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  • Looking to join a

    professional operation?

    Come in and test the water

  • A Swimart franchise could be just what the doctor ordered Let’s talk about you

    A Swimart business is a franchise with

    several important differences.

    Yes, it’s a retail business. But there’s a

    great deal more to it than that. More to

    keep you interested and more to make

    you money.

    Investing in a Swimart franchise isn’t

    about buying a job. It’s a career and

    lifestyle choice for your future, one that

    can change the way you live forever. It’s

    a business that can hold your interest in

    the years ahead too. How many franchise

    operations can claim that their first

    franchisee is still on board? We can. And

    many more of our franchise owners have

    been with us for the long haul.

    Unlike most franchise models, Swimart

    delivers a diverse business with multiple

    income streams.

    The retail business is complemented by

    ever growing pool & spa home service

    & commercial business divisions giving

    The very fact that you are reading this

    document says a lot about you.

    It says that you are looking to change

    the way you work. It says that you are

    searching for independence. It also says

    that you are already thinking outside the

    square when it comes to evaluating the

    franchise businesses that are available.

    But what do you really want out of your

    career and your life?

    This is a very important question. If

    you’re happy with monotonous work

    patterns, then there are plenty of other

    opportunities out there.

    But if you find conforming to the same

    routine day in, day out, is a bit boring and

    soul destroying, you’ll find you have a

    lot in common with most Swimart store


    If you’re looking for a business where

    your income is not necessarily directly

    Swimart franchisees a presence in both

    the retail and service industry sectors.

    Swimart’s backing is another important

    difference. The franchisor is Waterco

    Limited, an Australian public company

    with operations around the globe &

    specialising in almost every aspect of the

    swimming pool industry.

    Swimart has been in business since

    1981 as a retailer of swimming pool

    equipment, chemicals and accessories.

    We’ve expanded through our network of

    franchised stores since 1983, and with over

    70 stores in Victoria, South Australia, New

    South Wales, the ACT, Queensland and

    New Zealand, we are the industry leaders.

    So it’s an expanding, rock solid business

    in a growing industry. We think that’s the

    kind of criteria you should be looking for

    when evaluating a business.

    If you agree, why not take a little time to

    read on?

    governed by the hours you work, then

    keep reading. A Swimart business derives

    revenue from a diverse range of activities.

    It’s more complex, more challenging

    and more satisfying than most franchise

    businesses on the market.

    You may also be looking to improve your

    ‘life/work balance’. Again, Swimart is a

    most unusual business opportunity. It

    doesn’t mean you won’t have to work

    hard. Name one decent business where

    success is easy!

    But as a Swimart franchisee you will have

    opportunities to take a well-earned break,

    recharge your batteries and live life to the

    full. Best of all, and with the right staff,

    your Swimart business will keep trading

    while you do it!

    Another good thing about Swimart: as

    your own boss, you can say goodbye

    to office politics. Who needs so-called

    corporate life anyway?

    “We’re proud to be Swimart’s

    first franchisee. People ask

    why we’ve stayed in the same

    business for over 25 years.

    The answer is simple, we

    still find it satisfying and it’s

    provided us with a good

    income and a lifestyle our

    friends envy. Why walk away

    from that?”

    John Pavett,

    Swimart Miranda,



  • Strength through diversity

    You’ve probably heard the cliché about

    ‘working smarter, not harder’ a thousand


    Like most clichés, however, there’s a lot

    of truth in it. In Swimart’s case, it means

    that your income won’t be restricted by

    the number of lawns you can mow in an

    hour or the number of pizzas you can flog

    in a day.

    The diversity of a Swimart business will

    not only provide you with a more varied

    and satisfying career, but also with a

    strong, sustainable business with several

    income streams & regular repeat customers.

    Let’s look at the different ways you can

    make money in your Swimart business.

    1. Your Swimart store At the centre of your business is your

    Swimart retail outlet. Swimart entices

    customers into your store with a national

    marketing strategy and our unique

    For today’s time poor families, it’s a great

    service and peace of mind. For Swimart

    franchise holders, it’s a lucrative business.

    3. Pool repairs Even the best pool equipment gets tired.

    Everything from brushes and brooms to

    hoses and even entire filtration systems

    need repairs from time to time. Often, it’s

    easy to fix if you know what you’re doing.

    And, as a Swimart pool specialist, you’ll

    quickly learn how.

    Even if an unusual problem crops up,

    you’re sure to find that one of your fellow

    free computerised water testing offer.

    It’s a great business builder; once in

    your store, customers are highly likely

    to accept your advice rather than go

    elsewhere to buy the chemicals and other

    consumables they need.

    But that’s only part of your store’s

    offering to customers. Swimart stores

    stock specialty products, spare parts,

    pool equipment and leisure products,

    in fact, everything a pool owner could

    possibly need.

    2. Pool & Spa service & maintenance As the kind of person with the drive to

    run their own business, you’ll know all

    too well how little spare time most people

    have these days – especially those who

    have swimming pools. Take a look around

    and you’ll see smartly liveried Swimart

    vans in your neighbourhood. A lot of the

    time, they’re out and about cleaning their

    local customers’ pools.

    franchisees has encountered it before.

    That’s the advantage of being part of the

    industry’s leading franchise group – your

    Swimart mates are always prepared to

    lend a hand.

    4. New product installations When pool equipment can’t be fixed,

    it needs replacement. That’s another

    opportunity you can take advantage of.

    But it’s not just about replacement; a

    lot of business will come from helping

    customers upgrade their pools. Pool

    automation equipment, new sanitisation

    systems, spas, heating, automatic

    cleaners, and advanced water-saving

    equipment, some only available from

    Swimart, will all help you build customer

    loyalty – and revenue.

    Experience shows that most pool owners

    would rather trust a pool expert for advice

    when it’s time to make such purchases.

    Who can blame them?

    “Every day is different when you

    run a Swimart business. After

    working for a corporation,

    as well as having my own business,

    I was used to variety so I discounted

    ‘single activity’ businesses. In fact one of the many good things about

    Swimart is that you can still use

    the management skills you’ve

    acquired over the years.”

    Brad & Jaunita Baker,

    Swimart Browns Plains,


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    • Pool Management

    • Pool Repairs & Service

    • Pool Cleaning

    • Water Testing / Balancing

    • Equipment Sales and

    • Pool Monitoring



    • Pool Cleaning

    • Pool Repairs & Maintenance

    • Equipment Installations

    • Water Testing / Balancing

    • Pool Surround cleaning and sealing


    • Referral Commissions

    • Equipment Sales

    • Installation

    • Maintenance


    • Water Testing

    • Sales of - Chemicals - Equipment - Leisure Products - Spare Parts - Cleaners - Heating both Gas

    and Electric - Solar Heating

    Installation - Water Saving

    - Spas - Automation


    • Pool Minding

    • Pool Safety Checks

    • Pool Health Checks

    • Solar Heating Installation

    Multi income streams mean your rewards aren’t tied to the hours yo