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  • University Archives and Records Center

    University of Pennsylvania

    Loren Corey Eiseley, 1907 - 1977, Papers, 1787 - 1987

    50 E036

    164 Cubic ft.

    Access is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

    INVENTORY (detailed) (Books)

    Books, Evolution

    Box 60 Agassiz, Elizabeth Cary. Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence.

    Agassiz, Louis. Geological Sketches. Agassiz, Louis. Geological Sketches. Second series. Agassiz, Louis. Methods of Study in Natural History. Agassiz, Louis. Principles of Zoology... Extinct. Agassiz, Louis. The Structure of Animal Life. Agassiz, Louis. The Intelligence of Louis Agassiz ... Writings. Argyll, Duke. Organic Evolution Cross-Examined ...Biology. Bastian, H. Charlton. The Beginnings of Life ...Organisms. Bastian, H. Charlton. Evolution and the Origin of Life. Bayne, Peter. The Life and Letters of Hugh Miller. Blum, Harold F. Time's Arrow and Evolution. De Buffon, Count. Natural History ... Particular. volumes 1-4.


  • UPT50 E036 Loren C. Eiseley Papers Inventory--Books Box 61 Books, Evolution (cont.)

    (ibidem). Volumes 5-20. Burrow, J.W. Evolution and Society ... Theory. Carter, G.S. A Hundred Years of Evolution. Chambers, Robert. Vestiges of the Natural of Creation. [Chambers, Robert]. (ibidem). Third edition. [Chambers, Robert]. (ibidem). Eleventh edition. [chambers, Robert]. [Vestiges of Natural History]. Explanations: A Sequel. Chambers, William. Memoir of Robert Chambers ...Chambers. Millhausers, Milton. Just Before Darwin ... Vestiges. Buckley, Arabella B. A Short History ... Day. Butler, Samuel. Evolution, Old and New. Clodd, Edward. Thomas Henry Huxley.

    Box 62 Coe, Charles Clement. Nature Versus Natural ...Evolution. Le Conte, Joseph. Evolution: Its Nature... Thought. Le Conte, Joseph. Evolution and Its ... Thought. Colbert, Edwin H. Evolution of the Vertebrates ...Time. Conn, H.W. The Method of Evolution. Cope, E.D. The Primary Factors ... Evolution.

  • UPT50 E036 Loren C. Eiseley Inventory--Books

    Box 62 Books, Evolution (cont.)

    Lee, Mrs. R. Memoirs of Baron Cuvier. Bchner, L. Man in the Past, Present and Future.

    Box 63

    Darlington, C.D. The Facts of Life. Delage, Yves. The Theories of Evolution. Darwin, Charles. The Variation of Animals ...Domestication. Volumes I and II. Darwin, Charles. (ibidem). Second Edition. Barlow, Nora, ed. The Autobiography of Charles Darwin. Barlow, Nora. Charles Darwin's Diary..."Beagle." Darwin, Charles. Coral Reefs ... Geology. Darwin, Charles. On the Structure ... Reefs. Darwin, Charles. Darwinism Stated by Darwin Himself. Darwin, Charles. (ibidem) Darwin, Charles. The Descent of ManSex. Volumes 1 and 2. Darwin, Charles. The Descent of Man... Sex. Second edition. Darwin, Charles. (ibidem). Revised Edition. Darwin, Charles. The Expression of ... Animals.

  • UPT50 E036 Loren C. Eiseley Papers Inventory--Books Box 64 Books, Evolution (cont.)

    Darwin, Charles. On the Various Contrivances ...Intercrossing. Darwin, Francis, ed. The Foundation of the Origin.. Darwin. Darwin, Charles. Evolution By Natural Selection. Darwin, Charles. Insectivorous Plants. Darwin, Charles. The Formation of Vegetable Mould... Habits. Darwin, Charles. (ibidem). Darwin, Charles. Journal of Researches ... Beagle. Darwin, Charles. The Life and Letter of Charles Darwin ... Chapter. Volumes 1-3. Darwin, Charles. More Letters of Charles Darwin...Letters. Peckham, Morse, ed. The Origin of Species ... Text. Darwin, Charles. on the origin of Species ... Life. Darwin, Charles. (ibidem). Reprint. Darwin, Charles. (ibidem). Reprint.

    Box 65 Darwin, Charles. The Origin of Species ... Sex. Darwin, Charles. On the Origin of Species. Darwin, Charles. A Naturalist's Voyage ... Fitz Roy, R.N. Darwin, Charles. Journal of Researches ... Fitz Roy. Darwin, Charles. (ibidem). Volume II.

  • UPT50 E036 Loren C. Eiseley Inventory--Books

    Box 65 Books, Evolution (cont.)

    Darwin, Erasmus. Darwin's Phytologia... Plow. Gruber, Howard E. Darwin On Man ... Notebooks. Darwin, Charles. Journal of Researches ... Fitzroy,R.N. Darwin, Charles. The Voyage of the Beagle Aveling, Edward B. The Student's Darwin. Barlow, Nora, ed. Charles Darwin... Beagle. Barlow, Nora, ed. Darwin and Henslow... 1860. Barnett, S.A., ed. A Century of Darwin. Bateman, Frederick. Darwinism Tested By Language. Darwin's Biological Work... Reconsidered. Bettany, G.T. Life of Charles Darwin. Bettany, G.T. (ibidem).

    Box 66 Beverly, R.M. The Darwinian Theory... Species. Bonner, John Tyler. The Evolution of Development. Bradford, Gamaliel. Darwin. Clark, Robert E.D. Darwin: Before and After...Evolution. Cadman, S. Parkes. Charles Darwin and ... Value. Colp, Ralph, Jr. To Be An Invalid ... Darwin.

