LOCKHEED MARTIN STAR DUSTERS 2016 ROSTER ?· associates developed over the years at Lockheed and Lockheed…

Download LOCKHEED MARTIN STAR DUSTERS 2016 ROSTER ?· associates developed over the years at Lockheed and Lockheed…

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<ul><li><p>i </p><p>LOCKHEED MARTIN STAR DUSTERS 2016 ROSTER </p></li><li><p>ii </p><p>Star Dusters Nonprofit Affiliate of Lockheed Martin Leadership Association P.O. Box 10310, Burbank, CA 91510-0310 </p><p>April 2016 Dear Fellow Star Duster: </p><p>This is the Star Dusters 45th year as an organization for retired and former Lockheed employees, Lockheed Martin employees and the surviving spouses of members. Our organization now includes more than 1200 active members whose names appear in this roster. This roster is intended to be enjoyed as a means of keeping in touch with friends and associates developed over the years at Lockheed and Lockheed Martin. It should not be used as an unauthorized mailing list. The roster must be handled carefully and not made available to anyone else. It should be destroyed when no longer useful to you. </p><p>While we have made every effort to provide the correct name, address, and telephone number of each member, errors do occur. If we have made an error let us know so we may make the correction. Most importantly, be sure to let us know if you have moved, changed your e-mail address or changed your phone number. Please call toll free 1-888-718-5328, ext. 2011, or e-mail us at: info@lmstardusters.org. </p><p>The Board of Directors, Officers and the Coordinators of our various activities deeply appreciate your interest and support. As you know, all work in the Star Dusters is voluntary and we welcome your comments and suggestions. </p><p>Our objectives are simple and straight-forward and bear repeating: </p><p> To provide a warm, friendly, and helpful organization for retired or former Lockheed and Lockheed Martin employees or surviving spouses. </p><p> To preserve loyalty and team spirit that has always characterized Lockheed and Lockheed Martin. </p><p> To provide opportunities for members and friends to travel together to interesting locations in the United States and abroad. </p><p> To provide opportunities for group participation in recreation and social activities. </p><p> To provide the means for members to keep in touch with former associates and the status of activities within the Corporation. </p><p> To provide information and services to members that will help them enjoy a fulfilling retirement. </p><p>Please let us hear from you as your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome. </p><p>Sincerely, </p><p>Dennis Fernandez </p><p>2016 President </p><p>mailto:info@lmstardusters.org</p></li><li><p>iii </p><p>Star Duster Directors, Officers &amp; Coordinators - 2016 President Dennis Fernandez Immediate Past President Vic Saucedo 1st Vice President John Larson 2nd Vice President Cheryl OLeary Directors Andy Baker John Larson Gary Belie Richard McCubbins Barbara Christie Don Meena Tony DiPasquale Tom Oatway Bernie Dourisboure Betty OConnor Dennis Fernandez Cheryl OLeary Ed Glasgow Ross Reynolds Gary Hafen Gerald Ruppert Terry Kleintop Vic Saucedo Officers Editor Newsletter Betty OConnor Assoc. Editor Newsletter John Shelton Recording Secretary Susan Jones Assoc. Recording Secretary Open Corresponding Secretary Barbara Christie Assoc. Corresponding Secretary Open Membership Secretary Terry Kleintop Assoc. Membership Secretary