far away places? Can you educate yourself or your children in any way that you want? Can you buy the clothes that you want? Have you the time to relax, to get fit and to be healthy? Can you donate money to any cause you choose? Now ask yourself this. Why can't you have these things? Probably because you have no way to make the money you need to give you what you have dreamed about for years? Success Plan Every successful person will tell you that in order to achieve success; you must have an action plan. You must plan success or else, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. The key ingredient for success is to identify a way to become successful, devise a method or plan of achieving it and then to carry out that plan with consistency and persistency. Evaluate your results and then modify your methods until you perfect a way to achieve your objectives. 7. www.success-all.com 2007 SUCCESS ALLIANCE Pty Ltd. All rights reserved Page 7 of 33 What Alternative Do You Have? This book will outline a success plan to you. You can succeed! What is outlined may take you by surprise. It may be an action plan you have never thought of. Indeed you may not even know about it. However, the method outlined in this book really works and it is relatively easy. As you analyse what is said, you should always ask the important question, What alternative do I have? If you are looking for a way to change your life and a way to make more money, what other practical method do you have as an alternative? Keep this in mind while you continue to read the rest of this book. What is discussed in this book may be your last and only chance. Grasp it and work with it! What Is Stopping You From Succeeding? Is It The Lack Of A Chance? This book will outline a chance to you, but it will only work if you are willing to grasp it and you are prepared to work to achieve your dreams. Having said that, I must make it clear that this is not about a game of chance. There is no gamble. It is not a lottery. It is a proven fact that you can achieve the income, and the time, and the security that you desire by getting involved with what is discussed in this book. However, it will not happen if you procrastinate and do nothing or if you are not prepared to work at changing your circumstances. Are You A Victim Or Volunteer? Do you choose to remain a volunteer to your circumstances, rather than a victim? Think about it. Are you a victim, or are you a volunteer because you won't make a change? I encourage you to read this book seriously. Right now! Find out how you can change your life and the lives of all your family. 8. www.success-all.com 2007 SUCCESS ALLIANCE Pty Ltd. All rights reserved Page 8 of 33 Pauls Story Paul had been involved with a number of business ventures during his life. He had some money, but in his later life, Paul had been involved with several business failures. Therefore he was certainly not financially secure in his retirement. At the age of sixty-nine, after being involved with many businesses, Paul decided to look at a relatively new marketing company. He investigated it thoroughly and decided to get started. Within three years (when he was seventy-two) he was making in the vicinity of $30,000 per month. This was an income he had never dreamed of in his entire life. After approximately five years (at seventy-four), Paul was making more than $500,000 per year from his business network and has continued to do so for many years. He now owns whatever luxury car he wants. He has toured the world extensively, and he is having a fantastic time in his retirement. To make it even better, and to add even more purpose to his life, he has been able to donate to many charities of his choice. 9. www.success-all.com 2007 SUCCESS ALLIANCE Pty Ltd. All rights reserved Page 9 of 33 Money Money allows you the means to buy what you want, when you want it. Money gives you choices and options. In fact many a rich person has been known to say that they have had both money and no money. And of the two, they would rather have money. Do you know that approximately 95% of people who retire at the age of sixty-five have very littl