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Read these most important dental tips - Get rid of dental problems and be ready to feel younger with good smile on your face.


  • 1. Look Younger with ImportantDental Tips

2. INTRODUCTION A better oral health is similar to our physical health. Both will go over eachother being well managed, if attended well or poorly defined, if remainedunattended! Highly preserved dental care is certainly a good smile; overall maintaining anesthetic appearance & dynamic dental look and functions too. Worsening oral conditions may include - tooth plaque, dental decay, guminfection and other periodontal diseases; hence leading to many bodily issuessuch as stomachache, heart problems, decreased mental strengths etc. 3. DENTAL TIPS TO LOOK YOUTHFUL Oral Hygiene - Keeping our teeth & mouth clean to avoidbacterial attacks; stopping further infection to other oralstructure and thereby many dental problems.1. Accurate brushing techniques with toothpaste richin fluorides.2. Flossing the teeth often a time is a great help too. 4. DENTAL TIPS TO LOOK YOUTHFUL Tooth Cleaning Having regular dental checkups and getting our teethcleaned over the time,To avoid any unwanted dental issues; enabling our dentist to diagnose oralirregularities if any; developed or to-be-developed. 5. DENTAL TIPS TO LOOK YOUTHFUL Tooth Whitening A very well-known dentaltreatment to whiten stained (dirty) teeth andhelping you look younger & good-looking.By removing a hardened tooth plaque (pale,yellow calcified marks) on your teeth. 6. DENTAL TIPS TO LOOK YOUTHFUL Lifestyle: Just by following healthy food, exercises, enough sleep1. Quitting smoking & alcohol will prevent damage to teeth.2. Avoiding eating like more sticky, starchy or sugary food is significant too,eliminating growth of bacteria in mouth and stopping risks of many dentaldiseases. 7. CONTEMPORARY DENTISTRY Existing modern dentistry has solution for everydental problem including curved/injured/diseasedteeth, gummy smile, lost teeth etc. Dental & cosmetic treatments restore our teeth;enhancing them the most natural look and functions. Oral health is rather a serious matter. Oral hygienewould bring better oral health keeping you younger& disease-free ever! 8. TTHHAANNKK YYOOUU!!Keep in Touch on: www.facebook.com/ToothReplacementtwitter.com/dentalhospitalVisit us @ www.drbhalla.com