Barbara Hauge Treasurer John Larson Assoc. Treasurer Gary Hafen Coordinators Recreational Activities Tom Oatway Day Trips Gary Belie Retiree Info./Survivor Assistance Barbara Christie Mailing &amp; Support Services Bernie Dourisboure Legal David Egawa Photographer Richard McCubbins Photograph Activity Gerald Ruppert / Ed Pitro Financial Advisor Gary Riley Assoc. Financial Advisor Mike Sandberg Medical Mel Kovnat Reunion Coordinator Spring Al Stacey/John Mercer Reunion Coordinator Fall Susan Jones July Barbeque Tom Morgenfeld Corporate News Peter A. Harrigan Satellite Activity Ed Glasgow Membership Recruitment &amp; Enhancement Johnny Mercer Web Page/Database Mike McKinney </p></li><li><p>iv </p><p> Assoc. Website Database Coordinator Alex Loewenthal Travel Coordinator Ann Hyden Raffle Coordinator Tom Oatway </p></li><li><p>v </p><p>STAR DUSTERS ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER(S), AND E-MAIL </p><p>VERY IMPORTANT! If you move, change your phone number or your e-mail address please notify the Star Dusters by contacting us at one of the listings below to ensure that we have up-to-date and correct information for the roster and the newsletter. You can also log in to our website to update your own information. You are the only source for your up-to-date contact information. </p><p>Lockheed Martin Star Dusters P.O. Box 10310 Burbank, California 91510-0310 (818) 565-2011 or (888) 718-5328 Ext. 2011 e-Mail address: info@lmstardusters.org </p><p>LOCKHEED MARTIN STAR DUSTERS WEBSITE: http://lmstardusters.org Visit the Star Dusters website to view photos, articles, information on events and more. Members may obtain a password (see instructions on the help page) and view up-to-date editions of the newsletter and the membership roster (including contact information) and newsletter supplements. For any website related issue, contact our Webmaster Mike McKinney (1-410-326-6510) or our Associate WebmasterAlex Loewenthal (1-805-443-4227). </p><p>CONTACT INFORMATION THAT MAY BE OF INTEREST TO OUR MEMBERS </p><p>Logix Federal Credit Union: 1-800-328-5328(Toll Free), 1-818-847-2587 P.O. Box 6759 Burbank, Ca 91510 </p><p>LM Employees Store: 1-661- 572-2201 PALMDALE, CA </p><p>LM Corporation Retirement Services: 1-866-562-2363 P.O. Box 462 Little Falls, NJ 07424 http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/employees/retirees.html </p><p>LM Savings Plan: 1-800-444-4015 Contact VOYA FINANCIAL https://lmco.voya.com/eportal/welcome.do </p><p>LM Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Care Coverage 1-844-596-0460 Contact ONE EXCHANGE www.medicare.oneexchange.com/lockheedmartin </p><p>LM Retiree Survivor Benefits: 1-866-562-2363 </p><p>mailto:info@lmstardusters.orghttp://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/employees/retirees.htmlhttps://lmco.voya.com/eportal/welcome.dohttp://www.medicare.oneexchange.com/lockheedmartin</p></li><li><p>vi </p><p>LM Employee Service Center http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/employees.html </p><p>ADDITIONAL INSURANCE RELATED CONTACT NUMBERS </p><p>COBRA SERVE 1-800-272-9651 3201 34th Street South St. Petersburg, FL 33711 www.ceridian-benefits.com </p><p>LIFE INSURANCE EMPLOYEE TERM LIFE &amp; DEPENDENT OPTIONAL TERM LIFE 1-800-524-0542 The Prudential Insurance Company Of America Eastern Group Life Claim Division 213 Washington Street, Third Floor Newark, NJ 07102 http://www.prudential.com </p><p>LIFE INSURANCE GROUP UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE 