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London Sightseeing Tour


<ul><li> 1. 26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 1</li></ul> <p> 2. London Morethan twothousand yearsold First majorsettlement wasfounded by theRomans in43 AD Romans namedit Londinium26.11.12Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 2 3. London Area: 1,570 km Population: about 8.200.000[City] Mayor:Boris Johnson Capital city ofEngland26.11.12Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 3 4. 26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 4 5. 26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 5 6. 135 meters high Tallest Ferris wheel in Europe 40 kilometrepanoramic view Glass capsulesComplete turntakes about 30minutes Located by theriver Thames26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 6 7. Houses of Parliament Officially known as the Palace of Westminster Seat of the twohouses of theParliament:The House ofLords and theHouse ofCommons Most famousbuilding in theworld 280 metres long More than 1000rooms26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 7 8. Official London residence and principal workplace of the British monarchBuilt in 1705 forthe Duke ofBuckingham Today: Queen Elizabeth II 26.11.12Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 8 9. Built between 1045 und 1065 A large, mainly Gothic church All English kings have been crowned and buried in the church since 1308 Last monarch crowned in the Abbey: Queen Elizabeth II 26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 9 10. Big Ben Big Ben: Nickname for the great bell (13,5 t) Emblem of London 96,3 meter high Ping every hour26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 10 11. Tower ofLondon Primary function: - Fortress - Royal palace - Prison Today: museum Part of the collection: British Crown Jewels, Royal Armouries26.11.12Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 11 12. Tower Bridge London icon,designed by SirHorace Jones Was opened toroad traffic in1894 Bascule andsuspensionbridge over theRiver Thames26.11.12Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 12 13. TrafalgarSquare Square incentral London Position in theheart of London Tourist attraction Statue:Admiral Nelson26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 13 14. PiccadillyCircus One of the most popular meeting points of London A famous road junction and public space in the heart of London. Built in 1819 to connect Regent Street with the major shopping street of Piccadilly 26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 14 15. Covent Garden It was a big fruit and vegetable market Biggest cultural and shopping centre in Britain Today: Touristshopping centre with cafes and restaurants26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 15 16. Wembley- Stadium Opened: 9 March 2007 90,000-capacity Olympic GamesFootballThe national teamof England playsthere 26.11.12Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 16 17. OlympicVillage Located in the Olympic Park Olympic Games 27 July - 12 Aug Paralympic Games 29 Aug - 9 Sept 26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 17 18. Typical of London26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 18 19. 26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 19 20. 26.11.12 Marc Schmidt &amp; Marc Heler 20</p>