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    October 15, 2001 OPERATIONSMICHOUD

    Thumbs up for External Tank modifications

    Replace all LH2 and LO2 majorcircumferential welds with B218 Weld Wire

    Implement FSW on LO2barrel longitudinal welds

    Change LO2 aft ogivegores material to Al2219 and redesign

    Implement FSW onLH2 barrels 1, 2, 3 & 4longitudinal welds

    Change Intertank thrustpanels material to Al 2297

    An undercurrent of eagernessresonated throughout the room atthe conclusion of the recent ETdesign review when NASA gaveMichoud Operations the green lightto proceed on key modifications forET-134 and beyond.

    These changes support severalSpace Shuttle program initiatives,enhance safety and reliability withstronger welds and fewer repairs,reduce cycle time and lower costs,explained Mike Quiggle, managerof producibility enhancements.

    Changes include using theFriction Stir Weld (FSW)technique, different weld wire, andreverting back to Aluminum 2219material [used on ETs prior to theSuper Lightweight Tank (SLWT)]on various tank sections, alongwith design improvements.

    The most innovative change is

    FSW, a process originally inventedin the United Kingdom, whichMichoud has spent the past sixyears adapting for the ET.

    Im very excited that were ableto implement Friction Stir Weldinto production, remarked Dave

    Hartley, shuttle upgradesmanager. After years ofdevelopment, we finally broughtthis technology to the state whereit be can be applied to human-rated

    launch vehicles.The process uses a high-speed

    rotating tool, which producesfrictional heating that turns thematerial into a Play-Doh-likestate and stirs the materialtogether, creating a seamless bond.

    This translates into strongerwelds and fewer repairs, reducingthe overall ET fabrication schedule.

    Design initiatives to the LiquidOxygen Tank and Intertank thrustpanels maintain SLWTperformance, but compensate forheavier, more robust 2219 material.

    These modifications are crucialto our commitment to MissionSuccess, and are essential inmeeting and maintainingMichouds contractualcommitments to our customer,emphasized Ron Wetmore, ETprogram manager.

    3-D graphic provided by Graphic Services

    Stronger welds...fewer repairs...lower costs

    These modifications arecrucial to our commitment to

    Mission Success, and areessential in meeting andmaintaining Michouds

    contractual commitments toour customer.

    Ron Wetmore, ET Program Manager

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    Employees restore picnic tables during United Way Day of CaringGreg Martin (left) and Robert Carroll, Huntsville Technical Operations,participate in the Day of Caring by cleaning, sanding and sealing picnictables at the Family Services Center in Huntsville, Ala.

    Michoud Operations United Way CampaignOctober 15-26

    the mechanics of the campaignhave changed. Instead ofcanvassers coming to meet withyou and filling out contributioncards, you can go on-line to theLMPeople web page to make yourcontribution. Its easy: just accessLMPeople/mymoneypayrolldata /charities

    Employees can select from thefollowing United Way agencies: New Orleans UW UW of Madison County (AL) UW of Brevard County (FL) UW of Southern Mississippi

    UW of St. Charles (LA) UW of Los Angeles County (CA)Designation forms for individualUnited Way agencies are availablefrom departmental representatives.

    Your contributions make thegood works of United Way agenciespossible. The American Red Crossand the Boy Scouts receive nogovernment funding. It is up to usto make certain that these andother vital resources are availablefor our community in times of need.

    Please give generously.

    UW Participation Incentives

    (10) $100 I Bonds* 2000-01 sustainingMichoud UW contributors

    (10) $100 I Bonds* Contributors at closeof Michoud UW campaign

    (5) $100 I Bonds* Year-round monthly drawings forsustaining Michoud UW contributors

    Mazda B2500 Truck Area UW drawing for contributors(Courtesy Royal Olds) at the Supportive Level

    $500 in gasoline Area UW drawing for contributors(Courtesy Murphy Oil USA) at the Supportive Level

    snoopy winnerspicture

    NASA Safety Dayis October 17

    * Lockheed Martin awards to be announced at Management Leadership Team and on EWS.


    Snoopy Award WinnersSTS-104 crew members visited Michoud Operations onOctober 3 and presented Silver Snoopy Awards tooutstanding employees who have contributed to thesuccess of Space Shuttle missions. The winners laterposed with the astronaut crew. Front row from left:Steve Ehrlicher, Howard Roland, Danny Winn, CortPhillips, James Moffett and Michael Raybon. Middle

    row: Ben Hanslick, Heather Quintini, Becky Jordan,Janet Castelluccio, Denise deAlminana, AntoinetteSandifer, Gontran Celerier, Ram Goswami and JosephGebbia. Back row: James Cenance, Michael Simpson;astronauts Michael Gernhardt, Charlie Hobaugh, SteveLindsey, Janet Kavandi, Jim Reilly; Shy Parikh,Warren Schrieffer and Bobby Biggs.