1-800-729-3014 Marsh @ Work Solutions 1776 West Lakes Parkway Des Moines, IA 50398 www.marshatwork.com </p><p>LONG-TERM CARE 1-888-562-7353 John Hancock Life Insurance Company P.O. Box 111 Boston, MA 02117-9809 www.johnhancock.com </p><p>LONG-TERM DISABILITY 1-800-553-1427 Cigna Group Insurance 12225 Greenville Avenue, Suite 1000 Dallas, TX 75243-9384 www.cigna.com </p><p>http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/employees.htmlhttp://www.ceridian-benefits.com/http://www.prudential.com/http://www.marshatwork.com/http://www.cigna.com/</p></li><li><p>1 </p><p>STAR DUSTERS MEMBERSHIP ROSTER 11/27/16 </p><p>Last Name First Name / Spouse Address Phone/Email </p><p>Abrams Dolores 12529 Hart St No Hollywood, CA 91605 </p><p>818-765-7888 </p><p>Adams Patricia 2839 Penncross Drive SW Marietta, GA 30064 </p><p>6786567198 gcsgirl623@gmail.com </p><p>Adams Veronica Magnus </p><p>44 N. Norfolk St San Mateo, CA 94401 </p><p>None radams911@aol.com </p><p>Ahearn Dennis 6201 Inwood St Cheverly, MD 20785-3111 </p><p>301-386-3616 dennisahea@aol.com </p><p>Alba Donna 337 Judy Circle Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 </p><p>805-367-6241 </p><p>Alden Dana </p><p>Wendy L. Alden 3303 Villa Mesa Road Pasadena, CA 91107-1238 </p><p>626-791-7436 nedlad@aol.com </p><p>Alessi Joseph (Joe) N. </p><p>Josephine A. (Jo) </p><p>200 Country Brook Dr #2231 Keller, TX 76248 </p><p>480-802-0390 </p><p>Alford Stephen </p><p>Jan </p><p>3255 Rosemeade Dr Unit 2311 Ft Worth, TX 76116-0985 </p><p>817-570-9220 oscarowl@charter.net </p><p>Allen Patricia D. 15654 Poppyseed Ln Canyon Country, CA 91387-1850 </p><p>661-252-2206 pallen1932@socal.rr.com </p><p>Alston Jim 19 Bond Road Woodbridge, CT 06525-2106 </p><p>203-387-3999 comedian4551@gmail.com </p><p>Altizer John W. </p><p>Betty 215 S. Cowboy Way Cottonwood, AZ 86326 </p><p>928-649-1639 jaltizer@cableone.net </p><p>Amber Linda C. 434 Pinewood Drive Williamstown, NJ 08094-7504 </p><p>856-516-4600 lamber3@comcast.net </p><p>Amenta Richard </p><p>Leslee Ann 445 Shadow Mountain Dr Prescott, AZ 86301-5721 </p><p>661-965-7655 richard.ja@sbcglobal.net </p><p>Anand Harish C. 2561 Greencastle Ct Oxnard, CA 93035-2901 </p><p>805-985-3665 patandharryusa@gmail.com </p><p>Ancil David K. Shelagh </p><p>1165 River Wind Cir Vero Beach, FL 32967 </p><p>772-567-8656 dkancil@comcast.net </p><p>Anderson Betty B (Mrs. </p><p>Roy A.) </p><p>4367 Shepherds Ln La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011-3120 </p><p>818-790-7456 bettyb0610@gmail.com </p><p>Anderson Beverly (Bev) 1391 Calle Pequeno Gardnerville, NV 89410-6613 </p><p>775-782-0730 nevadabev@charter.net </p><p>Anderson Richard G. </p><p>(Dick) Carol </p><p>3817 W Avenue J13 Lancaster, CA 93536-6316 </p><p>661-943-9531 dickncarola@msn.com </p><p>Andrew F. John Katie </p><p>1282 San Pablo Dr San Marcos, CA 92078 </p><p>760-752-9470 f.andrew@att.net </p><p>Andrew Thomas </p><p>Joyce 12820 Dunbarton Dr Bristow, VA 20136 </p><p>703-392-9745 tjandrew0729@gmail.com </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>Andrews R. F. (Andy) 5009 Vintage Circle Banning, CA 92220 </p><p>760-631-7703 </p><p>Andros Vivian E. 8438 Jamieson Ave Northridge, CA 91325-3934 </p><p>818-881-3934 </p><p>Antoniak Charles Jenny </p><p>988 Carson St Upland, CA 91784-1831 </p><p>909-946-8622 antoniaks.cj@verizon.net </p><p>Appiah-Kubi Samuel 1856 Ellen Circle Colton, CA 92324-1131 </p><p>909-889-2586 kotoko@msn.com </p><p>Apple A. Richard </p><p>Beverly 649 