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Some famous logos, advertisements and their meanings. From amusing, interesting, to stunning, catchy views!


  • 1. Some Logos, Ads, their meanings

2. Notice the hidden symbol in the Federal Express logo ? I mean the 'arrow' that you can see between the E and the x.This was to underscore speed and precision - Part of the companys positioning. 3. SUN Microsystems logo is a nice example of symmetry and order.The letters u and n are arranged adjacent to each other, also looking like the S perpendicularly.I think of the Illuminati 4. This famous Editing Studios logo attempts to convey what they do 5. These are 2 magazines from the Readers Digest stable.Their attempt to communicate what they are about (figuratively), catches my attention. Nice 6. I liked this logo of a hair stylist for the cheeky humor it brings to the (dressing) table 7. This is the logo for a puzzle game called Cluenatic.This game involves unraveling four clues. The letters C, L, U and E are arranged as a maze. And from a distance, the logo looks like a key! 8. This logo is too good !For the name Eight, they have used a font in which each letter is a minor adaptation of the number 8. 9. Eighty-20, a small consulting company, does sophisticated financial modeling and some solid database work. Its highly quantitative, and also relies on serious computational power. The logo is meant to convey it.Do you guess 20% of the squares are darkened? Well, the trick is to view dark squares as 1's and light squares as 0's. The top and bottom lines read 1010000 and 0010100, which represents the binary 80 and 20 10. The logo was designed in-house for an internal event of a famous company. It shows they are quite relaxed about the logo, even if its for their internal promotions. Didnt you recognize the company yet? See an I (Eye) then B (Bee) and M 11. You think the arrow does nothing here? It says Amazon has everything from a to z. Also, do you notice the smile that the arrow represents ?Thats from the customer's face 12. An Ad by the Western Union Money Transfer. Targeted at the receiver. 13. Sugar free Lollipop Simply Wonderful ! 14. This is a British company for the homeless and the badly housed people. 15. One of the very powerful ads of recent times. A small byline at the bottom says: Dont abort the Girl Child. Stunning. 16. For Gatorade Power Drink.Quite subtle. 17. Two wet floor signs placed on Eatalica Burger signboards says: Ogling at the burger may involuntarily cause drooling which may in turn lead to a wet floor - Issued in your safety by the management of Eatalica Restaurant. 18. The Ad is for Sunsilk shampoo. It also is an ad for Stronger hair. 19. This is for the economist magazine. Succinct and Stunning. 20. Who said dieting is for humans only ? See the effect of Pedigree Weight Loss Diet on a cute Dalmatian 21. The headline is a powerful play of words. Save Trees. Trees Save. The visual impact is quite stunning ! 22. This is for Panadol pain receiver. Brings out the effect quite dramatically. Pantenes bagvertising ad makes it appear as if the woman offers a strand of her hair to carry the bag. The ad says Reach out to children with autism. Indeed. 23. Very catchy ad for a Karate School ! 24. An innovative campaign for a yoga school in Hong Kong in those stretchable straws that you find everywhere. 25. This is an impressive ad for Glassex A glass cleaning liquid. 26. The Ad says Harrys bread. Nice and Soft. So Sweet 27. This is an ad for Siemens Vacuum cleaner. The setting is an opera auditorium and the ad reads: The quietest vacuum cleaner in its class. 28. These transparent umbrellas were given out as free gifts by this hair saloon. 29. A very interesting printed ad by Frizz skin salon. Catchy 30. The copy for this Lifestyle Home Center Ad reads Genuine Leather ! 31. Thoughtful ! 32. Thank God, the ZOOM was invented ! 33. Powerful Ad ! 34.

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