    Astronauts check out External Tank productionWelder Eric Gueldner (left) describes how the Liquid Hydrogen Tank isbuilt to astronauts Janet Kavandi and Michael Gernhardt.

    NASA Safety Day is a time toreflect on how we can all worksafely here at the MichoudAssembly Facility. Crew meetingsthroughout the day will promote anopen discussion of safety topics -not only at work, but also at home,said Steve Turner, manager ofSafety.

    Jerry Smelser, manager of theExternal Tank Project at MarshallSpace Flight Center; John White,NASA resident manager; and RonWetmore, ET program manageralso will make informal visits todepartments during the day.

    In addition, astronaut HeideStefanyshyn-Piper will presentseveral safety-related SilverSnoopy Awards at 10:30 a.m. inBuilding 103, Column K-5.

    No recent event in Americanhistory can match the terroristattacks of September 11 ingenerating national patriotism andgift giving. Millions of Americansare donating to countless funds tosupport the thousands affected bythis horrific event, and to aid in therebuilding efforts in New York Cityand Washington D.C.

    The biggest recipient of thesefunds has been the American RedCross. A United Way Agency, theRed Cross responds immediately tohelp a community in time of need.

    Here in southeast Louisiana,tropical storm Allison was agraphic reminder this summer ofthe need to support the United Wayand its member agencies at home.The American Red Cross was thereproviding assistance to thousandswho were flooded during thestorms rampage.

    The Red Cross came to oursubdivision in Slidell distributingfood, drinks and cleaning supplies,said Sandra Hindman, Contractsand Estimating. We didnt have tostop what we were doing to fixsomething to eat; they were there.

    The United Way works toimprove our region by supportingmore than 135 health and humanservice programs administered by65 local agencies. Employees whocontribute to the United Way candirect their contributions to anagency of their choice.

    Wayne Rupp of Facilities andEnvironmental Operations directshis contributions to the Boy Scoutsof America. Ive been involvedwith the Scouts for 15 years, saysRupp. In that time I have watchedmy son move up through the ranksto make Eagle Scout, and I am gladto see that the United Waysupports the Boy Scouts in NewOrleans.

    Last year, Michoud Operationsemployees raised over $412,000 forthe United Way. This year, the callis out to meet the need again, but

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    An expanded LMPeople selfservice capability with anintegrated Learning ManagementSystem (LMS) is scheduled to be inplace at Michoud Operations nextmonth. You should already befamiliar with LMPeoples humanresources and payroll self servicefunctions. LMS will add similarfunctions for learning anddevelopment.

    You will be able to view andupdate your learning anddevelopment profile, enroll inclasses, launch computer-basedtraining courses and view yourtraining history. In addition, youwill be able to search the catalogfor courses across the company.

    Why transition to a new system?LMPeople and LMS create theopportunity for Lockheed Martinto become one company from thenumerous business units acquiredover the years throughacquisitions and mergers. Eachcompany has its own policies,practices and systems. LMPeopleand LMS organize these under aunified, enterprise-wide solution.

    LMPeople selfservice expands

    Lockheed Martin is again facingdouble-digit percentage increases inhealth care costs this year, drivenlargely by the price of services andgrowing utilization rates. The resultwill be increased premiums formany individual companies andtheir employees.

    At Lockheed Martin, we wereable to moderate the trend in risinghealth care costs throughout the1990s by negotiating multi-year costcaps with providers to lessen theburden on our employees, saidTerry Powell, the corporations vicepresident of Human Resources. Inthe last couple of years, most ofthese caps have expired and marketconditions are much tougher,resulting in significant costincreases.

    While the employee cost for most

    Corporation to pay most of health care increaseshealth care plans will increasewith this falls enrollment, thecompany contribution will risealso. Overall, Lockheed Martinwill continue to pay the majorshare of these rising premiums.

    Among the cost drivers areincreases in prescription drugsthat have risen 15-20 percentannually in recent years. Otherfactors include the price ofservices, increasing utilizationrates and physician fees, alongwith market conditions in thehealth care industry. LockheedMartins higher utilization ratesreflect its demographic profile anolder average employee age andlarger family size.

    Because of consolidation in thehealth