  • UPT50 E036 Loren C. Eiseley Papers Inventory--Books Box 66 Books, Evolution (cont.)

    Darlington, C.D. Darwin's Place in History . Dawson, J. William. Modern Ideas of Evolution...Science. de Beer, Gavin. Charles Darwin... Selection. de Beer, Gavin. Darwin's Notebooks ... Species. Dibner, Bern. Darwin of the Beagle. Dorlodot, Canon. Darwin and Catholic Thought Drake, Ellen T., ed. Evolution and environment ...University. Drummond, Henry. The Lowell Lectures on the Ascent of Man. Drummond, Henry. Natural Law in the Spiritual World. Ellegard, Alvar. Darwin and the General Reader...1872. Darwin, Charles. Darwin on Humus ... Habits. Fiske, John. Darwinism and Other Essays. Geikie, Archibald. Charles Darwin as Geologist. Gray, Asa. Darwiniana: Essays ... Darwinism. Henkin, Leo J. Darwinism in the English Novel ...Fiction.

    Box 67 Himmelfarb, Gertrude. Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution. Holder, Charles Frederick. Charles Darwin: His Life and Work. Huxley, Julian. Charles Darwin and His World.

  • UPT50 E036 Loren C. Eiseley Inventory--Books

    Box 67 Books, Evolution (cont.)

    Huxley, Leonard. Charles Darwin. Huxley, Leonard. (ibidem). Kellogg, Vernon L. Darwinism Today. Krause, Ernst. Charles Darwin und sein Verhaltnis zu Deutschland. Linnean Society of London. The Darwin-Wallace Celebration ... London. Loewnenberg, Bert James. Darwin, Wallace... Papers. "Nature," Charles Darwin. Marshall, A.J. Darwin and Huxley in Australia. Mellersh, H.E.L. Fitz Roy of the Beagle. Supercaseaux, Benjamin. Jemmy Button. Moore, Ruth. Charles Darwin... Brief. Poulton, Edward B. Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection. Poulton, Edward Bagnall. Charles Darwin... Poulton Romanes, George John. Darwin and After Darwin. Volumes I-III. Russett, Cynthia Eagle. Darwin in America ... 1912. Seward, A.C., ed. Darwin and Modern Science ...Origin of Species. Schmid, Rudolf. The Theories of Darwin ... Morality

    Box 68 Schmidt, Oscar. The Doctrine of Descent...Darwinism.

  • UPT50 E036 Loren C. Eiseley Papers Inventory--Books Box 68 Books, Evolution (cont.)

    Schmidt, Oscar. (ibidem). Schmidt, Oscar. (ibidem). Darwin, Charles. Charles Darwin's Natural Selection... 1858. Stebbing, Thomas R.R. Essays on Darwinism. Stirling, James Hutchinson. Darwinism: Workmen and Work. Ward, Henshaw. Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution. West, Geoffrey. Charles Darwin: A Portrait. Willey, Basil. Darwin and Butler... 1959. Willey, Arthur. Lectures on Darwinism. Williams-Ellis, Amabel. Darwin's Moon ... Wallace. Wright, Chauncey. Darwinism ... Species. Darwin, Emma. Emma Darwin .... 1896. Volumes I & II Krause, Ernst. Erasmus Darwin. Krause, Ernst. (ibidem). King-Hale, Desmond. The Essential Writings of Erasmus Darwin. King-Hale, Desmond. Erasmus Darwin. Darwin, Francis, ed. The Life and Letters ...Chapter.

    Box 69 Eddington, Arthur Stanley. Science and the Unseen World.

  • UPT50 E036 Loren C. Eiseley Inventory--Books

    Box 69 Books, Evolution (cont.)

    E-dinger, Tilly. Evolution of the Horse Brain. Elton, Charles. Animal Ecology and Evolution. Evans, E.P. Evolution Ethics ... Psychology. Fothergill, Phillip G. Historical Aspects of Organic Evolution. Geddes, Patrick. The Evolution of Sex. Glass, Bentley, et al. Forerunners of Darwin. Gosse, Philip Henry. Omphalos: An Attempt ...Wood. Goldschmidt, Richard. The Material Basis of Evolution. Gray, Asa. Natural Science and Religion... College. Gregory, William King. Evolution Emerging...Man. Volumes I & II. Gruber, Jacob W. A Conscience in Conflict ... Milvart Gulick, John T. Evolution, Racial and Habitudinal Haeckel, Ernst. The Evolution of Man... Phylogeny. Vol. I & II. Thomason, J. Arthur, et al. Evolution in Modern Thought. Copies 1 and 2. Haeckel, Ernst. Freedom in Science and Teaching.

    Box 70 Haeckel, Ernst. The History of Creation ... Particular. Volumes I and II. Haeckel, Ernst. Last Words on Evolution. Haeckel, Ernst. Die Naturanschauung von Darwin...1882.

  • UPT50 E036 Loren C. Eiseley Papers Inventory--Books Box 70 Books, Evolution (cont.)

    B1shce, Wilhelm. Haeckel: His Life and Work. Haldane, J.B.S. The Causes of Evolution. Harper, R.M.J. Evolution and Illness ... Vestiges. Jenyns, Leonard. Memoir of the Rev. John Stevens Henslow ... Cambridge. Herschel, John Frederick William. A Preliminary Discourse...Philosophy. Henslow, George. The Theory of Evolution ... Almighty Hertwig, Oscar. The Biological Problems ... Development. Himmelfarb, Gertrude. Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution. Holmes, S.J. Life and Evolution: ... Biology Huxley, Julian, et al. The Living Thoughts of Darwin. Huxl


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