Burning Tree Way Lompoc, CA 93436-1303 </p><p>805-733-2993 appledick@verizon.net </p><p>Appleby Thomas M. </p><p>Mila 2321 Waterby St Westlake Village, CA 91361 </p><p>805-495-7173 aviatorta@aol.com </p><p>Arata Art 659 Lynnmere Dr Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 </p><p>805-495-0938 </p><p>Arentzoff Howard S. Roberta </p><p>1771 Fox Springs Cir Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 </p><p>805-499-5880 bobbiearentzoff@hotmail.com </p><p>Arioto Gregory (Gregg) Leslie </p><p>UNLISTED UNLISTED </p><p>Arndt Dora UNLISTED UNLISTED </p><p>Ashdown Richard T. </p><p>Gail 830 Grande Vista Cir Mesquite, NV 89027 </p><p>702-345-2850 rta562@mesquiteweb.com </p><p>Ashford Francis Winnie </p><p>306 E Loma Alta Dr Altadena, CA 91001 </p><p>626-296-0600 ashford_francis@hotmail.com </p><p>Ashworth George R. Margaret </p><p>PO Box 207 Wrightwood, CA 92397-0207 </p><p>760-249-3124 ashworthm@aol.com </p><p>Atilgan Timur 207 Devon Ln Hainesport, NJ 08036-2709 </p><p>609-518-6990 tatilgan@netzero.net </p><p>Atkins Paula 19752 Shadow Glen Circle Northridge, CA 91326 </p><p>818-808-7330 lea4pla@gmail.com </p><p>Averett Ben T. Sharon </p><p>1136 Mossy Rock Rd Kennesaw, GA 30152-4812 </p><p>770-919-9851 ben.sharon@att.net </p><p>Avjian Robert Susan </p><p>6 Parsippany Ct N Potomac, MD 20878 </p><p>301-294-7848 avjian@erols.com </p><p>Axtell James C. </p><p>Phyllis 2415 Janin Way Solvang, CA 93463 </p><p>805-688-4034 axtell4@verizon.net </p><p>Ayres David R. Elizabeth </p><p>2700 Sarazen Dr Plano, TX 75025-5161 </p><p>214-547-8169 ayres716@gmail.com </p><p>Bailey James </p><p>Elizabeth 17500 Berkshire Dr Jeffersonton, VA 22724-1764 </p><p>540-93 7-4091 d328nav@aol.com </p><p>Baiocco Louis C. </p><p>Anita 1708 Ard Eevin Ave Glendale, CA 91202-1004 </p><p>818-244-8575 </p><p>Bakalar David L. </p><p>Ada 360 Beech Ct Buellton, CA 93427 </p><p>805-686-1350 dlbakalar@aol.com </p><p>Baker Andrew N. Rochelle Reiseck </p><p>12324 Woodley Ave Granada Hills, CA 91344-1814 </p><p>818-363-8995 andrewbaker555@aol.com </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p>Baker James Kathy </p><p>7234 Belleisle Glen Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202-5696 </p><p>941-355-8320 jamesbakerone@hotmail.com </p><p>Baker Richard </p><p>Judi 23038 Parkview Dr Santa Clarita, CA 91321-3600 </p><p>661-288-2165 rick.baker01@sbcglobal.net </p><p>Baker MacLellan Pamela </p><p>Jon 30850 SW Laurelview Rd Hillsboro, OR 97123 </p><p>503-290-6287 pbmaclellan@onlinenw.com </p><p>Balaza </p><p>Charles (Charlie) Norma </p><p>(Norme) </p><p>112 Birch St Trenton, NJ 08610-1631 </p><p>609-964-6838 charbiz@msn.com </p><p>Baldi Lantzer Sharon Donald </p><p>1008 Wedgewood Ct Woodstock, GA 30189-1506 </p><p>770-591-2357 skbaldi@yahoo.com </p><p>Ball Thomas J. 2081 Karen Dr Meridian, ID 83646-5227 </p><p>208-939-0980 tmballgame@aol.com </p><p>Ballard </p><p>Larry O. Betty L. </p><p>(Deceased 1/4/2011) </p><p>4006 E. Ave. T-6 Palmdale, CA 93552 </p><p>661-285-5455 </p><p>Bamberger John J. Patricia </p><p>7881 Lita Corte Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 </p><p>909-982-0884 jjbinc@msn.com </p><p>Bangert Louis H. Maurine </p><p>720 Stone House Lane Marietta, GA 30064-4702 </p><p>770-429-9186 lbangert3@att.net </p><p>Banks Antoinette </p><p>Farrell 16224 Vista Point Lane Santa Clarita, CA 91387-4625 </p><p>661-367-7373 tonib123@sbcglobal.net </p><p>Bantle Jeff </p><p>Terry 3226 Wexford Way Southport, NC 28461-8039 </p><p>910-253-0461 jwbantle@gmail.com </p><p>Banyard Edward 42218 Corvallis Pl Quartz Hill, CA 93536 </p><p>661-718-2410 eddibjr@verizon.net </p><p>Barker Thomas (Tom) 891 Magic Circle Londonderry, VT 5148 </p><p>607-222-5955 tbarker@stny.rr.com </p><p>Barnard Louis J. </p><p>Rita 25442 Sea Bluffs Dr Dana Point, CA 92629 </p><p>949-429-5475 barnardlou@gmail.com </p><p>Barr Ralph D. </p><p>Dawn PO Box 2727 Evergreen, CO 80437 </p><p>303-674-6151 ralphbarr8fx@msn.com </p><p>Barraza Peter </p><p>Carmen 4659 Grandview Dr Palmdale, CA 93551-1109 </p><p>661-722-2226 </p><p>Barrick </p><p>Pat (Mrs. Roger Barrick) </p><p>Pat (Roger deceased 12-</p><p>2015) </p><p>3060 Bosun Ln Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 </p><p>928-412-5066 rogerbarrick@hotmail.com </p><p>Barton Wm. B. 20653 N 110th Ave Sun City, AZ 85373 </p><p>623-561-8820 </p><p>Basak Leszek (Les) 8601 Stark Court Nottingham, MD 21236 </p><p>410-248-0051 lbasak@verizon.net </p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>Baskette Jerry Betty </p><p>8324 Deerwood Forest Drive Benbrook, TX 76126-5183 </p><p>817-249-5628 jerry.baskette@att.net </p><p>Baskins Vicky 537 Nashville Ct Hemet, CA 92545 </p><p>951-492-0631 or 818-389-5616 hummingbirds82@yahoo.com </p><p>Bassett Milton T. UNLISTED UNLISTED </p><p>Bassi Dennis 1516 Kenmore Ct Ontario, CA 91762-1333 </p><p>909-984-9977 </p><p>Basso Christine 2072 Trade Winds Drive Canton, GA 30115-4631 </p><p>770-720-0666 christinea.basso@gmail.com </p><p>Baum David A. Rebecca (Becky) </p><p>38 Amandas Teal Dr. Bridgeville, DE 19933-2406 </p><p> dave.baum@outlook.com </p><p>Baxendale Marvin L. Carolyn </p><p>294 Longden Dr Arroyo Grande, CA 93420-4513 </p><p>805-574-4324 mbaxendale@sbcglobal.net </p><p>Baxter Janice 10018 Gothic Ave North Hills, CA 91343-1212 </p><p>818-894-1888 janiceb321@verizon.net </p><p>Beauregard A.J. 265 Artesian Way Watersound, FL 32461-8578 </p><p>703-350-7020 beau.beauregard@gmail.com </p><p>Bechtold John </p><p>Christina 25456 Cariz Dr Valencia, CA 91355-3142 </p><p>661-254-1225 jackbech@ca.rr.com </p><p>Beckman William R. Sandra R. </p><p>206 Fernleaf Ave Corona Del Mar, CA 92625-3218 </p><p>949-673-6630 beckmanwr@aol.com </p><p>Belie Robert G. </p><p>(Gary) Nanette </p><p>11564 Coralberry Ct Moorpark, CA 93021 </p><p>805-529-6539 rbelie@roadrunner.com </p><p>Belisle Del </p><p>Trish UNLISTED UNLISTED </p><p>Bell Robert P Sharon </p><p>412 Westwood Dr Chippewa Falls, WI 54729-2000 </p><p>715-720-4734 rpbell9@gmail.com </p><p>Bella Joseph Barbara </p><p>18851 Plummer St Northridge, CA 91324-2252 </p><p>818-349-7751 bjbella2@aol.com </p><p>Belz Kenneth G. </p><p>Linda 145 Hickory Ridge Ln Fairfield Glade, TN 38558 </p><p>931-484-8249 kbelzbox@yahoo.com </p><p>Bergen Daniel Lee </p><p>Melony Ann </p><p>145 Estack Place Highlands Ranch, CO 80126-3594 </p><p>303-912-0412 bergen5696@msn.com </p><p>Berger N. Neil </p><p>Ann PO Box 1150 Gualala, CA 95445 </p><p>707-785-2044 berger@mcn.org </p><p>Berglan Ronald M. </p><p>(Ron) Carolee </p><p>2615 Waterford Pl Carson City, NV 89703-8503 </p><p>775-841-1732 ronberglan@aol.com </p><p>Bernstein Bernard (Bernie) Shirley </p><p>3108 Wilton Pl Modesto, CA 95350-0339 </p><p>209-596-4403 </p></li><li><p>5 </p><p>Bernstein Bill </p><p>Karen 956 Elk Grove Ln Solvang, CA 93463 </p><p>805-688-1175 kbbernstein@comcast.net </p><p>Berry Beverly J. Richard </p><p>(Deceased) </p><p>1740 Tanager St #102 Ventura, CA 93003 </p><p>805-658-...</p></li></ul>


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