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Look Younger, live longer, and triple your testosteroneHeres What You Are GettingWhy low testosterone could end your life sooner How higher testosterone levels can make you superhumanHow small changes in fitness can ramp up your testosterone levelsHow eating what you enjoy can triple your T levelsAffordable, safe, natural ways to increase your testosterone in little to no timeWhat your doctor didnt tell you about cholesterol and testosteroneAnd more

The Benefits of Higher TestosteroneIncrease strength and muscle massDecrease belly fat and total body fatIncrease mental sharpness/productivityPrevent diseases and severe health conditions like cancer, Alzheimers, osteoporosisIncrease energy, confidence, and self esteemLive longer and look youngerDecrease injury and joint painAnd More!

Why Low testosterone may end your life soonerLow Testosterone Makes You More Prone toCancerAlzheimersCardiovascular DiseaseDiabetesOsteoporosisDepressionMetabolic SyndromeErectile Dysfunction How to Recognize if you have low testosteroneIf you have been suffering fromDepression, sadness, or mood swingsHaving little to no energy or general sluggishnessA lack of enthusiasm or zest for lifeA lack of motivationGeneral irritability with othersTrouble sleepingGeneral soreness, aches, and painsA sudden or gradual decrease in muscle or strengthIncreased body fat, particularly around the midsectionNight sweats and/or trouble sleeping

DISCLAIMER: To be absolutely sure about your symptoms, ALWAYS check with your doctor or physician before making any changes to your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. If you can, be sure to get tested for your testosterone levels. How increasing your testosterone can change your lifeHere are just a few of the many benefits to increasing your free testosterone levels...Looking youngerLiving longerIncreasing muscle mass and strengthLosing body fatIncreasing mental sharpness and work efficiencyElevating confidence and self-esteemIncreasing your energy levels and desire to be activeAugmenting your libidoAnd no joke, becoming superhuman...

How your stomach is destroying your hormonesWhy your Belly Has Been Wrecking Your T LevelsHigher levels of abdominal fat have been linked to low testosterone productionAbove average body fat percentages typically lead to low self esteem and lack of energy, negatively impact testosterone2 major reasons you dont have enough testosterone2 Major ReasonsYou arent working out AT ALLYou arent working out how you need to be to boost testosteroneIm going to explain exactly how you can modify or start your workout program to optimize your natural testosterone productionWhy Your old workouts arent cutting it anymoreUndertrainingLack of training intensity (how heavy you are lifting)Lack of training volume (how much total weight you lift in your workout)Lack of training density (how efficient you are in your work and recovery, during your workout)Over trainingSuffering from fatigueStruggling to recover from your workoutsPlateau in strength or resultsLoss of results and going backwardsToo much cardio, not enough strengthAny of the aforementioned issues in either overtraining or undertraining is ultimately going to lead to a significant decrease in your testosterone production. 4 movements that will take your testosterone to the next level4 Major MovementsPushingPullingSquatting Bending and lifting4 Major MovementsPushing: Bench press, dumbbell bench, push-ups. Pulling: Barbell rows, 1 arm rows, pull-up variationsSquatting: Back squat, front squat, goblet squat, *lunges Bending and lifting: Barbell deadlift, dumbbell deadlift

*Big, compound muscle group movements, like these, elicit a greater testosterone and growth hormone response than isolation movements like tricep extensions, bicep curls, and calf raises. Heavy Lifting 101: how to ramp up your t productionLifting Heavy and Elevated IntensityHigher Volume trainingBuilding up to Denser workoutsLifting heavier weight is GREAT for testosterone and growth hormone production. Higher intensity and more weight = GREATER testosterone and growth hormone production.Weight training decreases your body fat and increases your lean muscle, which are both excellent for boosting testosterone. The less body fat you have, especially around your abdomen, the more effectively your body can produce testosterone.

