looking inside cells. organelles organelles are the structures/parts of a cell and have a specific...

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  • Looking Inside Cells

  • OrganellesOrganelles are the structures/parts of a cell and have a specific job

  • Cell WallThe rigid outer layer of nonliving material that surrounds plant cells is the cell wall.Only found in plant cells.Supports & protects

  • Cell MembraneFound in plant cells & animal cellsVery thinJob to control what comes in and what goes out.

  • Cell Membrane

    Plant cellAnimal cell

  • CytoplasmA clear jelly like substance that keeps all of the organelles from bumping into one another think of clear jello

  • CytoplasmThe organelles are inside the cytoplasm.

  • Now, lets take a look at the organelles that are found inside cells.You have to have a microscope because they are so small.

  • Organelle: NucleusNucleus the control center. The nucleus directs all activity in the cell. It also controls the growth and reproduction of the cell. It is round.

  • Nucleus

  • Organelle: MitochondriaThe mitochondria makes the energy for the cell (like a power plant) so it can dance

    It is oblong shaped.

  • Mitochondria

  • Organelle: RibosomesRibosomes act like little factories to produce protein.They pass protein into the endoplasmic reticulum. Some are found floating in cytoplasm.

  • Ribosomes

  • Organelle: Endoplasmic ReticulumThe Endoplasmic Reticulum are maze passageways in the cytoplasm. They carry proteins from one part of the cell to another. This is very important for the cell to get its protein that it needs. This is like a conveyor belt.

  • Endoplasmic ReticulumFound close to nucleusIt carries proteins( which are made by the ribosomes)the dots

  • Organelle: Golgi BodiesGolgi bodies act like a post office. They package stuff up and send it to other parts of the cell.

  • Golgi Bodies

  • Organelle: VacuolesVaculoes are large storage buildings.Because they help store food, the plants vacuole is much larger than the animals vacuole.

  • Vacuole

  • Organelle: LysosomesThey are the clean-up crew.They have chemicals in them that digest the wastes and other bad organelles.

    When the cell dies the lysosmes work swiftly with their chemicals and digest the dead cell. Without lysosomes living organisms would become filled with dead cells.

  • Lysosomes

  • Organelle: ChloroplastChloroplast is only found in plants.It contains a green pigment called chlorophyll.They are necessary for plants to make their own food. They capture the sunlight energy.

  • Chloroplast

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