The elite training secret to amplified testosteroneIncreasing Your Training VolumeWhat is that? The amount of weight that you lift over the course of your workout. Formula: Sets x Reps x Weight Used (*for each exercise in your workout. Volume goal: 30-50 reps per major muscle group exerciseExample for your chest: Bench press: 5 x 5 = 25 total repsChest dumbbell fly: 5 x 5 = 25 repsGrand total: 50 repsElite Secret: Do more sets of less reps with HEAVIER WEIGHTNo more 3 x 8-12 reps for youTry5 sets of 5 reps6 x 47 x 3-4

Secret to More Testosterone: Increasing Your Training DensityDefined: Increasing your work capacity for a given period of time. Example: During your leg day, you are currently lifting a total of 2,000 pounds per 45 minute workout. (*Sets x Reps x Weight in 45 minutes)1 month from now, you can lift 2,500 pounds in the same 45 minute periodHow is this possible?Over time while working out with progressive loading, your body adapts by getting stronger and recovering faster between sets and workouts. Youll be able to pack more work into the same amount of time, which is excellent for testosterone production. What your doctor didnt tell you about cholesterolIsnt High Cholesterol a BAD THING???Not necessarily, and heres WHYGOOD Cholesterol is the building block of testosterone production. Two types of cholesterolHigh Density Lipoproteins (HDL = Good Cholesterol)Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL = Bad Cholesterol)High LDLCauses plaque buildup on the walls of your arteriesCan eventually lead to heart disease.High HDLRemoves LDL cholesterol from your bloodstream.

The best foods for big testosterone Foods that are High In Healthy Fats Particularly in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty AcidsEggsSalmonTunaBeefPorkBaconSausageShrimpCoconut and Coconut OilOlive Oil

The Truth About Supplements and TestosteroneNatural supplements can be GREAT for increasing your testosterone production. Why Whey is Great for Testosterone BoostingWhy Whey is GreatImproved workout recoveryIncreased strengthIncrease in muscle massDecreasing body fatThe Supplement You Should Never UnderestimateFish Oil!High in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acidsIncreases fat mobilization for energy useIncreased blood and oxygen flow leads toElevated energy levelsIncreased force production in workoutsLowering body fat: Why it is widely used by competition bodybuilders.

The sneaky stimulant that could make or break your testosteroneCaffeine! Is it hurting or raising your testosterone?Too much caffeine can HURT your testosteroneIncreases stress and anxietySleeplessnessFatigue and caffeine crashes

Benefits of the RIGHT AMOUNT of caffeineImproves workout performance (1 cup of coffee 1-2 hours before your workout). Improves focus and concentration. ***Both of these help elevate your testosteroneWhats the Sweet Spot?My Personal Preference: 2-3 8 oz. cups of coffee per dayRecent studies have shown that 4-5 6 oz. cups of coffee per day are perfectly healthy. Conclusion: Every individual has a different metabolic tolerance for caffeine. You are going to be the best judge of what your optimum functional level is.The holy grail of testosterone productionThe Power of Vitamin DRegulates over 1,000 different functions in the bodyControls testosterone and growth hormone production.Boosts mood and self esteemSome have called it the steroid vitamin

Something You Use Everyday that Destroys Your TestosteroneYour SMART PHONE!Gives off microwaves when sending and receiving signals and information.Dramatically lowers testosterone and sperm countStrategies to prevent thatAirplane mode or shutting your phone off when you know you wont be using it. Turning off your phones wifi when you arent using it. Personal: Keep my phone in my back pocket, and set it on a table, desk, or counter when I sit down. Getting a case that reduces the amount of microwaves your phone emits and receivesWearing your phone on an armband or belt clipHow 10-20 minutes of relaxation a day can elevate your testosteroneStress ANNIHILATES Your Testosterone LevelsRest, relaxation, and sleep may very well be the PILLARS of testosterone production.Stress taxes the nervous system and throws off your hormone balance.

What are the best ways for you to relax?StretchingReadingNappingYoga or PilatesLying downWhite noiseListening to or playing musicTaking a walkWhats your favorite?Double your Testosterone and Burn More Fat in Just 20 min. Per WeekHIIT and TestosteroneIncreases muscle massDevelops fast twitch muscle fibersLowers body fatDemands a higher testosterone and growth hormone response from your body because of the high intensity of this activity.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)Low costTime efficientExcellent for increasing testosterone productionOptions for HIITRunning and sprintingWalking, hill walkingCyclingBoxingJump ropeSwimmingKettle bell trainingWhats your choice cardiovascular activity?Format for HIIT Workouts

Warm-up 5-10 minutes with your exercise of choice at a moderate-low intensity. Make sure your muscles and joints are warm before you start your workout. For 10-20 minutesSprint or perform your given exercise at an all-out or near all-out intensity for 20-30 seconds or for your choice distance, as long as it takes under 30 seconds to clear.For beginners: Recover 1-2 minutes or as needed between sprints. For intermediate to advanced: Recover for a minute or less between sprints.

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